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Approved Location The Dark Sea of Dac

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  • Intent: To create an area for Thral to explore and research what is within it.
  • ​Image Credit: Dave Anderson - Dark Sea
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: N/A
  • Landmark Name: The Dark Sea of Dac
  • Classification: Vast Ocean
  • Location: Dac
  • Affiliation: N/A
  • Size: Large
  • Population: Insignificant population.
  • Demographics: Exiled Mon Calamari, Nautolans and Quarrens.
  • Accessibility: The location is open, though creatures usually lurk around the edges making it difficult to enter.
  • Description: It is an darkened portion on the planets ocean, it's sea-floor is almost corrupted. Filled with a black almost goo. The water is difficult to breathe in for aquatic species, though bareable for a short ammount of time. Several corpses are scattered across the ocean, seemingly feeling as if the bones are beneath every footstep.
  • The site of Razual Ak'i
This is the site of which the Mon Calamari, conducted his experiments and caused the creation of the location. There is a small portion of creatures he had created swarming this location, though they are contained by some sort of ritual not allowing them to leave the site. Though, their are stories of treasure held within this site.
  • The Abandoned City of Hau
Once a vast city filled with life, it is now a corrupted reminder of the harm caused by Razual Ak'i. The innocent people who lived here and died, are now frozen solid in a form of purple rock.
  • The Graveyard of The Giant Squid
In this specific small space, there are two large corpses of Giant Squid, they lay over each other forming an archway. The location has been repeatedly told to children in stories and mostly claimed to be untrue. Though, since none dare to traverse that far into the Dark Sea. It is still presumably untrue.
  • The Yu'a Settlement
This is where the exiles of Dac are seemingy drawn to. It is a safe haven, for all of whom get exiled from society. The settlement is ragged and formed out of old scrap and partially from metal stolen from nearby. Settlers are almost entirely hostile and will kill on sight. It is rare they now allow outsiders.


Many years ago, to the fact that it is unknown to the people of Dac. A Mon Calamari born fom the city of Hau, traversed the galaxy learning how to harness his powers, he was gifted in force-sensitivity. He went on to become a Sith Lord who became crazed with the idea of creating a creature that could enslave the entire planet of Dac under his rule. Several creature were created in attempt, before a final experiment occured. He decided he would attempt to alter himself. Though, this went horribly wrong and created a mass explosion, destroying the city of Hau and all of the people inside of it. Leaving a purple goo spread across the sea floor and leaving a sense of corruption for as far as the eye can see from the Site of Razual Ak'i.

It is rare for people to travel into this forgotten part of the planet, though exiles of the planet are known to end their way here. No one knows, what the corruption may have done to them. A small group of exiles have formed a settlement of sorts, though most of them die before reaching the age of thirty. They are known to be hostile, when they have rarely been encountered by outsiders. The Mon Calamari government once sent a spy within the group, to eventually rid the Dark Sea of the group, though ultimately failed as he was found out and executed by the chief of the group.
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