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Approved Starship The Bloody Pilgrim - 5.0 Edition

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Belle of the Brawl

  • Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation; modified by [member="Fabula Caromed"]
  • Model: XR-95 heavy freighter
  • Affiliation: [member="Fabula Caromed"], sometimes [member="Fable Merrill"] or [member="Lynn Caromed"] hang out on-board
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Durasteel, turadium, transparisteel, shag carpeting and incense
  • Classification: Freighter
  • Length: 57 meters
  • Width: 25 meters
  • Height: 8 meters
  • Armament: Low
  • Defenses: Very High
  • Hangar: Very Low: 0
  • Maneuverability Rating: Moderate
  • Speed Rating: Moderate
  • Hyperdrive Class: Average: 2
  • Reserve power cells
  • Small common space & kitchen
  • Cargo hold (with enough space for two speeder bikes)
  • Furnished living quarters for 2
  • Refresher (x2)
  • Small gym
  • Inertial dampeners
  • Hypercomm suite
  • Exo-suits for 2
  • Redundant heavy reflector shields
  • Turadium-reinforced plating

  • Can Take It: The Bloody Pilgrim is a rugged beast of a ship. With both armor and shields to spare, it's absolutely built to hang out in the middle of nowhere, getting swiped by asteroid belts, space parasites, and hazardous weather. This also makes it pretty great at handling incoming fire.
  • Can't Dish It Out: Despite its truly impressive defenses, the Pilgrim isn't a combat ship. Its armament is stock from decades ago, its engines and hyperdrive aren't anything special, and it doesn't carry any relevant advanced gear.

Description: Over fifteen years ago, Fabula Cavataio used a stipend from her mother's accounts to buy herself a ship. The XR-95 Vector wasn't exactly cutting edge even then, but the Bloody Pilgrim was a new ship when the young witchknight bought and christened it, so it had the advantage of youth and plenty of years ahead of it to find its niche. Fabula took her new prize and roamed the stars, finding her place among far-flung worlds and ludicrous dangers.

That was almost two decades ago. Fabula Caromed's Bloody Pilgrim is as iconic to her as her Lotek'k jacket. She goes nowhere without it, and since she tends to wander aimlessly throughout the hyperlanes, the ship has seen more of the Outer Rim than many career trailblazers. It's been to Felucia, Vendaxa, Metalorn, Elrood, Demonsgate, Christophsis, Mandalore, Coruscant, Taris, Tatooine, Hoth, the Wheel...and through all of that, it's stayed solid. Though she meets few friends (or even sentients) on her travels, Fabula has one constant companion.

The Pilgrim has a rugged and beaten-up look to it, even when compared to other members of its decades-old model. It's been patched and repaired time and again, mostly due to environmental stress or damage from wildlife attacks. The interior is a cozy, lived-in apartment with ion engines attached. She's long since converted the existing force cages, armory, and other systems designed for bounty hunters into living space. The old freighter sports a stocked kitchenette, two full cabins and personal gymnasium, a spacious cargo hold, and a decadent (by Outer Rim standards) lounge complete with all of the amenities of a Coruscant condo.

As for actual armaments, the aging guns that came with the Pilgrim when Fabula first bought it have never been replaced or upgraded, and have seen little actual use. They're outdated and underwhelming by galactic standards, and Fabula's hardly a decent shot anyway. The hull and shields, on the other hand, are quite current. Rugged turdarium plating (and durasteel, where she can't find enough turdarium on the Rim) covers the Bloody Pilgrim in a patchwork pattern of different ages and colors, and the shields - both particle and deflector - are as close to top of the line as Fabula can afford on a part-time model's commission. Keeping her ship flying has always been her first priority, and for almost twenty years she's accomplished it admirably.

The Bloody Pilgrim is as much a part of Fabula's family as her wife and daughter. A truly unique bucket of bolts and desh with its own "personality," it has a few endearing quirks but gets along well with its pilot/inhabitant. Fabs would be much more distraught if something were to happen to this ship than to her lightsaber.

Recently the Pilgrim has had a new inhabitant. LA-A1-0999 "Al 2.0" now occupies the copilot seat in the absence of her daughter or partner. The Pilgrim doesn't really like Al... or at least that's what Al seems to think. Truth be told, it's not high on Fabula's list of priorities that "her boys" get along with each other. As long as one of them keeps her flying and the other one translates for the locals, she's got what she wanted out of them.

Travis Caalgen

Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! [member="Jamie Pyne"]
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