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The Blood Ravens

Nyla Bloodraven

Blood Ravens
Type of Government:
  • Pirate Organization
  • Confederation
Commander-in-Chief: Nyla Bloodraven
Legislative Branch: Captain's Council

Capital: Beshka System
  • Aparo Sector
  • Wyl Sector
Official Language: Galactic Basic Standard

The Blood Ravens are a loose Confederation of pirate bands operating in and around the Aparo Sector and Wyl Sector; with additional operations along the border planets of the Tingel Arm. While piratical in nature, the Blood Ravens also maintain a strict stance on Slavery; with many crews and captains being former slaves or having a staunch anti-slavery code. This makes Slavers the primary targets of the Blood Ravens; however additional operations include smuggling and mercenary work as well.

  • Blood Raven
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Crewman
Consisting of a loose confederation of pirate bands, the Blood Ravens have a limited hierarchical structure which acts more in lines of a formal military structure than a governmental structure; however acts in very much the same way. The primary legislative body of the Blood Ravens is the Captain's Council; consisting of the captains of each specific pirate band whom signs and agrees to the policies of the Blood Ravens. This council nominates and ultimately votes upon the 'Blood Raven' whom acts as the de facto leader and Commander-in-Chief of the pirate bands.

Each pirate band likewise consists of a minor hierarchical structure of Crewman, Lieutenant and Captain. While it is up to each Captain to control and command their own ships and crews; each captain and his or her crew all agree to follow the code of laws of the Blood Ravens. Likewise should a captain prove to be ineffective in their post, their own crew may call for a vote to replace that captain. In turn it falls to the Captain's Council to formally recognize the new captain before he or she may join the council.

The Captain's Council plays a very important role within the Blood Ravens. As it serves as the Legislative body of the loose Confederation; their decisions and choices must be made as to ensure the greater benefit for all of the pirate bands and not just a specific or a handful of captains and crews.

As each pirate band is different in their actions and tastes; the vessels utilized by the Blood Ravens are myriad in scope, each with their own unique modifications. Many of the vessels utilized are therefore very fast; which falls in line with their rapid hit and run tactics. Most vessels are either nimble freighters, corvettes or shuttle craft in one form or another. However it is not unusual for there to be heavier armored and equipped vessels. More often than not, these heavier vessels are not seen on the front line plundering. Rather they are kept at the Blood Ravens capital as a means of defense, or they are utilized in combination with swifter vessels during Anti-Slavery raids when their cargo capacity is needed to ferry freed slaves.

Set down by the Captain's Council, the policies are a strict code of law as to how each captain and crew should carry themselves and act. As it is a loose Confederation; many of the policies are written to ensure that the Blood Ravens are not mistaken for more ruthless and barbaric pirate bands. Thus many are focused on proper manners and actions, while also enforcing the strict anti-slavery views.

  • Slavery is strictly prohibited within the Blood Ravens. All slaver vessels are primary targets; and any captain or crew found escorting, selling or profiteering from the transaction of slaves or beings held in bondage shall be dismissed, exiled or otherwise targeted by the Blood Ravens for their actions.
  • Every Captain is expected to keep their crew in line and act accordingly. Thus they must not only prevent their crew from acting barbarically during raids and attacks; they must also treat their crew properly, and share with them all knowledge. Likewise a crew must be loyal to their Captain, follow their order in battle and act appropriately.
  • At any time a crew decides that their Captain is acting against themselves, out of their own greed, or against the Confederation that is the Blood Ravens, that crew may enact a call for vote to replace their Captain.
  • Thieving is strictly against these code of laws; and any accusations of such are to be held as truth and brought before the Captain's Council. Should there be sufficient proof that the accused is guilty they shall be branded as such and expelled. However should the accuser be proven otherwise than truthful; they shall be branded a liar and expelled.

  • Establish and protect their presence in the Aparo Sector and Wyl Sector
  • Further their actions against slavers and those whom practice Slavery by raiding shipments and such territories
  • Establish a stronghold and safe haven for escaped slaves and beings whom were formerly held in bondage
  • Establish territory belong to the Blood Ravens and prevent other Galactic Governments from attempting to extent their influence