Star Wars RP

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The Bareesh Kajidic - Marketplace

Bareesh Kajidic

Bonnie Appetite
The Bareesh Kajidic, now servicing all your criminal needs:
Buy Whatever You Want!
  • Bazaars - warehouses where you can purchase literal pallets of spice, weapons, and slaves.
  • Pleasure Palaces - Stay in five star hotels, get high out of your mind at spice dens, dance for days at nightclubs full of beautiful women, and experiment with bleeding edge technology.

Let the Games Begin!
  • Racing Circuits - Watch, or race in, some of the most exciting and dangerous circuits in the entire galaxy.
Hire Mercenaries!
  • Dark Wolves - Weequay beast masters, elite light infantry and skull-headed dogs with scorpion tails.
  • Tempest Razors - Cannibals mounted on giant serpents, need more be said?