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Approved Tech The Albatross

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  • Intent: Create a handicap for Kezeroth and a melee weapon of sorts
  • Image Source: I guess
  • Canon Link: Its a piece of rebar..
  • Permissions: N/a
  • Primary Source: Force sever, Durasteel,

  • Manufacturer: Kezeroth the Hateful
  • Affiliation: Kezeroth the Hateful
  • Model: Its a piece of rebar...
  • Modularity: No, its a piece of rebar...
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Force imbued Durasteel
  • Classification: Baton
  • Size: Very Small, about the size of a dirk.
  • Weight: Light, its rebar...
  • Indestructible by normal means. When something is saturated with the force its pretty durable
  • Is neither lightside or darkside aligned. Rather it lines up with a neutral aspect of the Cosmic force and carries no force signature due to its other enhancement.
  • Passively imbued with the ability to Sever one from the force as long as its held or in very close proximity. Making very very hard for someone to use the force or even be sensed by it entirely. The piece of metal cannot be touched by the force as its passive imbuement surrounds the item in a half a foot area in all directions naturally but spreads to whoever holds it. This item does not care if you are a master of Telekinesis or if you are summoning a force barrier for protection. BIM! KOW! GANK!
  • Great bludgeon tool
  • Its not gonna give out on ya
  • Cannot be effected by the force as it severs its very connection
  • Someone holding or carrying this item will be invisible or hidden from those attempting to sense in the force.
  • Will not function under the effects of voidstone or those karking golden lizards(Ysalamiri)
  • Can be destroyed if the imbuement is cancelled out or not in effect
  • Those in direct contact or touching the rebar cannot use the force either thought. Simple.

" After 2515 years of living. One might come to notice how much someone can really abuse or rely on the force. The force like many things is energy and a tool. yet so many of use it it as if we are gods ourselves. The force makes us weaker. We do not grow, we do not experience true hardship because we who are gifted have an escape. An escape from the pain, from the situation of feeling not in control. There is no need to fear when the universe could potentially bend to your will. But what about when that is taken away. What will you be worth then? What will I be worth?" ~Kezeroth the Hateful in reference to the state of force users over the millennia.

A weapon/tool the Gen'dai made to limit his own usage and very connection to the force. Forcing himself to endure a different perspective of life he has never undertaken before. The item was created on a wim after the events of Atrisias infection. Once the item was made the Gen'dai plunged the metal rebar rod into his chest. Securing its effects within him till he deems otherwise. On the bright side the rebar piece now being practically unbreakable could make a great melee weapon or throwing spike. Only problem is its been inside Kezeroths Blackwing infected body...
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