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LFG The Chaos Criminal Syndicate

Caden Evesa

The Lost One
Hey folks.

So recently I've been doing a lot of research into crime syndicates (I know, strange). I've been researching all of them from the multiple types of Mafia (from the Italian to the Sicilian to the American) to different UK based criminal organisations.

Now, I want to bring this over to Chaos. I'm thinking arms dealers, drug dealers. I'm thinking we start a true galaxy wide criminal syndicate.

To do this properly, it'll need high levels of organisation. A criminal enterprise can't operate without true levels of organisation, people to do the grunt work and people to spend the money that gets made. Having a few planetary rulers onboard would be greatly helpful as well, a start up investment fund if you will, places we can hide out without being on the run from the law twenty four seven.

And obviously there's money to be made.

I'm thinking of writing slow burn threads, threads that truly detail the nitty gritty life of shipping drugs and guns, from stealing from companies to selling to factions and people who are willing to buy the products we steal.

Any interest?