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Approved Starship The Dragonflower

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Er'in Tenel

W H I C H - W I T C H

  • Classification: Personal Transport
  • Length: 200 meters
  • Width: 40 meters
  • Height: 200 meters (including sails), 50 meters (without sails)
  • Armament: Moderate
    Lightning Nodes (equivalent to corvette-scale Ion Cannon)
  • Telekinetic Nodes (equivalent to corvette-scale Mass-Driver Cannon)

[*]Defenses: Very Low
  • Civilian Hull
  • Solarium Glasteel Solar Sails
  • Telekinetic Shields (equivalent to corvette-scale military shields)

[*]Hangar: Low: 0
[*]Maneuverability Rating: Very High
[*]Speed Rating: Very High
[*]Hyperdrive Class: Very Fast: 0.3
  • All standard features.
  • Sinful luxury - the vessel interior is opulent beyond the dreams of avarice. Unless you're a Hapan Princess, then it's merely comfortable.
  • Force Obelisk (Multiple Effects)
    Force Navigation - The pilot of the vessel can use the vessel to perform the incredibly complex mathematical equations of hyperspace navigation. This is effectively a very precise nav-computer, allowing for rapid calculation of jumps with limited drift.
  • Precision Fold-Drive - A short-range (maximum 100km within line of sight) tactical repositioning similiar in nature to those used by the Aing-Tii. While using the fold-drive, the vessel cannot maintain fire, countermeasures, stealth, or any other active system except basic functions.
  • Defensive Illusions - The pilot may create illusionary images of the vessel nearby, confusing targeting locks.

[*]Meditation Chamber - This chamber allows a Force User to focus their abilities, strengthening otherwise already potent Force prowess.
  • Fold-Drive: [SIZE=9pt]Capable of tactical repositioning within 100km, comparable to an extremely precise microjump. When doing this it cannot do anything else. As with all microjumps, it is affected by interdictor effects as normal.[/SIZE]
  • Illusions: Uses illusions to attempt to break weapons locks. Once per five posts.
  • Meditation Chamber: This chamber allows a Force User to focus their abilities, strengthening otherwise already potent Force prowess to permit use on a strategic level (creation of illusions, battle meditation, etc - the Force User must possess these abilities). A force user cannot use the meditation chamber and use the vessels special abilities (Fold Drive, Illusions) at the same time, but they may maintain the offensive and defensive ratings.
  • Infused with the Force: [SIZE=9pt]If the vessel enters a force-null area sufficient to encompass it, then it is reduced to a civilian solar yacht, with all special effects, weapons and shields removed.[/SIZE]
  • Force Beacon: [SIZE=9pt]The vessel is a beacon of force energy - neither light nor dark.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Force Effects require a Force User[/SIZE]: Even an apprentice can pilot the vessel and activate the shields and weapons, but they must be a Force User. The more advanced effects must be possessed by a Force User on board the vessel to be activated.
  • Solar Sails: [SIZE=9pt]The vessel is powered and maneuvered by force-enhanced solar sails, these sails are very prone to combat damage, particularly from explosive or area of effect weapons. If over 60% of the sails are damaged, then the vessels speed and maneuverability ratings drop to Low.[/SIZE]


No living being knows where the Dragonflower Obelisk was created, or who created it - even the Aing-tii monks are reported to be curious as to it's origins. The obelisk itself was found on a nameless planet with the Dragonflower Nebula by Er'in Tenel after months of searching through numerous backwater systems in search of the curious call she felt. It was obvious at first that the obelisk had been transported by a vessel - a vessel that was now embedded in the crust of the planet deep enough that only wreckage remained.

Curiously, the archeology teams helping extract the obelisk came to the conclusion that the vessel the obelisk was stored within was not it's original home, the plain 'stone' obelisk was obviously an advanced force artifact, perhaps some sort of contained Force Nexus or Talisman, while the vessel itself was a relatively standard interstellar design of unknown origin.

Taken back first to the Crystal Forge, then when her own tools proved insufficient moved to a Verd Inc lab, Er'in was as baffled as the other technicans, engineers, alchemists and sorcerors as to what the obelisk actually did - it was clear it acted as a balance point in the force, kept in almost eternal motion or opposition, but for all the wonder that invoked in anyone studying it, it didn't do anything.

Until on a whim, several of the engineers mounted it into a frame designed to the same specifications they believed the original carrying vessel to have had, at which point they were rather startled when one of their Acolytes found they could generate a protective bubble around the frame. The Obelisk hadn't been carried by the ship, it had been the ship - and, the engineers and archeologists speculated, several ships before that. It was possible the Obelisk dated back to an earlier galactic epoch, but no one could prove that.

What they could do, was make use of it.

After some experimentation it was found that while the Obelisk could empower a vessel of moderate size, it could not produce a wider range of effects than might be expected from standard military equipment - disappointeding the researchers who had been hoping to make it the core of a new SSD, instead placing it inside a large hull proved fruitless and on a smaller hull it proved redundant.

Until Er'in suggested placing it within a dedicated hull using alchemical materials to channel the force - and on a whim, demanded a solar sail design, after the yachts of her youth.

This proved considerably more effective, but was still left with a significant drawback - the materials used, while hardened, were not strong enough for military deployment. Eventually, the vessel was written off as a failure militarily.

Er'in however, had the vessel of her dreams.


The Dragonflower is a super-luxury solar yacht fitted with every conceivable luxury or vice and several ones that are reasonably inconceivable to the average sapient, on it's own it is nimble, but underpowered and overdesigned with no weapons to speak of and a poor nav-computer. However the alchemised metal frame and the core Obelisk transform the vessel into something quite unusual - it's difficult to say if the vessel itself is enhanced by the force, in the same way a Jedi or Sith might enhance their bodies, or if the obelisk generates a more active effect. But regardless, the solar sails - normally quite effective anyway, if slow for hyperspace travel - capture the solar winds to such a degree that the vessel is supremely nimble and fast in hyperspace. The vessel is quite conventional in this regard - it flies just like any other solar sail vessel, requiring a crew specially trained to fly such ships. It has the standard repulsors and backups you might expect, lacking only a backup hyperdrive (whenever one was installed, it seemed to somehow cause a resonance failure with the ships main hyperdrive, which now functioned well above its rating).

Much more unconventionally, if the vessel is piloted / captained by a force user physically attached to the obelisk or the alchemical control network, it can do the following:
  • Create a protective bubble of similar strength to a military grade ray / particle shield.
  • Fire 'lightning blasts' similiar to ion cannon and telekinetic shots similar to mass-drive shots.
  • Produce a number of other temporary force effects (see strengths).
The vessel also contains a Meditation Chamber which allows a Force User to focus their abilities, strengthening otherwise already potent Force prowess to permit use on a strategic level.

The Dragonflower is pretty much defenseless without these effects, but with them it is a unique vessel - it brings little to the table a conventional vessel could not do, but does so using highly unconventional methods. It is most similiar to the bio-organic craft of the Aing-tii - indeed, anyone aboard the vessel would say it has 'character'. But it does not appear to be a living entity, even if the alchemical control net and sails do bear a remarkable plant-like resemblance in their layout.


Upper deck: Bridge, Obelisk / Meditation Chamber, Armory, Upper Mainsail Array Controls, Main Engineering
Middle Deck: Captain's Staterooms, Library, Artifact Storage, Viewing Gallery / Hall, Entertainment Area, Gym/Sports Area, Passenger Staterooms, Pool
Lower deck: Sensors / Auxiliary Arrays, Lower Mainsail Array Controls, Cargo Stowage Main Hyperdrive

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
[member="Erin Tenel"]

So this ship seems fine in balance, but there is a huge problem;

Erin Tenel said:
Phasing - The most powerful effect, the vessel may 'phase' once every fifteen minutes for thirty seconds, allowing it to pass through normal matter, dodge incoming fire, etc. If it unphases within normal matter, the effect is naturally catastrophic - but worse for the Dragonflower than the target, this is not a ramming weapon.

Erin Tenel said:
Precision Fold-Drive - A short-range (maximum 100km within line of sight) tactical repositioning similiar in nature to those used by the Aing-Tii. While using the fold-drive, the vessel cannot maintain fire, countermeasures, stealth, or any other active system except basic functions.

These two effects are...well they're difficult for me. I understand that they are canon force powers and that one is backed up by lots of sources, but they just make me extremely nervous as a factory judge; especially phasing.

So here is my proposal, the phasing ability is removed from this ship but the fold drive is kept in place in it's current state. I beilieve the Fold Drive is more acceptable on a ship and the effect you have listed here and the way it will be used is alright, but phasing is just...ehhhh for me to approve on a starship.

I will also need you to edit this;

Erin Tenel said:
Illusions: Can break weapon locks once every five posts.
Into something less absolute. More along the lines of "Uses illusions to attempt to break weapons locks". Mostly because there are no absolutes in the Factory.

As always you may second chance to get another judge to look over this ship instead.

Er'in Tenel

W H I C H - W I T C H
[member="Alric Kuhn"]

Thanks for the feedback!

I have removed the phasing effect as suggested - you make a very reasonable point regarding balance.

I have retained the fold drive as is.

I have altered the illusion text to remove absolutism from it.

I have added a Meditation Chamber effect to the vessel, allowing enhanced use of appropriate powers possessed by the individual within. This cannot be used at the same time as the fold drive or the defensive illusions.

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
[member="Erin Tenel"]

Alright, I'm going to tentatively approve this. The ship is balanced around itself, however it is based on a lot of force powers and while I'm okay with this the admin or RPJ who comes in after me might not agree with my interpretation of the level of...okayness in this.
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