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The Blackforge

-Image Source: NA

-Cannon Link: None

-Links: The Citadel

-Workshop Name: The Blackforge

-Location: Spintir

-Specilaty: Gear and Weapons

-Tier: II

DESCRIPTION: The Blackforge is the personal forge of Impratrix Arctorius of the Shadow Imperium, it is located inside his personal fortress known as the citadel. Inside it contains his alchemy starter kit, instructions and advice from alchemists he has met, and supplies for his various projects. Although previously he only used it for his personal needs, in order to gain more experience and some personal revenue, he has opened to semi public buissness, with requests being recieved either personally or over the HoloNet. Deliveries are conducted by droids and sometimes by the Arctorius, in the case of extremely valuable items, and as such few others come into contact with the finished products other than the owner. The Blackforge takes up almost 1000 square feet and also has metalurgy instruments, as well as Blacksmith tools to use.

RATIONALE: Arctorius acquired the space for the Blackforge upon the completion of his fortress the Citadel, he acquired the materials inside through various purchases, such as buying the alchemy starter kit from Marrow and Illkins. He plans to use the forge to create weapons for those who want them, as long as they are not his enemies. He hopes to practice his skills as a smith while helping others to be better in combat and better able to survive.


Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug

Hi there, can you please add more to the rational. Perhaps where he got the materials, what his motivation is for making the weapons, etc

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug


Just need you to add this

PARENT CORPORATION: (If this Workshop is a subsidiary of a Company of Tier III or higher, please name and link that parent corporation here.)
If it doesnt have a parent company just say N/A

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