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The Big Question

After some discussion this past night over Discord, the question has been brought up: Do we strive to be a major faction?

In the past the Primeval has been a major faction, and it stayed that way for nearly a whole year before eventually going minor again (and then give or take a year plus hiatus until now).

Obviously a lot has changed. Not just for the Primeval, but for major factions as a whole. With changes to how invasions and dominions work, to the addition of rebellions, the dynamics of what makes factions interesting has changed.

As well, this time around we are avoiding an politically-driven goals being pursued by the faction itself. So if we do go major that is not going to change at all, yet being a major faction does give us the benefit of playing around with resources that are only available to major factions. It also makes the faction more recognizable to the community, which may aid in activity and provide more storytelling opportunities.

That being said I am curious as to what everybody thinks, and if you do want us to go major (or even if you don't) how should we do it? Do we spark a rebellion in one of the many major factions, or do we patiently wait and claim a few planets in the galaxy of our choosing?

Please use this poll to let us know, but also speak your mind in the comments. I am curious to hear what everyone has to say.
I don't have especially strong opinions on going major, but given the choice I think we should. Major status gives us added relevance, a few extra toys to play with, and the opportunity for rivaling other factions. Rebelling another major faction would definitely be my preferred way of kicking things off - it's more exciting and an excellent "we're back, motherkarkers" moment :p

That said, we're not restricted by staying minor - major is just the icing on the cake. If people want it, I'm for it, and if not you'll hear no complaint from me.
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I think going major again would be a good goal, and while I am partial to building slowly (it seems to fit the theme of story driving the faction), there is merit to rebellions that really kick start a faction into over drive.

The other big question though, is if you did a rebellion... who would the Primeval be rebelling? The Sith Ascendancy will very shortly go major claiming Bastion and couple other worlds, would the Primeval rebel against them? Perhaps The Dominion, would they be someone we rebel against?

Do whatever your story demands, so if the story demands you posses a sanctuary, by all means, go Major, its the safest sanctuary you can have short of an invasion by a hostile force.


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I'm a member of the Sith Ascendency, and if we go major I'm not sure how the rules apply to a character having dual 'citizenship'. My previous site, your character could only be in one Major Faction. With that said, and if there is no concrete rule against being in two Major Factions, I say we shoot for Major Status.

I say we work toward it by maybe Rebellion agaisnt the Dominion. They have more to offer in terms of planets gained. The downside, if we decide to rebel agaisnt the Sith Ascendency, I will have to sit the Rebellion out for the Primeval's side whilst siding with TSA. This will not affect my status within the Primeval.

If we pursue another path (Map setting) for our goal to go Major, then I'm all in for the Primeval.

Lethia Morow

Much like [member="Aria Vale"], I don't much care whether we become Major or Minor - but if given the choice, Major all the way. From having massive armies to simple having the prestige of being Major, there are quite a few benefits to going big. A few challenges, too, but that's the way of the world.

As for how we go major, if we do?

Rebellion, baby.

Slow and steady is all well and good, but the best way to make an impact, to make a statement, is if it's big, loud, and impossible to ignore.

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