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The Best Money Could Buy

To create battle droids is a surprisingly difficult process.

When shown old holovids detailing the use of B1 battle droids of ancient history, one might scoff at their simplicity. To see the Jedi of old dismember the sorry excuses for warriors easily would dissuade some from droid armies entirely. They seem to forget that droids needed no training, could be created quickly and nigh-endlessly, and felt no fear whatsoever.

To instill these traits required a factory, and a river of credits to pour into it. But once one had this fount of power, they had an infinitely loyal army of soldiers.

This is what Dravis had built his fortune upon. The new, innovative breeds of battle droid his mind had concocted were dangerous, in plenty of unexpected ways.

They were the subject of the meeting he would be having today.

Dark eyes surveyed the palace ship port as Dravis Rosilla walked in, flanked by four enormous DR-2 Phalanx Droids. The tall, heavy beings walked with mechanical purpose, each toting a massive shield and vibrosword. His own curtain of protection in his deals.

The ship of [member="Aedan Miles"] was due any minute. Dravis straightened his expensive purple robes, making himself more presentable.

This deal would be the biggest arrangement the Blacklist had made yet, and Dravis had to ensure it ran smoothly.
Aedan Miles sat on what passed for a command throne in the custom yacht he was taking to meet the man who would hopefully help him secure his planets farther. Looking out over the planet as they moved slowly towards the castle the man lived in three members of his security team with him the rest waiting nearby in a frigate for him to return. Finally landing the small yacht in the cliffside hangar they lowered the boarding ramp letting Aedan disembark nodding [member="Dravis Rosilla"] as he strode forward running a hand down his jacket straightening it a bit as he offered the man a small bow of greetings. "It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Rosilla quite a nice castle that you have here."
Absentmindedly, Dravis fiddled with his lightsaber under his robes. His black eyes stared ever-presently ahead, hoping to look into a future where the deal was made. No premonition came to the Bith, to his chagrin, and a yacht docked at the port.

Aedan Miles.

Dravis hadn't known what to expect of the man that would buy literal tonnes of battle droids, but he seemed a little less intimidating when in person. The Sithling had a sneaking suspicion they were a little more powerful than they let on.

Good. I need strong friends.

"Aedan Miles." Dravis sounded out the name, testing it on his tongue. He returned the bow, a respectful nod of his rather large head, and gestured inside, letting his Droids form up around the pair of them, imposing their presence upon the area as a bastion of protection. "Shall we?"

The group walked further into the palace, Dravis letting his robes swirl behind him, until they arrived at the throne room. In the vast area, a few squadrons of DR-1's stood at attention. Drav's four larger DR-2's joined them, all standing, ready for inspection. Dravis sat on his throne comfortably, watching the humanoid with a curious eye.

"This is what I offer," he said, with a slight grin. "These droids were built on various hidden factories around the galaxy, designed by myself to provide many roles in many combat situations. The DR-1 Battle Droid," he said, and the smaller droids stood at attention, "have small hidden compartments that can hold whatever you may need them to. Secret data, explosives, it really depends on your imagination."

"The DR-2 Phalanx Droid. Magnetically-sealed shield. Various group combat programs. A heavy hitter, if I do say so myself." Deep robotic chittering followed the comment, and Dravis felt a bit of confidence peek back into his words. "Both are equipped with Sensory Grid optical receivers, which collect holomap information, and sends it to a commander. A cheap way to make an impact on the battlefield, or in a sentry position."

Dravis leaned forward, eyes intense. "I understand you want a lot of them, yes?"

- [member="Aedan Miles"] -
Aedan followed the bith calmly his footsteps even as he appeared to be undisturbed by the much larger and imposing droids looking the castle as they walked politely making small talk with the being who he was doing business with. When they stopped he looked over the droids with a critical eye taking into account the size of each one as well as the size of the appendages on them mentally calculating what weapons they could use and what weapons would be best. Nodding as the bith spoke he stepped forward calmly walking around the array of droids stopping beside the Bith once more Aedan smiles calmly. "Yes I am indeed looking to purchase a large quantity of them as a military and partial police force on planets that have recently come under my control. But the numbers are rather large and would either take a long amount of time to construct or a large amount of ships to transport. I was thinking upwards of 2 million each probably closer to 4 million for the DR-1's." Aedan shot a glance at the being next to him attempting to gauge through the force and visual evidence his reaction to such numbers.

[member="Dravis Rosilla"]
Drav's eyebrows raised slightly at the numbers, although they were about what he was expecting. He smiled, long fingers lacing together. "That is a lot of battle droids. I suppose it makes sense, given you wish to protect three whole planets."

Dravis pressed a button on his throne, and a hologram erupted from the ground. A building, with tall towers and many openings, almost reminiscent of Geonosian design. "Instead of buying entire armies, I am willing to offer you a slightly better, and easier deal, for both of us. This" he said, gesturing at the hologram, "is a model of Droid Factory I've been working on. It's supposed to be more efficient than the average factory, although whether that is true is yet to be seen."

"My offer is this." Drav smiled, a strangely warm grin spanning his bulbous head. "I can offer you the rights to four droid factories, to place as you please. Each can easily pump out two million DR-1's a year, less for the 2's, maybe more as I improve the factory model, and the droid workers for each."

"Now, if you were to fund these factories, and place them on your planets, that would mean the per-droid cost would be lower, considering you won't be paying market costs. Of course, if you wish to go this route, I'd have to request 5% of the droids you make to go to my personal inventory, without." Dravis nodded, personally happy with the deal.

He figured it sounded alluring enough, and it would help his own cause, while also supplying the client with more than what he asked for.

A good deal, all around.

- [member="Aedan Miles"] -

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