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Approved Location The Dac Track

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Kurt Meyer

Let Me Push That Button
  • Intent: To sub one of Helios' Racetracks
  • ​Image Credit: Matthe Dobrich, ME, GAZE UPON IT'S BEAUTY
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: N/A
  • Landmark Name: The Dac Track, Waterworld, Splash
  • Classification: Racetrack
  • Location: Dac
  • Affiliation: Helios Racing Company
  • Size: Medium
​Being the 'easiest' track controlled by the Helios Racing Company, the Dac racetrack is only about 20km long. When compared to it's Tatooine track this is almost tiny.
  • Population: Moderately Populated
  • Demographics:
The Dac Track can be accessed by anyone at long as they have the money. The Helios Racing Company does not discriminate against it's employees, patrons, or sponsors and allows everyone from all walks of life to attend their races.

However, The Dac Track is located within a rather wealthy section of the galaxy, meaning that more often than not the patrons of the Dac Track tend to be middle-class or above. This is not on purpose, and the Helios Racing Company encourages everyone to attend.
  • Accessibility:
The Dac Track is not at all hidden, tucked away, or even particularly difficult to find.

The Track itself is located on the surface of Dac's Ocean, marked by large floating repuslor lights so that the Pod-Racers can actually find their way through the circuit itself. Situated around these floating lights are a myriad of small constructed islands and floating stands. Reaching these requires one taking a transport from the main Helios Racing entryway where one buys tickets and snacks.

Presumably one could simply park a ship above the racetrack and watch, though that would be frowned upon.
  • Description:
As one might imagine due to it's name, the Dac Track is a racetrack designed and constructed by the Helios Racing Company.

Being one of the first created by the company, the Dac Track is one of the more simplistic design that Helios operates. Featuring a beginning straight that moves into a gradual turn, the Dac Track is not particularly difficult to navigate. Most pilots who participate in the races here are amateurs or beginners, men and women who have only limited experience in professional racing. The ease and simplicity of the course makes starting out here rather easy.

The Track itself is of course located on the surface of Dac's ocean and is 'rented' space from the local Government.

Being economically and environmentally designed, the Track is underlayed with a powerful ray shield. This stops all garbage, debris, and crash sites from falling into the ocean below. Helios Racing company makes an effort to have a limited impact on the planets that it operates on.

Entrance Way: Though perhaps slightly miss-named, the Entrance Way is the central housing of the Dac Track. This large floating building is where pretty much everyone goes when they first arrive at the RaceTrack. Centrally important to the actual function of the entire place, the Entrance Way holds the ticket booth, various restaurants, dozens of viewing screens, and even a gift shop.

Though technically not the only way to get to the stands, the Entrance Way also features several small shuttles that routinely deliver both employees and patrons out to the various stands arrayed around the circuit.

Of course the Entrance Way is also attached to a very large landing port that is equipped with it's own control tower. As one might expect, the Entrance Way is seen by most people when they visit the Dac Circuit, and some even prefer to simply stay there throughout the race rather than attending the stands.

Stands: Arrayed around the racetrack itself, the Stands are small podiums capable of holding about thirty to fourty people each.

Placed so that they have the best view of the race itself, the stands move and shift so that one can always at least see the pod-racers moving around the track. Of course each seat also has it's own holo-display so that one can get a closer look at the actual race. There are also several VIP booths located above the circuit itself, and these are fully stocked and attended by a droid attendant.

Racetrack: The central component of the entire circuit, the Racetrack is what everyone actually comes to see. The Track itself is located directly above the central ocean in a 'calm' area of the planet. This is mostly to mitigate storms, but also to make sure no waves suddenly crash into pod-racers.

The Track itself is marked out by gigantic repuslor lights, allowing the pods to actually find their way around the circuit without randomly going off course or crashing. Below the racetrack is a gigantic ray shield which stops all debris and garbage from entering the ocean. This is mostly to pitch Helios as an environmentally conscious company, though is also capable of saving lives if someone were to fall in the middle of a race.

As mentioned before, the Dac Track is rather simplistic when compared to the others in the Helios Circuit.


The Helios Racing Company is a recently founded corporation which intends to dominate the racing scene in the galaxy.

Starting out, the company built a total of three different racetracks, two of which designed for pod-racers and the third designed for swoops. The First of these tracks was also the simplest, Dac.

The Dac Track, or Splash, as it has been nick-named by racers is perhaps one of the easiest racetracks in the galaxy. The design of the raceway itself is simplistic and easy, with most pilots being able to learn it after just one or two practice runs. This simplistic designs means that most of the time the Dac Track is run by amateur pilots and racers, men and women who are only just coming into the scene itself.

This of course was done on purpose, Dac serves as a 'foundation' for Helios, a place that they put their amateur racers in order for them to gain experience.

Of course, due to it's location the Dac Track is still fairly popular and low ticket prices assure that there is almost always full stands. Of course, the Helios Racing Company also attempts to work with other corporations. Attempting to form bonds with Restaurants, technology companies, and whatever else it can fit in as a sponsor for it's races.
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