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Spoiler The Bad Batch


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Should probably throw a spoiler tag in the title.

For me personally, I wasn't super impressed. I thought the new clones were cliche and not very interesting, which was what I expected from the previews we were given of them.

I guess I thought it was neat that the Separatists were using a captive clone for strategy? It seemed a bit contrived though, any tactics Echo would have would surely be outdated at this point. He also can't be the only clone captured this way either, and he didn't strike me as being important enough to keep alive personally, or a master strategist. So overall, I guess I'm at a loss as to where this going.


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Not gonna lie, I'm liking how this season is starting and I'm glad that Disney isn't the ones writing this that way we know we're getting quality Star Wars content. (Yeah the Mandalorian was good but that's beside the point)

I'm not angry or disappointed about how they handled the bad batch im more underwhelmed. They weren't super intriguing as a unit but as individual characters, I think they are fine...EXCEPT FOR THE BIG GUY! This is my personal opinion but the big strong guy archetype is so LAZY! Also, the bad batch is lowkey a call back to 99 from season 3.

But we all know as soon as Ahsoka Tano drops season 7 REALLY begins.