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The Dark Father's Reunion

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A voice of a thousands whispers plague the minds of those across the galaxies who choose to hear it...

Only where the summer fails with wilderness around and where the shadow sails and the wind there makes no sound. Only where the light of day pierced seldom from the sky is where you find a grey faced man whose age deceives the eye. His image is not young or old. He looks up to the sky and tells you of dark stories told. Dark lands which howl and cry and evil thoughts from evil minds. In evil lands the dark one’s rise shrink back in fear their power unfolds and dark faces creep for distant holds. No one yet could check the rise of one dark lord and his darkest ties. His shadow covers every land from tree to dale and dale to sand. Under the wing of his dark veil his servants serve and never fail. Too late, you see it now through his disguise. This mans the dark lord darkness fills the skies.

Come my children and weave within the tales of ages past. I speak of the fallen and to those whose lives they foreseen to never last. In the darkness you were lost and confused feeling as if your heart had been ripped and abused. You discovered the truth and couldn’t find your way. You wanted to stay hidden so far away deep in the ground where you could no longer be hurt. You were safe and no longer in the world where words mean nothing and hearts don’t exist. There was only this. In the shadows you wanted to take your last breath and close your eyes. You held closer to death but there was one voice who refused to let you close your eyes to hide from the truth that though you had never seen I was always there watching and holding you.

Hear my sacrament and place your hand upon Vjun. Fear not for I am watchful. You have been chosen.
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