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Lucas Harvey-White

He wasn't dead.

Surprisingly Ingrid L'lerim-Vandiir Ingrid L'lerim-Vandiir had decided he would be of use after all. She had decided to release him back into Eternal Empire space, yet he knew he was still being highly monitored. He wouldn't have been surprised if the woman had bugged everything he owned. He wouldn't have expected less from her honestly.

He sat at his desk, fiddling with a device that a technician had given him. It was nothing more than a circuit board, an idea for something that Telum was designing. He wasn't overly interested in the device, he was more interested in a meeting he had lined up. He was more interested in the business he was about to achieve.

Telum Towers, as it was informally known, stuck out in the middle of Arcenon. No-one trying to find it would miss it, but just to be safe Lucas was flying in his new associate. Plus it meant the man could be searched and have his weapons confiscated before he even entered the building and posed a threat to the CEO.

Paranoia was great.

He looked towards the monitor on his desk, waiting for the warning that the hanger doors in the middle of the building had been opened. Part of him wondered if he should get the elevator up and meet his new associate, but he decided against it. The man could be brought down to him, plus he was comfortable.

And he waited for his new friend to arrive.

Torrack Torrackstur Torrack Torrackstur
While the Gamorean did not trust sith, he hated darmada more. If there was any chance to hunt a traitor of the mandode, he would rather swallow his pride and work with one to bring justice. Much had changed for this veteran who had fought for Clan Australis, Mandalore had fallen, and by some of their most trusted allies the sith empire. Matters were also worse when the Mand'alor herself was killed in a fateful duel between the Sith Emperor , Kaine Australis Kaine Australis , and Yasha Cadera Yasha Cadera .

With the clans in disarray, specifically the weaker clans who were much smaller, along with many of the mandalorian orphans. Justice had to be served even in these troubled times. While loyal to clan Australis, this mandalorian also supported The Enclave, a secret mandalorian organization built around uniting the clans and rebuilding the most affected ones. Much like how Canderous Ordo did when he became the Mand'alor thousands of years ago.

This money was needed to save the orphans, and help the next generation. Escorted and properly patted down of all weaponry, the Mandalorian Crusader would be seated. Despite different backgrounds, the crude Rally Master would complement the Sith Knight for his efficiency.

"I am here to make money and kill a darmada scum, Squeak Squeak. The fact that your men were able to find all my weapons is good enough that you are reliable Squeak Squeak , do you have any information on where our target is? Squeak Squeak."

Many ideas flowed through the experienced soldier, if they were to get past a clan of darmada they would need to think of a detailed plan in dealing with this fleeing traitor they were about to hunt. Despite this serious moment, a fart would be let out of the horned pig head. While many would be pleasant and have manners enough to say "Excuse me." , the foul being obviously did not get that lesson when he was raised by his adoptive culture.

Lucas Harvey-White

Lucas Harvey-White

He looked at the solider sat in front of him.

He placed down the circuit board and adjusted his
black blazer. He was comfortable, and as it was his office he would make himself as comfortable as possible. He run his hand through his hair as the solider sat down opposite the desk, opposite the CEO.

The Sith Knight kicked his feet up on the table and studied the Mandalorian in front of him. He was a Gamorean, dressed in Beskar and clearly with relations to some well known Mandalorian leaders of old, from before The Sith Empire invasion times.

"I notice you've failed to show the proper respect, but that's understandable considering your primitive nature. For your information, pig, you shall refer to me as My Lord, or Darth Diabolus if you'd like to be slightly more informal than that"

He glared at the pig as he let one rip.

"You shall conduct yourself more formally when in my office, or our relationship will very much come to an end. I hope I've made myself extremely clear, any more slip ups in your manner and I'll ensure you fail to return to your Mandalorian brothers"

He flicked his eyes back up to the solider.

"I shall forgive you but once, because we have business to attend. Your target has been declared Dar'Manda, and I have a very significant interest in finding her, for the rewards are something that greatly interest me. I've called for you because I believe you may well be of use"

He kept his eyes on the creature, no emotion on his face at all.

"I have wealth, ships and a knack for fighting those among us who have an art for the use of the Force. I believe you have an art for finding people, and if I can finance this in any way I absolutely will. We need to find our victim before I can have my fun with her"

He kept his eyes on the man.

"Now, I understand you may have issues trusting me, due to my allegiance to the darkness. I can however assure you that I have no love for the man and the Empire which invaded and conquered your home. I have no love for The Sith Empire either, my friend"

Torrack Torrackstur Torrack Torrackstur
The soldier grinned as he took his bucye off to reveal his pig face, the brown eyed being would look at the Sith Lord. Much of this verbal sparring was pointless, if both of them were to get what they wanted. Mandalorians don't bow, even when scattered, the Rally Master would remind the powerful figure this.

"You may be some fancy lord, but squeak squeak I don't kneel , never have, never will. Worrying about our fething egos wont get anything done, I strongly suggest you refrain from threats. One of my great friends is Gaia Sunaris Cadera Gaia Sunaris Cadera , the foster daughter of the deceased Mand'alor, a famed battle medic amongst the mandalorians.Squeak Squeak She knows of my visit, and can use the force to heal and to hide from the naked eye. You make an enemy of me squeak squeak and you will have not just my Clan to deal with. You will have to deal with a dangerous and famed Mandalorian trained by our famous and deceased leader. Now, squeak squeak. since we are finished with our sodding pissing contest lets take a look at the official bounty. From there we can coordinate possible locations where our enemy is likely hiding, since the bounty shows the last seen location."

While dangerous in his own right, the green skinned being realized that he would likely die in this setting fighting against the Sith Lord. What made Torrack Dangerous was when he fought on his terms in his setting. Both of which he lacked at the moment, realistically against a force user of this caliber, without his gear and weaponry he did not have the edge here. To make matters worse, for all he knew this could be a trap. This gave him reason to have an insurance plan, and that being Gaia Sunaris Cadera Gaia Sunaris Cadera , a women who most certainly had good relations with many of the Mandalorian clans and could assemble a team herself to avenge the armor clad soldier sitting here.

However, a Sith with this power had to have some reason attached to that head to make sense with what the crusader was saying. There would be plenty of time to have beef later, but if the both of them were to succeed they would need to work together as he suggested in his last phrase when talking to the rally master about trust. The defiant warrior would pause before speaking further, his words at the matters at hand.

"If we review squeak squeak , the last location we can make a basic searching grid. Partner."

While it was not a "my lord" , the term "partner' was as close as possible and a term of respect.

Lucas Harvey-White

Lucas Harvey-White

He almost smiled.

The Mandalorian seemed to think he held the power. Lucas found that adorable, in reality the man didn't hold any amount of power when in Eternal Empire space, especially not when in his building. He wanted to go a few rounds with the man to teach him a lesson about respect, but knew he couldn't.

He annoyingly needed the Mandalorian alive.

"We can follow her across the galaxy, but it will achieve nothing if she gets away"

He looked towards the creature. They could put all the effort into finding her, but it would mean nothing if she got away. In all honesty, finding her was the easy bit. Containing her sounded like it would be the more difficult task. It sounded like the fun part.

"So yes, we can use your fancy tactics to make a basic searching grid, I can dispatch people to search the grid for her, she will be found. However, this begs the question, my dear friend. When we find her, and we will, how do we go about keeping her?"

Torrack Torrackstur Torrack Torrackstur
The way the warrior saw this there were three strategies with how to go about this, three solutions. Each having a drawback and an advantage, something the horned boar would express to his counterpart. Before he could explain this , he would likely explain some knowledge that could come useful to him.

"She may be darmada, but she still cares for her darmada clan that joined her. Squeak Squeak. That creates a weakness we can and should exploit, Squeak Squeak she wont flee if the children of her clan are in danger. We can go about exploiting this in three ways, all of them have sodding drawbacks squeak squeak."

Pausing before going into further depths the brown eyed being would continue, while it felt wrong in a way. The clan was just as guilty for following her traitorous actions. A thought that would likely help the being with the guilt of what he was about to do, but it was for the greater good at this point.

"The first one and the longest option that will take patience follow through with, is we find out where her clan is hiding. Once we find their base of operation, we kidnap the children and use them as bait. Squeak Squeak This will bring her right to us, and would give us the opportunity of planning a way to separate her from her clan's forces. Squeak Squeak Kidnaping the children itself would give us a chance to wither down her clan's numbers in the engagement to a size that makes the rescue attempt hopeless. Option two, squeak squeak we send a message throughout space that there would be a reward for hunting her clan. Sending an address on where to collect close to her location, she may not take the bait squeak squeak . But if she does, we can set up an attack on our terms, while she is alone you and me could capture her handedly. The last option would be to ambush her while in space , we would have the element of surprise and we could bring the necessary tools to contain her. This is the worst option because it is easiest for her to escape and brings a higher chance that she will die. Squeak Squeak "

Much to the dismay of the Mandalorian, he did not have the resources to do this alone. It would end up being whatever his counterpart would choose.

Lucas Harvey-White

He kicked his feet up on the desk.

He was lucky he didn't have a moral code, and didn't have an issue with kidnapping and hurting children. Honestly, the children were just in his way, and if he could use them as tools to achieve his target then he would. Anything he could do to catch her would be a positive move.

"While I may not understand your Mandalorian customs, surely if her clan continue to follow her lead then they are just as guilty as her, am I correct in making such an assumption?"

He looked at the creature sat opposite him. If he was correct, there would be no issue with involving the clan in the plan. He hoped he was correct, if she cared about her clan as much as the pig claimed she did it was the biggest exploitable weakness they had.

"We can get her through her clan, that's the best way of doing this with minimal fuss. If she cares about her clan as much as you claim she does, slaughtering a few children should spike her interest enough to come to us. I am more than happy to subdue with the force while you get the drop on the cretin"

Torrack Torrackstur Torrack Torrackstur
It seems the time of the two were wasted talking about the bounty, a notification would let off as the bounty for this darmada was cancelled. Irritation rose throughout the being after learning the his A'lor had cancelled the bounty. A team had rallied and were prepared to take out the enemy A'lor in this clan feud, that the boar himself would admittedly be new to. That being said the two of them could certainly hunt another target, one that could be of more interest to the Sith Lord and Ceo. If not, the Mandalorian would need to make a quick exit, it was rather obvious the sith only wanted to work with the armor clad being due to what their partnership could accomplish. It is rather doubtful that the sith would not attempt to kill him after the defiance from earlier.

"By the tail of a slug hutt , squeak squeak the damn bounty was cancelled!"

The pigheaded being would pause in frustration, before continuing to speak to his host that now had no reason to have this meeting anymore. Thinking on his feet he would begin speaking to the taller human. His words would have to be careful, as his welcome was close to being spent. While a fight would certainly be fought if needed, there was no need to look for one at a disadvantage.

"Lets capture some other unlucky little feth , squeak squeak..Who tho? squeak squeak "

Lucas Harvey-White