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The aide-de-camp



"Your appointment is here."

Amelia nodded quietly to have them be shown into the room. Setting a few things aside on her desk, she kept her attention upon the male that stepped in first, her focus then shifting towards his own escort as a small smirk crossed her lips. Leaning back in her seat, she motioned with her hand to offer the two seats before the large desk to the two.

"Please sit."

She said simply before pulling herself from her seat. Looking towards the window, she kept her attention on the city for a moment. She was simply judging, watching their actions in the reflection upon the glass while also taking that time to calculate the time. A soft smile crossed her lips before she turned back to her guests.

"We've a few hours before dawn and I would very much prefer that our meeting be concluded before then. In the mean time, may I offer you a drink?"

The woman asked, motioning towards the shelf not to far from where she stood. Of course for the moment that very shelf was recessed within the wall. Stepping towards it, she pressed the bottom edge, causing it to slowly slip out from where it had remained hidden.


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