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The Book of Moross (Information)

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Who are the Morossi?

The Moross Covent is a minor faction that is based off of the Older Major Faction "The Moross Crusade." The Crusade was started by three individuals who falsified their identities as Aesirs, Godly or Divine beings of a Religion based around a Pantheon that is worshiped by many. The followers and the major faction gained a lot of traction with the idea of Unifying the Kathol Outback with the planet of Exocron, A once mythical Garden World that voyagers believed to be a Heaven within the galaxy, under one banner.

Using these Aliases, these men formed the religion and from it, gained a very large following. While some of the men were replaced by utilizing the Mythology that an Aesir is only taking the form of a Mortal for a short time, and will be replaced at some point by a different Aesir of the Pantheon at a later date. Either at the death, or personal choice of leaving to return to the Great Hall. The Aesirs use a Mortal body as a host, while their immortal soul can move between the two planes of existence.

Some of the men were replaced by other Gods and Goddess of the Pantheon while the Religion seemed to double in size overnight. Making deals with other Factions such as The Omega Protectorate, and The Lords of the Fringe. However, it seemed this was short lived.

During the Galaxy wide destruction of planets by a being known only as Akala, named the Netherworld Event, had fractured the structure of the Moross Crusades. Namely, the Aesirs had left and were proposed to have returned to the Great Hall as their defending of the Galaxy took much of their strength. As such, the Influence of the Religious Faction fell and broke apart into ruins.

Many of the previous members still survived and held onto the followings and teachings of the Book of Moross, One of these members was known as Zoey Marix. While she had been trapped in the Netherworld, and lived there in their distorted time of hundreds of years, something changed her into believing that she was the Aesir of Kalee the Blade. This woman has then returned to Exocron proclaiming the return of the Aesirs and the Unification of their religion once more.

The Morossi People follow the teachings of their Pantheon of Aesirs, or Divine beings who take the form of a mortal in our world to lead them, show them, and guide them to their form of Heaven known as, The Great Hall. This Great Hall has been told to be a large and ever growing home of the Morossi people for which the greatest of desires can be fulfilled. However, to be in this Great Hall, one must earn their way. This is determined by the Aesirs themselves after one perishes.
The Aesirs are beings of Divine power, and immortality from the Great Hall who are the Pillars of the Religion. These Ten Divines take turns of inhabiting the galaxy. With only three at a time allowed to be in the mortal realm. This triumvirate of Aesirs can be a mix of any of the ten divine. Each having a different purpose, motive, or beliefs of the Galaxy, they lead the devout followers in their own way to reach the Great Hall. Such as with the Aesir Inari the Reviver. She is known as the kindest of the Aesirs. The natural healer, her purpose is to aid those in need, in pain, or otherwise be the good Samaritan to those around you. Unlike her brother Aatrox the Deceiver, who's agenda is to bring glory to himself, and those who follow him by any means necessary. Not above using deceitful lies, trickery and Coupes to get what he desires.
While the Aesirs themselves are the source, and the backbone of the Religion, They cannot always be there for every follower and disciple. Thus, they have their "Chosen" or in essence, their mouth, or envoy for their aspect of the Pantheon. As with the two examples above, A Chosen of Inari would be the "Saint of Inari" with Aatrox's chosen being "The Dagger or Cloak of Aatrox." More over, all of the teachings that one could learn, read upon, or otherwise study while not able to be in the presence of these people, would be "The Book of Moross." A tome of the belief system, or any mythology that one could need to understand and follow the Faith.
Who Can be the Moross?
Anyone can join the Moross Covent. Accepting any returning, or new faces, this Religion is open to any who wish to follow, study, or simply learn more of their practices. While many Force Users can join, it is also open to Non-Force Users. Anyone can join the faction for any story they wish to create with the Religion. A Devout rising through the ranks to possibly become one of the Chosen, or an Aesir themselves, A Soldier for Hire of a Religion that they find interesting, or otherwise coo-coo for Co-co puffs, Maybe a slave to a member of the Faction?
Purpose of the Covent
While this faction is very heavily based and using almost, if not all of the original material created by the Faction Owner, and admin team of the Moross Crusade, The purpose of the faction at the moment is not for Galaxy domination at this time. Its a Story based Faction that is more about having a good coherent story with friends, allies, and even enemies based around this religion. At this time, the faction will not be playing any part of the Map game, other than the protection and use of the planet of Exocron itself. While this is within the Space of the ORC, We will not be a sub-faction of the ORC, and we will likely work with them should they have Dominions, Invasions, or other such.
Q: Will you guys become a Major Faction at a later date?
A: Unsure as of this time. If the Faction grows to be large enough to once more become a Crusader type of expansion, then sure. However, at this time, we plan on staying Minor Faction and staying with our threads and stories based around Exocron and the Religion itself.
Q: Who are the other Faction Admins/Aesirs other than Kalee/Yourself?
A: I have not found anyone who I feel would be a good fit for the faction as an admin with the activity to be an Admin/Aesir at this time. While this is largely an OOC matter, The IC reasoning is that the other Aesirs have yet to come forth with their identities.
Q: What will you do to expand the Religion and the faction since you guys are just a Minor Faction?
A: At this time, it is the simple reformation and rebuilding of the remains of what was once a Major Faction, only in a Minor setting. The idea is that the Reformation may take time, and when enough people have joined, or when the faction itself feels ready for the expansion of the Religion and the Mythology itself, then we will do so after the reformation.
Q: What is the aesthetic of the Faction?
A: A mix of various religions. I myself use Nordic/Germanic Pre-Christian ties as the term of Aesir was used for the religion of the Nordic people(Vikings). However, there is ample enough room for Roman/Greek, Christian, and other basis of real world mythologies to be used should they be added. Honestly, Any kind of religion or Faith like base for a character and faction aesthetic will work.
A note to the Original creators of the Moross Crusade
I have always loved the idea of a religious based faction and hence why I myself joined the First iteration of the Crusade faction with Zoey Marix so long ago it seems. I find myself wanting to continue to write with the religion, but have seen a severe lack of people using the religion, and have decided to come up with a Minor faction for the basis and to just have a fun place to continue to write with an old character of mine.
Should any of the Creators, Admin, or Staff Team feel that this is rude of me to do, please let me know and contact me in any way you can. I have no intentions of slandering what you guys have created. I know that RL had hit the faction hard and thus was the fall of the faction so long ago. And I know that those same writers will likely never remake the faction again. I however, do want to continue with this, and will attempt to.
If you have any other questions, concerns or critiques for me, and the faction, let me know!
Thank you all.
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