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The Coalition Troop Armour

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Marik Baldear


[SIZE=13pt]Intent:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] to give the Coalition access to a Mass-produced armour, that wouldn't stand out to much. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Development Thread:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] NA[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Manufacturer:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] Leviathan Industries [/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Model:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] Stormtrooper armor[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Affiliation:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] Coalition
[SIZE=13pt]Modularity:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] yes[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Production:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] Mass-Produced[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Material: [/SIZE][SIZE=13pt]Duraplast, leather, many types of fabric [/SIZE]

[SIZE=13pt]Description:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] the Coalition troop armour might not have been as resistant as some combat armour but it was lighter then average stormtrooper armor. Its design allowed the wearer much higher mobility and camouflage, making the armor perfect for the chaotic street battles and raids the Coalition was fond of. the armour was cheep and easy to smuggle into Sith systems. By removing the helmet and chest plate, the wearer could blend in with most civilians. The trench coat and other soft parts were often made or altered by the trooper or their families. the plates, boots and helmets were produses by Leviathan Industries and constructed by members of the rebellion. The helmets often were decorated or personalised by the individual troopers.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13pt]Classification:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] Combat armor[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Weight: [/SIZE][SIZE=13pt]13kg[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Quality:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] 5[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Other Feature(s): [/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Air-filtration system[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Air reserve pack[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Built in short range communicator[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13pt]Body-heat regulation[/SIZE]
@[member="Marik Baldear "],

Denied for the following reason:
  • A contradiction between affiliation and look. For a resistance movement against the Empire, having standard equipment and armor looking Imperial seems counter-intuitive.

If you believe your submission should be accepted as is, you may ask for a Second Chance. If you edit the contradiction out, you may resubmit this as a new thread.
Not open for further replies.