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Approved NPC The Ascendancy Infantry Corp.

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тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
​​The Ascendancy Infantry Corps
​"No Retreat...No Surrender!"


Intent: To create a standing army for The Sith Ascendancy

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Links: The Ascendancy Academy


Unit Name: The Ascendancy Infantry Corps.

Affiliation: The Sith Ascendancy

Classification: Infantry


TSA Trooper Armour
TSA SAR-41 Multi-Purpose Assault Rifle
TSA SAB-032 Multi-Purpose Sidearm
Vinculum-series Communication Rings


Availability: Common

Deployment: Mass

Strengths & Weaknesses:

+Strongly Trained: Due to their course training in the Ascendancy Academy, the army is highly trained and prepared for war/combat and defense.

+Strongly Connected (Officers): The Officers wear the Vinculum Series Communication Rings, allowing them to stay better connected to the Generals/Commanders of the army who also wear the rings. This in turns allows the Officers to give more accurate orders to the troops under their command.

-Follows Chain of Command to religiously (not opt to think for themselves): They are not bred to think for themselves, having to rely on orders given to them by their superiors.

-No Retreat / No Surrender: They will continue to fight until their objective is complete, regardless if the situation is not in their favor. They will not retreat on their own, unless given orders to do so; and they will fight to the death rather than surrender to the enemy.


The infantry corps, which first saw action during the[SIZE=9pt] Assault on Bastion [/SIZE], were just the beginning of what they would become. During this assault, they were poorly trained and poorly equipped using whatever tech such as blasters and armor the TSA could muster up for them; and most of the infantry was composed of slaves and those pressed into service unwillingly. Soon after the assault was completed, the Circle of Lords now understood a need for a better trained and equipped infantry corp.

[SIZE=9pt]​[/SIZE]With the successful construction of the Ascendancy Academy, the infantry underwent a radical reformation. While the Circle of Lords were conducting business to obtain better equipment, others where busy setting up the groundwork for the proper training of their soldiers.

These recruits, unlike the previous soldiers in the swelled ranks, were volunteers from the governed worlds of the Sith Ascendancy. Within the Ascendancy Academy, a rigorous training program had been laid out for all the incoming recruits. Upon acceptance into the academy, they were not elevated to the rank of cadet.

Here at the academy, each cadet was instructed, through courses, in hand-to-hand combat, energy based weapons, tactics, melee weapons, and combat medicine. Each cadet also underwent daily combat scenarios in the holonet simulator room. Each course lasted it's own individual week long time-frame, with each cadet passing the course; those that failed where forced to retake the course over again until they passed it.

[SIZE=9pt]​[/SIZE]The Corp. are the backbone of the Sith Ascendancy's ground forces, called to duty to defend the citizens of the Sith Ascendancy, to defend the assets of the Sith Ascendancy, and naturally in times of war to serve the Sith Ascendancy faithfully. The Corp. these days have been properly outfitted with better weapons and armor, and for the Officers that command and work alongside the women and men of the infantry wear specialized rings to stay better connected to their superiors.
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