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The Devestation ( in progress sorry)

Balgruf Lothbrok

Image Credit: In Progress

Intent: To provide a unique capital ship for The Valkyri Raiders to rp with.

Development Thread: No, but I am planning to.

Manufacturer: I am finding a company.

Model: The Devastation

Affiliation: The Vikings Raiders

Modularity: No

Production: Unique

Material: DuraliumE , Quadanium alloy

Description: In progress on a word document.

Classification: (Balanced) Capital Ship

Role: Command ship, Heavy raider

Height: In progress

Width: In progress

Length: 1000

Power Core Generator/Reactor: In progress

Hyperdrive Rating: in progress

Minimum Crew:500

Optimal Crew: 2000

Armaments: In progress


Hangar: In progress


Non-Combative Attachments: In progress


Passenger Capacity: 5000

Cargo Capacity: In progress

Consumables: 5 months

Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: 7

Ayden Cater

Grumpy Goat
[member="Balgruf Lothbrok"]

What is the status of this?