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intergalactic bird of mystery

  • Intent: To submit a massive, traveling ugly space station for use as the center of the Smuggler's Alliance.
  • Image Source: Star Citizen Spider Concept Art PC Gamer Article
  • Canon Link: /
  • Primary Source: /
  • Manufacturer: GA Merchant Fleet (original construction), Smuggler's Alliance (upkeep)
  • Affiliation: Outer Rim Coalition
  • Model: N/A

  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Durasteel, Alusteel, Miscellaneous Alloys and Starship Components
  • Classification: Space Colony/Trade Hub
  • Length: 80000 meters
  • Width: 40000 meters
  • Height: 60000 meters
  • Armament: None
  • Defenses: Low
  • Hangar: Assorted Small and Medium Docking Bays Throughout. Mooring Platforms for Capital Ships.
  • Maneuverability Rating: Very Low
  • Speed Rating: Very Low
  • Hyperdrive Class: Very Slow: 10
  • Basic Sensor Array
  • Escape Pods
  • Deflector Shield Generator
  • Holonet Transciever
  • Long-range Communications Array
  • Limited Life Support Systems
  • Tractor Beams (x300)
  • Modular Layout: Less one contiguous structure and more a vast network of scrapped starship hulls, the Caravan shifts in its layout at least once a day. At this point, to expand further in any direction would compromise the entire station's structural integrity, so while the overall proportions remain more or less unchanging, there is fierce market competition to fill any piece of square meterage whose previous occupant has been evicted.
  • Central Market: Perhaps the most stable part of the entire station and definitely its largest contiguous structure, the Market is essentially a traveling trade hub and freeport. Some of the oldest wrecks that comprise the entire Caravan make up this section's composition, and given its location it also moves around the least.
  • Exotic Bazaar: The Caravan is a (slowly) traveling freeport and market hub. All trade conducted on board is through independent third parties, the station itself boasts no organized body of commerce regulation, and very little in the way of central authority.
  • Some Assembly Required: A collection of salvaged wrecks and capital hulls, the Caravan's layout changes by degrees almost every day. While the older, larger pieces remain more or less static, composition of the space colony's outer edges shifts with the fortunes of its' freelancers.
  • Structural Integrity: With little more than civilian grade deflector shields and a jury rigged point defense network to protect key parts of the Caravan, this station is about as prone to excess strain as a structure can possibly be. By many estimates, it shouldn't even have held together for as long as it has.
  • Safety Protocols: Short version is there aren't any. Loss of atmosphere or sudden depressurization isn't just a risk, its commonplace. All station guests are encouraged to wear flight suits at all times, and to keep their space helmets ready in case of an all too regular emergency.
  • Decentralized Power: There is no central reactor or engineering section to the Caravan, instead the massive structure is powered entirely be a vast network of smaller reactor units scavenged from old starships. This makes it very impractical to run anything that requires unnaturally high levels of energy consumption, such as military grade emplacements. In a similar fashion, the station travels short hops from system to system through subspace via a slaved network of hyperdrive reactors instead of a single more powerful main unit. It is a slow, ponderous, and sometimes dangerous method of FTL travel.

Caravan Station is one of a kind, not so much manufactured as it was cobbled together out of thousands upon thousands of disparate, wholly incompatible parts. For years after the liberation of Coruscant from the One Sith Empire, its assembly was overseen in secret by Smuggler's Alliance. Over time more were drawn in from across the galaxy through word of mouth to help contribute to the dream of a wandering Caravan, particularly when the station's hyperdrive network was finally completed and it first began to make headlines.

By now, the station has been in continuous operation for some time. Narrowly avoiding the Galactic Alliance's collapse, it slowly trundles its way up and down Crusader's Way. Over the years the Caravan has made several loops all the way from Keskin to Hollowend and back, but due to the limited nature of its hyperdrive it is a long journey and the freeport spends much of its time drifting through the fringe of various star systems.

Modifications 6/8/19
  • Updated affiliation and description to reflect the GA's collapse.


intergalactic bird of mystery
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