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Approved Species The Bryn'adul | Terranok Assault Beasts

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  • Intent: To create a ground to space warbeast for the Bryn'adul
  • Image Credit: Image Credit
  • Canon: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Links: N/A
  • Name: Terranok
  • Designation: Semi-Sentient
  • Origins: Mon Cala
  • Average Lifespan: 45 Years
  • Estimated Population: Planetary
    • 15 Million
  • Description: The Terranok Carrion beasts are massive, armored hulks covered in black armor and with a red glow seeming to come from their skin beneath the armor. Spikes protrude out from across the beings bodies, used as fins to allow the creatures to traverse the waters of their homeworld. Tentacles protrude from the palms of their feet and hands, constantly searching the world around the creature for any forms of life that it cannot visually see. A massive, spiked tail protrudes from the rear of the creature, capable of being used as both a club and a spear by the creature if needed.
  • Breathes: Type I
  • Average Height of Adults: 27 Meters
  • Average Length of Adults: 62 Meters
  • Skin color: Black, Grey
  • Hair color: N/A
  • Distinctions:
    • Males: Male Terranok tend to have large, more prominent spikes across their bodies, as well as a much bulkier and powerful tail. They tend to by physically smaller than their female counterparts, and their projectiles are not as powerful or long range as the females. Their forehead ridge is tinted a dark grey, and the red glow native to the species is not as visible beneath thicker armor.
    • Females: Female Terranok tend to be larger, less bulky and more agile than their male counterparts. Their armor tends to be thinner and more spread out, allowing for greater flexibility and greater control of their projectiles. Rather than the spiked tail of the males, female Terranok tend to have a more rounded club like tail, meant more for bashing than cutting or stabbing. Their forehead ridge is highly prominent and nearly constantly glowing, and the species natural glow is far more prevalent.
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity: Force Dead
  • Bulk: The Terranok has natural, thickly layered armor, even among the female half of the species. It is able to completely shrug off small arms fire from both projectile and laser based weaponry, and even standard anti-armor weaponry will face problems taking this creature head on. Only dedicated heavy weaponry or specialized anti-armor weaponry faces any hope of piercing this creatures hide.
  • Projectile: The projectile weapon able to be fired by the Terranok is incredibly powerful, created as it is by Draemidus Prime that runs through the creatures very veins. At close range, this projectile is able to burn its way through light and medium vehicles in one or two shots, and can take down larger vehicles in half a dozen. The more powerful and long range projectiles, produced by the females of the species, are even capable of engaging enemy starships in orbit over worlds.
  • Slow: The Terranok Assault Beast is an incredibly slow and ponderous creature. Originally an aquatic species, the Terranok is unable to move with any speed or grace when on land, and become hulking, glowing targets for anyone looking for them. They are easy to spot, and are unable to evade most weaponry directed at them, forcing them to rely almost entirely on their armor and allied forces for protection.
  • Temperamental: The Terranok are highly aggressive, territorial and pack mentality creatures. They do not take well to outside control, and attempts by the Bryn'adul to completely control the creatures has proven difficult. In battle, should the handler become distracted or lose control for even a moment, the creature could lash out and attack Bryn'adul forces as eagerly as it attacks their enemies.
  • Force Dead: The Terranok Assault Beasts are, as a species, Force Dead. They are unable to be soothed by the use of the Force as some beasts masters like to do, and cannot draw on the positive or negative emotions of their allies and enemies. Handlers of the Terranok must rely exclusively on physical means to control their charges, which puts them at extensive personal risk.
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Communication: Terranok communicate by a humming sound they create by vibrating various plates of armor across their body at different frequencies and intervals. Mixed together with the ability to alter the color and intensity of the glowing portions of their body, they are able to communicate over long or short distance, allowing them to work effectively as pack hunters.
  • Technology level: No Technology
  • Religion/Beliefs: No Religion/Beliefs
  • General behavior: Terranok live in large, pack groups on their homeworld of Mon Cala. Primarily a ocean floor traversing species, they use their projectile firing ability to strike prey swimming above them, then use their armored bulk and weight to drag it down to the ocean floor. Usually, Terranok packs range in size from twenty to thirty individuals, split evenly between the two genders. There is an alpha male and female in the pack, though they are not a mated pair as is often case in other species. Instead, they are chief rivals against one another, and fights between them are frequent, as each seeks to secure the supreme position in the pack. This fighting often leads to the death of one or the other, with a new alpha then taking their place. This behavior allows for the pack to naturally control its own numbers and prevents it from growing too large. Young are hatched from eggs laid in secluded parts of the packs hunting grounds, and hatchlings will fight one another until the pack returns for them, sustaining themselves off the corpses of their siblings.
The Terranok Assault Beasts were created by accident by the Bryn'adul several years ago. During the Bryn'adul invasion of the planet Mon Cala, several of their warships were destroyed, with their fragments raining down onto the ocean world. They sunk to the ocean floor of the planet, and landed on or near Terranok hunting grounds. At the time, the Terranok were much smaller, tamer creatures that were primarily scavengers. However, after several packs inadvertently consumed Draemidus Prime Ore, they began to change. The Ore rapidly altered and changed the Terranok that consumed it, and in less than a year an entirely new species of creature had emerged on Mon Cala.

The Bryn'adul came to learn about the creatures after they lost contact with a ship near Mon Cala. Investigation by a small patrol fleet found the existence of the Terranok creatures, now far larger and more aggressive than they had been when the Bryn'adul first came to the world. No longer scavengers, the Terranok had become one of the planets dominant predators, and its original projectile attack had been further enhanced by the Draemidus Prime Ore. Initial attempts to further investigate the adult creatures ended in catastrophe, and three warships were lost trying to secure specimens. Eventually, submersible teams were able to secure several clutches of Terranok eggs, and the Bryn'adul withdrew from the world.

Study on the hatchlings provided many insights into the nature of the Terranok creatures. They are able to create a liquid within their bodies and pass it through their digestive track in reverse, which solidifies as it leaves the body, creating a projectile weapon. With the infusion of Draemidus Prime Ore into the creatures diet, this projectile has taken on a far more lethal, and developed threat. The new projectile is able to pierce through armored vehicles on the ground, and even engage starships in orbit over planets. Only females are able to do the latter, as their more elongated and less armored forms give them greater control and range over their projectiles.

Seeing the potential for the creatures, the Bryn'adul began efforts to tame and control the Terranok creatures, though their efforts have reached only limited success. The Terranok Assault Beasts raised in captivity are highly aggressive and resistant to control, and it takes specialized and dedicated handlers to have any hope to keep them in line. When properly harnessed though, the Terranok Assault Beast is a potent weapon for the Bryn'adul war machine.

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Thova 'Mdanam Thova 'Mdanam Hello again! Looking great so far, just have one thing that needs to be addressed:

Force Sensitivity | Please add drawbacks related to the species being Force Dead. That could included not being able to increase their speed on land, being unable to gain Force related boosts from allies/handlers, being soothed by Force Empathy/Animal Bond, etc.
Force Dead species are not immune to the Force- they simply cannot be affected by most abilities directly. Force Dead species should include appropriate weaknesses related to that trait, such as an inability to benefit from positive Force powers like healing or battle meditation.

Once this is done, just give me a tag and I'll have another look and hopefully be able to approve it for ya!
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