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The Bantha

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Darth Vazela

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With thanks to this site for the image -> Link!

Intent: Personal form of transport for my character, Vilox Pazela.
Development Thread: Construction of the Bantha
Manufacturer: Mon Calamari shipyards
Model: Sith Infiltrator
Affiliation: The Sith Empire
Modularity: Cannot be modified.
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel, transparisteel.
Description: The Bantha was commissioned by Vilox Pazela to be put into construction on board the Attrition-class Star Destroyer, the Obscurity, soon after Tyrin Ardik was usurped from his position as Sith Emperor by Mikhail Shorn and Dranok Lussk. Having left the Sith Empire following the fall of Ardik, Vilox led the Obscurity to the unknown regions. Knowing that the Star Destroyer wasn't as agile or maneuverable as a single shuttle or starfighter, he invited Circe Savan to the Obscurity, where they instigated the assembly and construction of a Sith Infiltrator. Vilox christened it by name it the Bantha.

With only six concealed solar ionization cannons comprising it's armament, the Bantha is primarily a transport vessel made to bypass security measures and explore star systems without detection. It thus incorporates one Annihilator-class generator that are found on board the Obscurity, thus allowing it to cloak itself from view. Much like the Obscurity, the Bantha can be detected through it's fuel exhaust left by it's impulse engines. It can also be detected by the extremely rare Crystal Gravefield Trap.

It has a compliment of DRK-1 Dark Eye probe droids and a Sith Speeder, as well as security and interrogation droids for the personal use of Vilox Pazela. They were constructed in the Mon Calamari shipyards, where the Bantha was finished off by the Mon Calamari engineers. Although it is affiliated to the Empire as a Sith vessel, it is the personal transport of Vilox Pazela and when not in use it serves as part of the compliment of the Obscurity.
Classification: Armed Star Courier
Role: Transport, Infiltration
Height: 8.5m
Width: 19.5m
Length: 26.5m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Heavy power generators (4)
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1.5, Backup: Class 12.
Minimum Crew: One.
Optimal Crew: One, several interrogation and security droids.
Armaments: Concealed solar ionization cannons (6)
Hangar: N/A.
Non-Combative Attachments: Several advanced sensors and tracking devices, Stygium cloaking device.
Passenger Capacity: Twenty.
Cargo Capacity: 2.5 metric tons.
Consumables: 30 days.
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 1.
The Black Flame
@[member="Vilox Pazela"]

When I first looked at this ship I saw a problem with the armament, but after looking into the thread that was completed for this I am now under the impression that it is no adequate for the obtaining of the crystals used for the cloaking device. As per the restricted items rules, one must do the following for the Stygium crystals

"[SIZE=10pt]Stygium Crystal (( [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]Objective[/SIZE] [SIZE=10pt]: Perform a mining operation, a raid, an excavation, or steal to obtain stygium crystals from any of the following planets: Aeten II[/SIZE], Maramere [SIZE=10pt]–OR—[/SIZE] [SIZE=10pt]kill a player character account who has more than 500 posts and get them to verify it.)) " [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]The only mention of obtaining the crystals is made in the opening post and that is just a brief mention that I would not qualify as a decent enough story to qualify. Also, this thread seems to be more about the holocron in the long run than the cry[/SIZE]stals and after awhile it just seems like a mix match of different stories that don't flow.

In short, i'm going to request that a new development thread be completed for this ship and once it has feel free to resubmit it into second chance.

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