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The Atsushi

Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order
This is the ship I had planned to submit to the factory before it was closed, I felt I should post it here in the meantime. Perhaps get some feedback.


Intent: To provide a prototype for the Kahoshi-class ship, and to act as the Emperor's flagship
Development Thread: First field test Discussing the problems encountered
Manufacturer: Imperial Shipworks
Model: Prototype Kahoshi-Class
Affiliation: Atrisian Empire
Modularity: None
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel
Description: The Atsushi is the prototype of the Kahoshi-class battlecruiser, originally tested in the field at the battle for Csilla. The original test went poorly when design flaws came to light, and the ship was brought back to dry dock to redesign. While the flawed eletrical system was being redone, the ship itself was also modified.

Originally the front of the ship had mounts for heavy axial laser canons like the Gyon, but success in production of the Ship Hypervelocity guns on other Imperial ships changed the plans. Increasing the size of the standard SHV-9s intended for the Isard-II, the HSHV-14 was developed as a fixed position weapon.

The HSHVs work by drawing power from the partial shields while firing. As these shields need to be lowered to fire anyway, this saves energy cost over all. However there is a small delay (approximately 12-seconds) between the weapon stopping and the shields coming back up. During this time the weapons are vulnerable to a well aimed attack, but guarded but the ships extending hull on all sides except forward. The rest of the ship remains unguarded against any physical attacks, except that can be defended by its point defense and flak. The flak guns are designed solely for operation during the firing windows.

They fire 80 slugs per minute, but are limited to ten second bursts every ten seconds. Because these are fixed mount, unlike the turreted version used with the smaller SHVs, these weapons are much harder to aim. The entire ship must be rotated in the direction they are being fired, and even a small miscalculation has a significant impact in long range. Targeting a ship below 1700 meters in length is extremely difficult. However when these weapons do hit, they are devastating. The slugs pass through ray shields and overload any particle shielding in short order. Once past the shielding, the slugs wreck havoc on the hull and internal compartments of the targeted ship.

The Atsushi has six shield generator domes running along its center portion, as well as two gravity well generators just in front of the engines. The ship is designed to capture smaller ships before they escape, and can work in conjunction with Jun-class carriers to lock down an entire area of space. Most useful this allows entire fleets to arrive in perfect formation by using tactics that Thrawn originally pioneered.

Designed to be a generally balanced front line battlecruiser, the Atsushi still shows some signs of Atrisian Empire Naval precedence in that it lowered the number of weapons it could support (approximately 100 turbolasers) in exchange for increasing the hanger size by three squadrons. The full production version would revert back to modern conventions.

Classification: Star Battlecruiser
Role: Flagship
Height: 450 meters
Width: 750 meters
Length: 2000 meters
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Solar Ionization Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: 1 (Backup 10)
Minimum Crew: 8,600
Optimal Crew: 41,580

(4) Heavy Ship Hypervelocity Guns (HSHV-14s fixed in forward fire position equal to 50 turbolasers)
(10) Heavy turbolaser batteries
(30) Turbolaser batteries
(10) Ion canon batteries
(40) Heavy turbolasers
(20) Heavy ion canons
(120) Turbolasers
(70) Ion canons
(50 Quad laser canons
(30) Point-defense lasers
(20) Flak guns
(30) Tractor beams


(10) Fighter/bomber squadrons
(6) Lambda or equivalent shuttles
(10) Gorgon-class bombers
(16) Stormtrooper transports
(4) Assault shuttles
(20) AT-SA's with Barges
(60) Harbringer Tanks with Barges
(1) Prefabricated base
Assorted repair and recovery vessels

Non-Combative Attachments:

Gravity well generators (2)
Shield/sensor domes (6)
Command and Control Suite
Advanced C4I Facilities
DER [Dedicated Energy Receptor]
HSI [Hyperwave Signal Interceptor]
Ranger Transceiver
Audience Chamber
Escape Pods
Other standard capital ship attachments

Passenger Capacity: 1 Stormtrooper Legion (Emperor's Own), 750 other
[SIZE=11pt]Cargo Capacity:[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt] 43,125 metric tons
Consumables: 5 years
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: 8[/SIZE]
Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command
Currently the Atsushi has 468 guns and 12 squadrons of fighters.

For a balanced command ship, the limits are 700 guns and 84 (or 7 squadrons) of fighters (plus some gunships and poodoo). It is possible that the FJ's might be willing, in lieu of the unique status, to allow you to trade some guns for carrier capability, if that's your intention.

Either way the ship is in desperate need of some more firepower. Whether or not you want to keep the more interesting mounts or not is up to you. I've become something of a pragmatist and everything is just turbolasers or heavy turbo's to me (I'm close to not even bothering with batteries anymore). You seem to be fond of Ion Cannons, so perhaps a 70/30 split? That would come out to 500 Turbolasers and 200 Ion Cannons.

As far as trading goes, I would try and cut it down to 600 guns and 10 squadrons of fighters. So the hanger loudout might look like this:

(10) Strikecraft Squadrons
(16) Gunships [possibly our heaviest bombers?]
(16) Stormtrooper Dropships
(20) AT-SA's with Barges
(60) Harbringer Tanks with Barges
(1) Prefabricated Base
Standard loudout of personal shuttles and inter-fleet transport craft.

The last bit comes off as entirely inoffensive but gives you roughly the same capability as having all those separate shuttles. Or more offensive ones can be subbed in in place of gunships (of which we have no appropriate design). In this situation I'd probably go for 400 Turbolasers and 200 Ion Cannons. I could also see some SHVs being mounted on this ship in particular, if you wanted to bother with them. Possibly a cluster of 5 or so in that maw-like opening, and make them count for less guns than on the Isard-II because they're fixed. Just a thought.

Again, because it's unique, you can get away with a bit more. I wouldn't be afraid to make it a mean bastard of a ship, though of course it would be reasonable.