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Thalia Paric/Red

Thalia Paric

Red, Yun-Harla Reincarnate
NAME: Thalia Paric
Alternate Personality: Red

RANK: Bounty Hunter

SPECIES: Human, Cyborg

AGE: Twenty-four

SEX: Female

HEIGHT: Six Feet, Three Inches

WEIGHT: One-hundred Eighty-nine Pounds

EYES: Ocean blue

HAIR: Dirty blonde, short
SKIN: Fair, slightly tanned




-Trained in most types of blaster based combat
-Expert marksmen with long range blasters
-Expert poison and trap maker
-Cocky, reluctant to accept help from others
-Hot headed, easily angered
-Has a split personality, has a second personality, named Red, that believes she is an Yuuzhan Vong

Thin, very small in stature. She wears crimson suit, beneath it is black armor.

Thalia Paric was born in the Outer Rim, on Tatooine, to a family that was poor. While her family history is obscure, what is known is that her father, Morkian, owed the Hutts on Tatooine a great debt and failed to deliver to them. This failure resulted in their deaths and Thalia was sold as a slave to other buyers in the galaxy. When she was fifteen, while enslaved on the planet Illum, she discovered old records of the Horde, a group of Yuuzhan Vong that had been long disbanded.

It was here that, due to the psychological and physical abuse from her masters, her alternate personality was born. Red, as she proclaimed herself, believed she was a Yuuzhan Vong Goddess that was reincarnated inside the body of this human. It was then that Red began to manipulate Thalia into worshiping the Vong's religion, the True Way, and began plotting on returning the Vong to a major power within the galaxy.
To start, when Thalia turned eighteen, Red had her join the Galactic Alliance so she could be trained in their military. Sure enough, Thalia was trained and, by the time she was twenty-two, was an experienced fighter and skilled in blaster combat. Thalia then left and began to experiment with poison and trap making, learning from various merchants, bounty hunters, and smugglers in the Outer Rim.
When she was twenty-three, Thalia began operating as a freelance bounty hunter, taking on small jobs to earn credits. Little known to everyone, Red was secretly plotting to find other Vong, who were spread and thin numbered in the galaxy, in the hopes of rebuilding the empire they lost so long ago...

Thalia Paric

Red, Yun-Harla Reincarnate
Thank you :)

I've always wanted to RP a character with a spit personality, so we'll see exactly how well I can actually write it. Plus I love the Vong so I thought I'd have her do that haha.

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