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Faction Ad The Death Watch and their Crusade | Character Creation Guide

Rynn Vizsla



Like in Canon and Legends, as well as here on Chaos, there are countless iterations on what it means to be Mandalorian. From noble warriors adhering to their canons of honour to ruthless bounty hunters without a moral compass - their offered potential is limited only by one’s imagination. So, here at the Death Watch Crusade, we seek to embody and perhaps personify the tenets of the ancient - but not forgotten- Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. Which, for those that don’t know, is the pursuit of honour and glory through combat.

To be perfectly frank, this Faction will be heavily involved in participating in various Collaborative Combat threads. These storylines will likely occur within Duels, Skirmishes, Rebellions, Invasions, and - perhaps one day - even the newly introduced Annihilation threads.

With that said, hopefully, you’re still with us and are interested in writing the slightly darker side of Mandalorian culture. If that’s not something that catches your interest? Well, as the Death Watch is but one of many Mandalorian groups on the website - perhaps they’ll have something that’s more your style. However, if unleashing your inner TechnoBarbarian tickles your fancy, why not give this iteration of the Death Watch a try?


Throughout history, there have been many iterations of the Death Watch. Some are infamous enough to be sung throughout the ages by their descendants, whilst others are mocked by the ashes of history. Despite their varying measures of success - they all shared one collective goal in common. The Mandalorians of the Death Watch believed that their scattered people should return to their Warrior roots. From a historical point of view, their highly-aggressive stance could be taken as patriotic or blatant fanaticism. Which of these two bearings was entirely dependent on where their blasters were facing at the time or what version of history people ascribed to. Nevertheless, they viewed themselves as a force for change and would stop at nothing to achieve their ever-present goal.

Despite countless setbacks, the ideals of the Death Watch survived to be passed down through the generations. It was often considered an unremovable stain on the Mandalorian people's collective soul. Still, when the organization emerged from the shadows, there were always those willing to answer the call. The lust for Glory and Honour was deeply ingrained into the tenets of their Warrior culture, so it was only natural for these Mandalorians to willingly embrace the Old Ways. They believed that they could become immortalized in the timeless sagas sung by their descendants and live forever like the Mandalores of Old.

Though scattered across the stars by the Sith, there are pockets of Mandalorian Survivors who believe reforming the Death Watch is the only way their culture can survive. While others believe becoming puppets of other Interstellar Nations will safeguard them from the horrors of the historical abyss, the reformed Death Watch seeks to eschew such practices. They preferred to take back what was theirs by their own strength, rather than suckle upon the poisoned teat of outsiders. The same could be said of those squandering the proud legacy of their collective people, the very same who were once held responsible for the downfall of their mighty Empire.

Only through culling the weak and unworthy from their ranks could the Mandalorians once again become strong and take their rightful place amongst the stars. Thus, the banner has been raised…

Will you answer the Call of the Crusade?


The Fighting Corps | Children of the Watch:
  • Acting as the proverbial lifeblood of the Death Watch and their Crusade, Foundlings formed the structural foundation of the Fighting Corps. Should a child be abandoned by their parents for whatever reason, a Mandalorian would never leave them to their fate; whether it’s on the battlefield or during a mission. Instead, these Children would be temporarily adopted by these Beskar-clad Warriors until they came of age, or were reunited with their own Kind down the line. These would-be warriors ranged from orphaned children found on the battlefield, to fully-grown recruits that were newly indoctrinated into the Way of the Mandalore. When the Foundling was old enough to fend for themselves, they were given the choice to part ways or join the cause as a Mandalorian Crusader. These Foundlings wouldn’t be treated differently from their trueborn kindred if they elected to follow the path, as they would be allowed to bear the iconic honeycombed armour and form their own clans, should they wish.
The Fighting Corps | The Crusader Host:
  • To live by the sword, was to die by the sword. The Mandalorian Crusaders formed the armoured backbone of the Death Watch and their Crusade. These warriors, although their paths were divergent and as vast as the stars themselves, found common ground in restoring their culture’s squandered legacy. The Crusader Host was the furthest thing from a formalized army, as notions of tribalism reigned supreme throughout their ranks. As a warrior ascended through the simplistic hierarchy of the Death Watch’s ranks, the more deadly they would likely become on the battlefield. Only the strongest or most cunning amongst their number could lead the glory-seeking masses in their quest to reclaim their lost honour. For rising above their comrades, who’ve spent their entire lives honing their craft(s,) was no simple feat. Thus, the Death Watch would become strong, and in turn would return the Mandalorian people to their rightful place amongst the stars.
The Fighting Corps | The Shipmasters and Commanders:
  • To conquer the stars, one must first take sail across the solar tides. Thus, the Shipmasters of the Death Watch were the proverbial heart of their Crusade. Without the Mandalorian armada ferrying their banners from one star system to another, the Crusaders would be consigned to languish and decay on the surface of some misbegotten world. While their brothers and sisters fought with blasters and blades, Shipmasters waged their war(s) with volleys of plasmatic cannonade and waves of capital-killing warheads. Although the methods and styles of warfare were vastly different, there was much honour and glory to be earned in the bespeckled ocean of infinite night. But, Shipmasters weren’t the only Mandalorian Crusaders who took to the stars upon mechanical steeds. Pilots and Commanders, ensconced within their starfighters - brimming with plasmatic lethality, danced across the spatial battlefield(s) bringing death to all that stood in their wake. With the Shipmasters and Commanders at their side, none were safe from the Death Watch’s wrath.
The War Forges | Forgemasters:
  • To wage war with an inferior weapon and a chipped blade, was to invite disaster. That was why the Death Watch sought to employ only the most skilled at their craft when forging their arms and armour for their Crusade. These Mandalorian artisans would ensure that the armoured comrades were well-equipped for the arduous tasks ahead, and were given free rein over how they operated within their respective War Forges. However, the domain of the Forgemasters wasn’t solely based within the realm of their smithies. Some amongst their artisanal number were inventors without equal and shipwrights beyond compare, all of which would design the next generation of lethality that would give their kindred Crusader’s the edge they needed in battle. Through their unparalleled craftsmanship and technological ingenuity - these Forgemasters would assist their Clans in reclaiming their lost legacies amongst the uncaring stars.


Scion of the Clans:
  • The Sith have taken everything from the Mandalorian people. Their Houses and Clans were shattered, and their ancestral homeworld was despoiled. Some have taken to the stars to escape their fates, whilst others sought to rebuild their lives anew. But, the fires of vengeance burn brightly within the hearts of those who remember the countless sins inflicted upon their number. They refuse to forget such unspeakable evils and seek to take their revenge. Thus, the Death Watch has issued a call - summoning those with the desires of vengeance and the will to fight to their banner. Vengeance shall be theirs.
The Stellar Wanderer:
  • Sailing across the solar tides, selling their swords for credits, or mercilessly raiding the starlanes, being a Stellar Wanderer was far from easy. But, the Lone Wolf, separated from the pack, comes with many perks that were essential to their complicated professions. Honour, integrity, and a love for freedom - qualities considered rare amongst the stars, and no amount of credits could buy.
The Slave; Born Again:
  • Amongst the uncaring stars, there was only one rule that was never broken. That rule was that the weak were meant to be lorded over by the strong. Yet, through accepting one’s weakness can true strength be found. Through the practice of the old ways, potential exists within the herds of sentient livestock that serve beneath the Crusader’s beskar-clad boot. These diamonds in the rough have refused to consign themselves to their fates, only to rise above their station and reforge their destiny anew.

Don’t see an option listed that jives with your character concept, but still want to take part? Feel free to drop by our Discord server to talk with our members, we’ll help you get sorted.

Guests and Lurkers welcome.

[ F A C T I O N - U S E R G R O U P ]

Shamelessly inspired by the New Imperial Order: Character Creation Guide.
The artwork is credited to Fantasy Flight Games, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and the Mandalorian.

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The Gunfighter
First off, This is epic. Clearly a lot of time and energy went into this, And the worldbuilding here shows. Very well fleshed out!
(Also it's about time we had a children of the watch faction!)

Secondly, I don't know when I can make good on this, But I'd like to give the crusade a shot with Aloy. It'll take time though, As my own affiliations through leading House Vizsla and changes in the MU will occupy me for some time. When there is an opportunity however, I would love to get Aloy involved and test the waters, Maybe get the rest of her house involved later if she's a good fit in the crusade.

In the meantime, Good luck! I can't wait to see where this goes!

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