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The Blackforge(Workshop)

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler

I'd like a sword, please. One-handed, straight blade or close enough, no katanas, proportioned for a fighter who stands about five foot ten. Comprehensive lightsaber resistance is a must. Everything else is up to you - surprise me!

I have in my possession, a Drik that I would love to see modified.

It's currently a standard steel weapon. You are an Alchemist I see, I was wondering if you couldn't perhaps shroud the weapon in the Dark Side of the Force in order to empower the user, hone the blade to penetrate armor and possibly even poison the enemy should they come into contact with its edge.

How possible might this be?

And what might it cost?
[member="Ashin Karrde"], [member="Brennan Cabrol"], my apologies I am shelving this character for another one. I will be unable to complete your orders. But I will recomend going to the Damieon Shop thread and ordering there.

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