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Approved Species Tera Vampir

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Name: Tera Vampir

Designation: Sentient/Semi-Sentient
Homeworld: Tera Lush
Language: Basic, Telepathy
Average height of adults: 1.5 m
Skin color: Caucasian, Tan, Darker Brown
Hair color: Varying shades of blonde, Cyan, White
Breathes: Oxygen

-Force Drain: After millennium of evolution and change, the main asset of the Energy Vampire is retained in it's sub-species. Despite the ability being a species-wide talent, 98% of them require physical touch to be successful. Energy drain is still the primary means of sustenance for the species.
-Telepathy: During one of their many virus/disease battling era's it became a necessity for long distance communications in an instant. Through a thousand year evolution, they developed the ability to communicate to another's mind with their own thoughts. Though it is a strength, it is also a weakness for their form of telepathy goes both ways, for while reading another they can be read every bit as much. (Ie. No mental shielding)
-Speed: Though the once superior strength was renowned for the Energy Vampire, the power has greatly diminished. However with the loss of great strength came the intense speed that is common amongst the Vampir. While around their own kind they tend to slow down to what would be considered a normal speed, but when near others they commonly move far faster - whether in case of chasing prey, or a simple stroll.
-Reflexes: As well as Force Drain came the enhanced reflexes of the once great Energy Vampire, though slightly lessened. Against the average human, their reflexes are almost twice as fast and accurate.

-Hunger: Though the Vampir tend to be great combatants, their hunger is even more severe then their ancestors. When in battle the need to refuel ones reserves far exceed even those precedence, to the point that a warrior could drop dead in the middle of combat without even being wounded.
-Eyes: Though the species retains the near human semblance necessary to survive without ridicule, their eyes always give them away. Off colored rustic gold is the usual hue, however the older the case, the more likely the person has learned to alter it.
-Feral: For every one in 16 born a healthy Vampir, the rest are born with chemical imbalances or deformities that cause them severe pain. The usual end result is a blood thirsty semi sentient being that in near every case will kill before attempting communications.
-Coagulation Issues: If injured to a certain extent (ie a deep abdominal wound) the necessity to heal will become main priority, for the blood of the Vampir is insufficient to save them. With nothing to stop the flow from such a wound, the being will die.
-Boredom: How is this an issue? Live a hundred years like a human lives a decade. To the Vampir, having something to occupy their time is absolutely necessary after a certain point. But even from a young age the urge to get out and do things is severely prominent. This trait has caused multiple downfalls amongst the kingdoms spanning the centuries. To be so bored one thinks the idea of war as appealing, or killing someone joyful, all the way to painting addictively.
-Weak Skin: Despite retaining durable bones, accompanying the loss of enhanced strength comes the loss of most of their durability. To the extent that dismemberment has become common.
-Telepathy: Though it is also a strength, the ability to read another's mind is also their own weakness. For now mental shielding has never been developed, leaving them prone to mental attacks. After a long enough life and severe training, this can be countered.

Distinctions: Yellow eyes as well the removal of the serrated claw ability among other things
Average Lifespan: 3,000+ (the longest lived claims he was around during Darth Banes reign, but this hasn't been verified)
Races: Tera, Feral (Deformed)
Diet: Energy
Communication: Basic, Telepathy

Tera - Tera Vampir They are some what nomadic, in the sense that as a Clan wide united decision, they up their homes and move for months on end to find their new destination. Each Clan can hold any where from 6-20 Families; which can even further be broken down to the ruling classes - The Father, the Mother, Brothers and Sisters, and then the Children.

Fathers tend to be the workers, hunters and smiths. This ranged anywhere from construction and maintenance to generals in the armies/navies. Despite the population leaning slightly more towards the male populace, the least amount of class holders could claim this as their own. For every 5 non, there was but one father.

Mothers are usually the farmers and cleaners. Meaning they tended the flocks, herded cattle as well as cleaned and maintained the home. Following with the cliche as well, Mothers tend to be nannies and maids every bit as much as actual home bound parents.

Brothers are like the police for the Clan, while Sisters play Judge and Jury - mostly, for these are not the only task more liked simple descriptions of greater duties. Both are the general populace holders, for both respective genders. To be a Brother is to be the Police, warrior, builder, heavy lifter, and basically any other sexist male job you can think. While the Sisters are the same for their own representative gender. Policing simply happens to be expected of Brothers, and the same for Sisters and helping Judge matters on the day to day matter and keep hostilities to a minimum.

Lastly to be named lay the Children. Despite the name, this has nothing to do with age. A Child could be any class, or skill set, the name being derived from the infantile way they act, however the Children are always backed by the Parents decisions. They tend to be runners for messages, farm hands, etc. As they do they're work, they are rewarded with the possibility of elevation per rank.

The Clan Master must be a Father, no other is allowed the position. He usually is gifted with the best abilities on most cases, while absolutely honed prowess in battle, seconded by the Battlemaster. CM are the ones that decide if their Clan is to remain alone, or if they will allow other species amongst their midst.

Technology level: Earth-Equivalent (Barely breaching space age tech, with the exception of slight uses of early Blaster style tech)

General behavior:
Tera - Tera Vampir behavior ranges, in every bit the same as humans. Some are artists, some musicians. However, despite the behavior being similar, the main differentiation is the familial rule set. Certain classes can only wed similar classes, one must protect their Family no matter what, and to betray the Family is an utter abomination.

Feral - Feral Vampir behavior is near that of a rabies infested wolf, with slightly happier moments. Attack on sight, kill everything around until the hunger is sated. Then relax and play with weaker animals until hungry again.

1,000,000 years ago - The planet itself originally came to be populated by Energy Vampires first, it's not known when nor why for that is lost in time. They lived well for many centuries, creating giant cities and towns that would survive for millennium. The first Lushien government was a Monarchy that began with Tersi Nach as Empress of the planet. She rules singularly for near 3,000 years before every choosing to take a life mate. When she did however, it was to Loku Nach, the greatest warrior to ever live (at that time).

809,480 years ago - The beautiful and rich planet lived happily for a long time. Until a sect of hidden rebels revealed themselves, announcing the rebuking of the Empress and everything she loved. This began the first world war. The battle raged for nearly 20 years, devastating many lands and peoples. In the end the Nach's gave in, giving up their position and power.

800,000 years ago - Records from the death of the Nach's to the point of the next kingdom is a mystery. But the kingdom began initially at the start of a Council of 8 - Kishna Verosi, Nexiossa Verosi, Lindli Norieg, Kimall Toiin, Roger Kidman, Zane Leorse, and Nexus Duotri - and they all head domain over the 8 devided regions. To the North was prosperous nations full of minerals and foods, the south bearing huge lakes aplenty, East and West polar opposites for both Frozen Tundras and deserts. Under this kingdom, Sorios and Haradesh became nearly triple the size as it originally was.

However despite the planet growing ever more healthy and prosperous, the people's began to change genetically. Beaten repeatedly by Natural selection, as well as numerous sicknesses, the Vampires had begun to even acknowledge the utter change in the people. Many had lost inherent abilities, the rest having never even been born with them.

799,307 years ago - Kidman and Toiin plotted the demise of their western brethren. It would take no more then a few weeks to dominate Haradesh, the strength of the North unmatched by any. With near half the world under their rule, as well as the Council now of 6, Kidman and Toiin became the representative rulers despite the image of a ruling group.

634,903 years ago - Toiin stuck Kidman in his neck with a sword as he slept, as well holding the Council hostage till they all pray their own fealty to him. It was as well around this time that with the domestication of the Energy Vampire and less powerful prey, they began to lose the ability to elongate their nails, but retain the viciously sharp edge, as well as began to truly lose their muscle mass.

430,003 years ago - On the anniversary of Kidman's assassination Toiin fell prey to the rest of the Council whom had silently let him control the entire planet through them. Though he reigned and governed well and respectfully to the populace, he was a cruel person and didn't mind wounding a man for pleasure inside. It was about this time the people of the Vampires began to be known as the Tera Vampir.

430,002 years ago - The Council of 4 came forth with the truth and split the lands up evenly to govern. This year as well the Petrissiona Virus struck, causing severe deformation of the genetic structures of many Families unbeknownst to them.

429,000 years ago - Of every birth, only 73% that year were fully functional and health.

200,000 years ago - Healthy births has lowered to below 40% by this time. The first Feral City was made to house those that couldn't be seen. It was also this year that the most dangerous war to span since the first world war was initiated. It left the population at less that 30% of what it had been, and that number included all. Feral or not. The first Clans began, nomadically moving between the Old World Cities. At this time the clans also changed from a written history, to their own form verbal keeping. It is not as accurate, but it is necessary to continue knowing their history.

160,932 years ago - Thanks to Neroness Duma, an ancient that took the mantle of keeping the Clan Histories, we know that during a 40,000 year duration there was happiness. No real wars occured prior, but after this time a massive plague struck that would last for thousands of years to come.

90,921 years ago - Finally after many generations, and a whopping 69% decline in population, they conquered the Tisliss Val Virus. It was for a hundred years following that the birth rate rose by 90%, doing they're utmost to return Tera Vampir to their splendor.

12,772 years ago - After such a vast time, again thanks to the ancients, we know that the Vampir suffered greatly. Yes there were prosperous times, durations when healthy birth rates rose, when energy was bountiful. But we also know that there were many wars, 23 in fact. One lasted nearly a hundred years, decimating entire coast lines, obliterating whole cities. During this time they began to dabble in energy weapons, as well as nuclear technology came into play. Radiation from wars was also bred into evolution as well, despite the believed outcomes.

It is during this time that Telepathy became a relative strength for the species. Roughly 23% would go onto master the ability to the greatest extent that would be reached, while 40% total had access to it in anyway (sending thoughts, images, scents etc.).

5,000 years ago - Real exporting began during this time, for as a planetwide decision they chose to open to the galaxy. Business was booming, people splurged and grew happy beyond any time in recognition. More immigrants arrived during this time then ever, as well as even more left the planet. For a long time to come no wars occured, a general peace having been obtained.

428 years ago - The Gulag Virus struck. In an overnight event nearly half of the planets population was infected. During this time many more feral cities were created, as well as Infection Camps, to house the sick. Though ruthless and cruel, they were able to help slow down total numbers. But it didn't stop. Population dwindled down to less then 40%.

190 years ago - Through killing, and incarceration of the infected they managed to help the eventual immunity occur. Almost every ancient of the planet has died by this time, leaving just 4.

23 years ago - Finally numbers have begun to return to a fraction of the ancient grandeur that was Tera Lush. The people's are once again living well, exports have returned as well as EDVS and general immigration.

Notable Player-Characters: @Northstar
Intent: To allow the use of an altered form of Vampire that is capable of being defeated easier. (Ie. Removing small annoying details (Anzati have proboscis, Energy Vamps have serrated claws etc) pertaining to SW vampirism)
Belle of the Brawl
Sorry for the wait. New species judge was getting settled in. I'll handle this one.

I'd like to open by saying that we already have two vampire species in SW canon, and I am not comfortable introducing yet a-friggin'-nother one. Your character has been working with being one of those species so far, and I see no reason to change what works. That said, despite my misgivings, every submission must be judged equally, with the same guidelines. Thus, this is gonna be a pretty long review.

Northstar said:
Force Drain: After millennium of evolution and change, the main asset of the Energy Vampire is retained in it's sub-species. Despite the ability being a species-wide talent, 85% of them require physical touch to be successful. Energy drain is still the primary means of sustenance for the species.
Okay, so I'm remarkably okay with this. Miraluka naturally developed Force Sight. However, species traits tend to be quite uniform. I'm going to request that the percentage of the species that requires physical contact be increased to at least 95%, and I would prefer higher.

Northstar said:
Communication: Basic, Telepathy
Why? Telepathy is not mentioned in the species strengths. I'd ask that this either be added to the S/W block or removed entirely.

The culture is remarkably sexist. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but since I'm not going to be playing one of these things, it's none of my concern. It functions, in its limited way.

Now for the big one. Your history is...dichotomous. It's very detailed in that it covers hundreds of thousands of years, but it also simply cuts off. No culture knows NOTHING about their lives for that long. From the creation of the "Clans," each would probably keep its own history. The need to remember is one of the primary facets of being sentient. I'm going to require some sort of history - be it remembered from the individual Clans or whatever else - that will actually be of use in a galaxy which is normally measured on a 5000-year scale. I'd greatly prefer you to include up to the Gulag Plague.


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Alright I'll get the edits for Telepathy and Force Drain right now, but I don't really know what more to do for the history. I will add in some, but that was going to be one of the main things about the Clans, battling the environment as well as multiple diseases (gulag virus as well) and Ferality has made keeping a written history redundant...actually yeah no I'll add more history but I'll just make sure to add that it's all word of mouth.

Getting to it now.

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@[member="Fabula Cavataio"]
Changed the numbers for Drain to 98%, named Telepathy in both s/w as well as gave it mention in the history as well as a percentage that can have access to the top ranks and total percentage.

I added several more paragraphs to mention the Gulag Virus, wars that spread, the start up of nuclear tech as well as blaster tech etc.
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