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The Dark Jedi Order - New Faction

Holly Starstorm

Holonet Journalist

The Dark Jedi Order is a collective organization that supports its members in their individual pursuits and study of the Force.It was founded so that Force users who did not believe in the ideologies of the Sith and Jedi would have a home and a network of allies.Dark Jedi believe the Force is a tool that can be used for personal gain.They train in the Force for many different reasons and each are on their own path.Within the Order are business owners, assassins, smugglers, warriors, family members, scholars, and everything in between.

Dark Jedi Temple
The Temple of Shadows is the name given to the Temple on Ilum where the Dark Jedi train.The structure is built inside a mountain basin and surrounded by jagged cliffs.

Joining The Dark Jedi Order (in character)
Members who seek training in the ways of the Dark Jedi are tested to see if they are worthy.A Dark Jedi may set up several tests for a potential members such as asking them to commit a crime, help in a deal, assist on a mission, or anything the Dark Jedi needs.When the initiate has proven they are worthy the Dark Jedi will hand over a coded map.Figuring out the location of The Temple of Shadows is the last test.A new member must find the location and scale the jagged and dangerous cliffs to the temple.Once they arrive their training begins.

Dark Jedi Code
No peace, only suffering.
No knowledge, only instinct.
No serenity, only passion.
No harmony, only chaos.
No life, only death."

The code of the Dark Jedi signifies that the world is constantly changing and there are no extreme certainties.Dark Jedi must accept that there is no will of the Force and the only path in life is the one they make for themselves.

Rules of Dark Jedi Society
  1. Never spill the blood of a fellow Dark Jedi
  2. Assist other members of the Order when possible
  3. Protect your fellow Dark Jedi as well as their family
  4. Keep the secrets of your brothers
  5. Devote yourself to your own agenda

https://starwarsrp.net/groups/1262-dark-jedi-order/ - Faction Homepage

Holly Starstorm

Holonet Journalist
If anybody is interested now is the time to join! We are updating our faction information and have already gained three members. We currently have one Lore app awaiting approval and are about to start our first roleplay.

Holly Starstorm

Holonet Journalist
We now have a faction overview and a list of trials for training. I will be starting our first roleplay soon. There are council member positions open for any members who would like some!