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The earth is always below the feet.

Zion Dependus

New Member
Zion wandered along the dirty ground under his paws, the pressure pads going from the bright pink to that dark brown color that made the wolf look like injured. He glanced at the thin path before him, the trees were pressing inwards, as if two walls were closing up. Was he hallucinating or was this actually happening? He continued to walk, the paws hurt and his muscles were beginning to dysfunction. It was not a hallucination. The dirt began to rise up in level, the body of the wolf slowly sinking into the liquid mud. He yelped from fright, he was afraid that this would be the end of him. Soon, the liquid mud was covering the whole body of his. Zion glanced around him and knew that in his wolf form he wouldn't get out of this alive. The fur began to grow back into the skin, and the back legs turned into human ones. The front legs turned into arms with normal hands and his head shaped from a wolfs head to a humans head.

"Come on, hurry up. Hurry up!", he spat out the words in the mud that was covering his whole body. The liquid mud began to fill his mouth. A few moments later he flew up with a blue light that spread out from holes in the mud lake. He landed with a harsh thud onto the grass next to the mud lake, spitting out mud that came up from his lungs.