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Factory Denied 'The Cathay Rahtai MKII Victrix'

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Catharian Autocrat

  • Intent: Xzaien's Flagship
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Here
  • Classification: Dreadnought
  • Length: 5000 Meters
  • Width: 2500 Meters tapering to 50 meters
  • Height: 500 Meters
  • Armament: Extreme : Heavy - Light Turbolaser Batteries in Octuple Barbettes, Flak Cannon Arrays, 4x Spinal Mounted Fusion Accelerator Cannons, Point Defense laser cannons, 8x Quad Magnetic Accelerator Cannons, 15 Plasma Cannon Batteries, Antimatter Missile Launchers
  • Defenses: Very High
  • Hangar Space: Average. 28 Wings
  • Hangar Allocations: 14 Wings per side
    • Snubfighters: 7 squadrons (Left Side)
    • Support Craft: 7 squadrons (Left Side)
    • Marine Legion Ship Docking Bays: 20 Spinal Mountings
    • 7x Medium Bombers (Right Side)
    • 7x Heavy Bombers (Right Side)
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Speed Rating: Average
  • Hyperdrive Class: 1.0
  • Tri-Laminate Armor Plating: A recent development in Catharian Engineering. The armor of this vessel encorporates a tri-laminate of Durasteel, Ceramite, and a alloy of Embersteel, Suprasteel, and Turadium sandwiched between layers of reactive armor plating. Essentially making attacks with slug-thrower weapons completely useless, and adding a substantial amount of armor without increasing weight.
  • Hyper-Matter Deflector Shields: A commonly used shielding system used by all Catharian Vessels. Incorporating an enhanced Precursor deflector design with modern variants of Deflector shields. Onboard the Rahtai, the shields are equipped with redundancies that continually take power from the hyper-matter annihilation reactors to project hyper-matter particles across the ship's surface.
  • Tachyon Sensor Array: A prototype design of Sensor array which uses Tachyon beams to located vessels or debris with extreme accuracy. Unfortunately, thanks to the cost and technical expertise used to produce this Sensor array, only sister ships to the Cathay Rahtai are able to be fitted with it.
  • Impulse Ion Thrusters: A dark-matter charged Ion array based thrusters. Based upon the design of the earlier Harrower Class Dreadnought's thruster bays. The useage of advanced Precursor schematics alongside modern adaptations allow for a vessel of its size and bulk to maneuver quite well in both space or planetary operations.
  • Zero-Point Energy Annihilation Reactor Array: A brand new technological advancement to grace the Galaxy. A super-cooling reactor which cools down localized Fermeon and boson particles to Zero-Point. Producing an immense amount of clean and safe energy for the ship's main-batteries and secondary power arrays.
  • Interdiction Field Generator: Hidden in the belly of the ship. Pulls ships out of hyperspace, and prevents hyperspace jumps.
  • Standardized Shielding
  • Electronic Warfare Suite
  • Emergency Jump Kit: Allows unfocused jumps into relatively safe areas of space. Courses are charted automatically to outside of the Galactic Plane or somewhere empty within it. Only used in Emergencies.
  • Heavy Hitter: The Cathay Rahtai incorporates the most advanced Catharian weapons armament. Including the prototype Plasma Cannons. Alone, the ship is equal to twelve Imperial II Class Star Destroyers. And could easily hit above its weight and size class. Size here is just a formality.
  • Size: The imposing size of the Cathay Rahtai can easily scare lesser species into submission. Designed not only to be a extremely powerful star destroyer based vehicle. It is also designed as a inter-system communications array for the fleets of Cathay.
  • Ergonomic Wedge Shape: A wedge shape includes maximum coverage with weapons, with a minimal silhouette. The ship itself tapers to 50 meters wide. Every gun mounted on both the top and bottom of the ship can strike targets directly in-front of it.
  • Firepower: The ship itself has the destructive power of up to Thirty Imperial II Star Destroyers. Able to level entire cities in a matter of minutes, and planets in a matter of weeks.
  • Redundant Systems: A secondary and tertiary bridge is located on the ship. In the off-chance that the primary or secondary bridge is destroyed. The ship can be piloted from the deep interior of the massive vessel.
  • Really Big: Good luck docking with any standardized space port, or jetty. This ship requires its own specialized docking bay, and can only be parked and refueled on Cathay.
  • Not subtle: When you wish for subtleness. You do not send a 5,000 meter long warship. This ship is designed solely for war. Unlike its former namesake.
  • Illegal almost anywhere: The Cathay Rahtai Victrix uses illegal weaponry not sanctioned by the Governments of the Galaxy. As such, unless those weapons are dismounted or disabled. The Cathay Rahtai will not be going anywhere inside of foreign controlled Space. Unless it is anarchic, or Hutt Space
  • Slow and Vulnerable: Even despite its advanced thruster systems. The Rahtai is very much slower than its former name-sake. Making it an easy target for Super-Lasers, or ground based anti-ship defenses.
  • Too much Firepower!: The Rahtai often makes Orbital bombardments of worlds look like a completely cataclysmic event. If it fires its two M.A.C cannons at a continent, consider it able to crack the planet's surface open. However, if it only uses turbolasers, the damage can be negated. The MAC cannons were only designed for ship-to-ship engagements. But that doesn't mean the Rahtai cannot use it on planetary targets as well. However, thanks to a guidance system. A series of mechanical overrides must be taken in order to fire the MAC cannons at a world. Which requires a skilled Tech and many hours to undo. Typically, the Rahtai will never use its Cataclysmic weapons on a world. (Only with Admin approval :])
  • Docking Port Reliability: Legion Ships, or Ships crewed entirely by Shock Marines must be docked into the Rahtai for the Ship's firepower to exceed that of thirty dreadnoughts. Without all of the 20 Legion Ships, the Rahtai is considered rather poorly armed for a ship of its size.

A design long in the making. The Primaris Class Dreadnought was designed as a stopgap measure between official Catharian Designs, and Old Republic and Ancient Sith Designs. Taking design elements from both Galactic powers. The Sith with Firepower, and Republic with defensive capabilities. The Primaris is designed to be a large heavy hitting vessel with the capability to escape quickly if the need arises to protect the valuable asset. The ship is characteristic of Ancient Sith designs, sporting a broad winged bridge section directly connected to the hull with a thick neck which protrudes approximately 50 meters above the hull. And its characteristic wedge shape used all the way up to the modern day. This class of ship is derived directly from the much older 600 Meter long Harrower Class Dreadnought used by the Reconstituted Sith Empire. However, now with developments in ship making and shipyards the ship has balloned to 5000 meters in length. Sporting many of its predecessors benefits. Mainly the large thrusters, and massive bridge section. However, it has done away with the large hangar space of the older design and is now mainly suited for going toe-to-toe with much larger capitol vessels and snub fighters.

The Cathay Rahtai MK2 is the first home-built and designed Catharian Vessel. A large ship with an ability to carry with it a subordinate Legion Ship in a seamless ventral hangar. The Rahtai Mk2, however includes 20 slots for its 20 Space Marine Legion ships. The Cathay Rahtai Mk2, no longer bears any resemblance to its predecessors hull. Infact, it looks completely different than the formerly used Cathay Rahtai which was based off the Interdictor Battle-Cruiser used by Revan's Sith Empire. This ship was designed to be Xzaien's personal vessel and as such. It is staffed with Elite member of the Catharian Naval College located on Cathay, and is the home of many platforms that are to be used with later ship designs. The Cathay Rahtai itself, is host to many prototype technologies such as the Plasma cannon. However, it may show itself to be unreliable and prone to mechanical problems thanks to a lack of refinement. As of now, the Cathay Rahtai itself is a ship-to-ship battle-cruiser. Where the Legion Ship built into it is more of a anti-fighter picket ship. The crew is given approximately five years worth of compressed consumables, with a crew of about 5,000 and a passenger capacity of 10,000 legionaries or Space marines. A well rounded, Heavy Ship for heavy engagements.
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Alkor Centaris

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Xzaien Xzaien

Could you please elaborate on the standard features this ship has? "All Standard Features" does not tell me what systems the ship incorporates.

Could I also get you to come up with two more weaknesses?

Alkor Centaris

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Since the site rules prohibit Orbital Bombardment (we allow strikes though!), I'm going to need you to revise the weakness you added that involves the firepower.

Maybe instead of the horrific damage there's a cooldown or a kickback that requires you to wait to fire or something.

Xzaien Xzaien

Alkor Centaris

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Xzaien Xzaien

Okay, so while I'm fine with it tentatively having that kind of firepower with an approval tagline, I don't think this weakness is in keeping with the spirit of balance. That's because it's more of a strength (the firepower to that staggering degree isn't really a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination.)

The mechanical overrides and prohibitive measures could be taken as a weakness, by forcing the ship to go through cycles and security bypasses and increasing the length of time it takes to fire. If you do want to alter these two things (one strength, one weakness, respectively, with the caveat in place that any planetary level of damage will require admin approval) I'll still need one more fair weakness to balance the submission overall.
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