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The Burned Man

Darren with his full Mandalorian armor and mask, all replicated after Revan.


Onyx without his mask.


Onyx as he first appeared as a Cyborg.


Onyx after surgery. He know wears bandages to his robotic wiring and metal. He also took the title of "Burned Man"

NAME: Darren Onyx, now called The Burned Man
FACTION: The Sith Empire
RANK: Sith Master
SPECIES: Human, Cyborg
AGE: Thirty-Three

SEX: Male
WEIGHT: Two-hundred Fifty-Six
EYES: Yellow (right) Blue (left; cybernetic)
HAIR: Blonde
SKIN: Fair, white


AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
  • Strong Willed- Onyx has a strong will and will do all he can to accomplish goals. Although this trait is something he takes pride in, it can damage his reputation and friendships because he will always keep pressing no matter what.
  • Short Tempered- Onyx has a short temper and will loose control at times.
  • Cyborg- Onyx has cybernetic implants in most of his face and torso. This makes his physical strength incredible and he can scan enemies with his cybernetic eye.The con is that his connection with the force isn't as strong as it used to be.
  • Traitor- Onyx is a traitor of the Sith Empire. This makes him a well known target for them.
  • Republic and Sith- Onyx is against both Jedi and Sith thus making it hard for him to work with them.
Bandages cover most of his body, with a light armor over it.

The story of Onyx is a long one.

Darren Onyx was born on Coruscant to James and Milu Onyx, a rich family. James was the owner of a large corporation that was very supportive of the Republic. Milu was a stay at home mom and Darren grew closer with her then James. When Darren was fifteen he started fighting against his fathers company for trying to eliminate the lower class citizens from Coruscant. Darren thought it was an injustice to harm the innocent.

When he was sixteen he was arrested for killing several Republic troopers assaulting a bar on the lower levels of Coruscant. Before the trial a dark figure, who later was revealed as a Sith Lord, came before him to reveal his force-sensitivity. Darren's father was at the trial trying to free him. During the trial James stated that Darren was confused as to who was right and, in anger, Darren killed his father using force lightning.

Knowing that he would be put to death for this crime, he fled Coruscant by stowing away on ships. Eventually he reached Korriban and started his training as a Sith. He went to a tomb inside the Valley of Sith Lords hoping to find knowledge. There he met @Darren Shaw, who he befriended. After exploring the tomb the two left. Darren would spend several months in self-training and honing his lightsaber combat. During his time training he met @Spencer Jacobs, who he fell in love with, and @John Harrison who be became enemies with.

By the time the Clockwork Rebellion began, Darren was going solely by Onyx and was a trained Sith Knight. During the war he fought alongside Shaw on New Alderaan. During the final battle on Coruscant, Onyx rescued a young Jedi Padawan. Rescuing the Padawan gave him hope that he could go back to the light side. Soon after the battle, he betrayed the Sith and went rogue. Onyx spent a few months experimenting with light side powers while also honing his dark powers. Eventually a large amount of bounty hunters reached Onyx while he was on Coruscant and Onyx was killed.

Several months later, @Velok, a powerful Sith Sorcerer, resurrected Onyx and instructed him to destroy the Empire. Onyx found his sister, @Serana Onyx, and her fleet. He spent some time with them and then left to begin his own quest. During his time there, however, he learned that he, along with Serana, were the last living descendants of Darth Revan.

Though Onyx started making progress, most notably joining Spencer and @Ashin Varanin (The Lords of the Fringe) and becoming a Master Rogue (light and dark), he halted to stop Shaw. He believed his old friend had journeyed down the path of darkness to far and wouldn't return. The fight resulted in their long friendship ending and Onyx receiving third degree burns along most of his body.

Through cybernetic surgery, Onyx was able to survive. It was then that he went into hiding. Through the Dark Harvest he was hiding and waiting for a good time to return. A time when those from the past might have forgotten him and his face. And now, with the Republic and Mandalorians at war with the Empire, he knew it was time to return. After returning he donned a new name, The Burned Man.

Darrin Onyx

So basically the person I was cloned from looks like a burnt up 50 year old... this will be interesting when I run down the street naked yelling I'm the clone of you.

Not that I would actually do that...
*shifty eyes*

@[member="The Burned Man"]
Zahori Denko
Just a quick question here: Is he afraid of fire? Just curious since everyone in movies and books and such who survived being burned alive are normally very terrified of it. i.e.: Frankenstein, The Hound from GoT, etc @[member="The Burned Man"]

Darth Torment

Pffft...please, I could survive the bombing of a planet and come out of it unscathed.. :p

So @[member="The Burned Man"] wanna do a thread sometime? maybe I could help you become more of a cyborg. ;)