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The Confederacy of Independent Systems

The Confederacy of Independent Systems
"Above all else, we wish to be Free!"
General Information
  • Type of Government: Confederacy
  • Head of State: The Executive Council
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • The Executive Council
  • Assembly of District Affairs
  • Assembly of Intercultural Affairs
  • Assembly of Corporate Affairs
  • Assembly of Judicial Affairs
Societal Information
  • Capital: Bothawui
  • Official Language: Galactic Basic
  • Currency: Galactic Credit Standard
  • State Religious Body: The Templar Order
Armed Forces
  • The Confederate Army
  • The Confederate Navy
  • The Phantom Corps
  • The Joint Security Initiative
In the wake of the Gulag Plague, the Galaxy is a place where ambition runs rampant. As the borders reopen and governments begin their rapid expansion, a fact became painfully aware to the worlds of the South. It was only a matter of time before their individuality was unceremoniously stripped from them; and they were cast into a sea of worlds conquered by the various factions. For them, there were only two options: relish in the time they had left before the impending changes...or band together in order to prevent them from occurring.

Thus, the Confederacy of Independent Systems was born.

To date, it is a political entity, known to most as simply the Confederacy or CIS, based in the Outer Rim. Its member worlds are a growing congregation who have elected to band together as a single body in order to ensure their collective independence and survival in the face of the various influences about the Galaxy. As opposed to subjecting themselves to the conquest of armies, the payments of fees for protectorate services from mercenary groups or criminal organizations, or the ultimate loss of the identity in the imposed will of governing bodies, the Confederacy has come into being with the goals of independence, prosperity, freedom, equality, and survival at its core.


To begin, the entirety of the Confederacy's member worlds have been partitioned into congregations known as Districts. The purpose of these groupings is, primarily, to ensure the safety of the planetary leaders who would typically venture to the capital for scheduled meetings every so often. However, in the wake of the violence which occurred during the signing of the Articles of Confederation, this system was implemented as to allow the planetary leaders to stay closer to home; and to also prevent the entirety of the Confederacy's leadership from being under one roof at regular intervals.

Formed by the planetary leadership found within each district is an Assembly of District Affairs. The purpose of this council is to allow the leaders of a district to meet and collaborate on issues of local importance, such as interplanetary commerce, security, and the like. It falls upon the shoulders of the various Assemblies of District Affairs found through the Confederacy to oversee the day-to-day operations of the government as a whole.

At times, the Viceroys of each planet journies to the capital in order to meet with the Grand Marshal of the People's Army, the Archon of the Templar Order, and the Executive Viceroy elected by the viceroyalty. This congregation of leaders is known as the Executive Council, and it is here that the major decisions regarding the Confederacy as a whole are discussed. Each Viceroy carries with them the desires, opinions, and needs of the worlds they represent; and through this system, each and every world in the Confederacy is given equal representation and equal priority, regardless of population, resources, or anything in-between.

In the spirit of equality, there are various checks and balances in place. To begin, the Grand Marshal, white Commander-in-Chief of the Confederacy's military forces, does not have absolute power in the slightest. This particular individual is granted power through the Executive Council to conduct military operations approved by Council vote. He/She does not have the power to initiate war against another nation, but is free to utilize any means necessary to defend the Confederacy in the event that war is brought upon their doorstep. Furthermore, he does not have the power to create or dissolve alliances or pacts without the consent of the Council. However, he does possess the power to evaluate and veto policies put forth by the Council, should they conflict with that which is outlined in the Articles of Confederation.

In the same manner, the Executive Viceroy does not have absolute power and operates mainly on a representative basis. As such, his/her position only lasts so long as their term allows them to stay in office. Furthermore, their powers are a complement to that of the Grand Marshal's. Their vote allows for the declaration of war, the creation and dissolution of alliances or pacts, and the implementation of policies within the government.

The Assemblies

There are a number of Assemblies which each revolve around a certain aspect of affairs within the Confederacy. To begin, the Assembly of Corporate Affairs is a congregation of the business owners who have holdings within Confederate Space. In the spirit of commerce, and in order to further the cause of prosperity, each member of the Assembly has been given a contract unique to their individual form of business. Most, if not all, corporations in the Galaxy have a "niche" product or service that they render, and in exchange for financial contributions to the armed forces of the Confederacy, these corporations are granted exclusive contracts in the context of their particular industry. Furthermore, their seats upon the Corporate Assembly guarantee a lowered tariff rate on goods imported from their corporations into Confederate worlds.

All in all, the members of the Corporate Assembly offer their financial and economic wisdom to the High Council of the Confederacy, in addition to financial contributions to the Confederate military forces in exchange for exceptional contracts.

On another note, the Assembly of Intercultural Affairs deals with civil representation in the context of species and races. Each species and race have a representative appointed to this Assembly, and it falls upon their shoulders to foster excellent intercultural relations among the civilians of the Confederacy; in addition to assisting the High Council in the creation of policies which create freedom and equality for all peoples; regardless of species, race, gender, creed, orientation, or otherwise.

Lastly, the Assembly of Judicial Affairs is the legal branch of the Confederacy. It is composed of the Executive Viceroy and numerous representatives from the various Assemblies with the purpose of evaluating and upholding the planetary laws of each member world. Furthermore, this Assembly is responsible for the creation of policies which coincide with the laws found on each world; in addition to holding what are known as "Amnesty Hearings" for immigrants to the Confederacy who possess bounties. The purpose of these hearings is to give each and every individual a fair opportunity at a new start within the Confederacy. Their past wrongdoings are evaluated by the Assembly, and if they are found to be within reasonable range of forgiveness, the Confederacy will either allow the individual to pay their bounty and enter the nation, or will pay the bounty for the individual.

If the individual can pay their own bounty, they are free to pursue whatever walk of life and occupation they desire within the Confederacy. However, if they are unable to pay their bounty, they will be subject to working in an occupation which suits their skills until such time as they have worked off their bounty; or come up with enough credits to pay it. In the event that a war criminal, an individual with an egregious sum of wrongdoings, or an individual whose presence will prompt war attempts to enter the Confederacy, they will be promptly turned over to the proper authorities immediately.

Foreign Policy

At this moment in time, the Confederacy of Independent Systems is among the few blessed with true peace. This is due to the fact that the nation has secured neutrality agreements with both the Omega Protectorate and the Sith Empire on differing occasions. Furthermore, through membership in the Ithorian League, the Confederacy possesses neutrality and vows of mutual defense with the Atrisian Empire, the Black Sun Syndicate, the Mandalorians, and the Lords of the Fringe. Lastly, they have an alliance with the Galactic Republic, whose terms promise trade and the potential for mutual defense.

However, whilst the Confederacy enjoys neutrality and peace from its neighboring nations, it is at war against an ideal that conflicts with the notion of freedom. With each passing day, it combats the Slaver's Guild, and other rogue organizations running rampant in the South, in order to put an end to the trafficking of slaves. This sordid practice has been effectively outlawed by a unanimous vote of the member worlds, and as such Slavers will find no peace nor quarter whilst within Confederate space.


  • To combat the ideal and practice of Slavery throughout the Southern Systems and the Outer Rim.
  • To continue to spread the ideals of freedom, individuality, and equality.
  • To provide a place for all persons to be treated equal and to live free, regardless of race, species, creed, orientation, or otherwise.
  • To provide a place for characters, despite mistakes, to be given a second chance to begin anew.
Closing Statements

First and foremost, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this summary of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. I plan on updating this with additional links and information as it becomes prevalent. Now then, allow me to say that this is a Faction whose doors are open to practically everyone and every character. I had designed it so that there is not one particular group of characters that are catered to, but so that all can come together under one roof and have just as much fun as the other factions!

So, if you're a business-minded character? We've got a place for you. Are you a soldier, mercenary, gunman, sniper, or anything of the sort? We've got a place for you. Are you a Force User? We've got a place for you. Are you a smuggler, pirate...or celebrity chef?

We've got a place for you!

If you've got any questions or comments, feel free to voice them here, or send me a PM. I'll do my absolute best to assist you in any way I can. Once again, thank you for reading and I look forward to writing with you all.
Lord Grand Marshal, we droids are proud to be apart of the ideals of the confederacy and will gladly fight to the last bolt to keep your ideals going.