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Tenloss Corporation (Canon Company)


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Corporation Name: Tenloss Corporation aka Tenloss Syndicate
Headquarters: Bajic Sector
Locations: Bajic Sector, The Wheel, Nar Shaddaa, Raxus Prime, Nal Hutta, Kessel, Centares, Belderone, Keskin, Sleheyron, Aduba-3, Astal Sector, Ord Thoden, Lucrenn, Kendamar, Reaper's World, Wodenstam, Lesu, Sperin, Danadine, Crystalsong, Roche Asteroid Field
Operations: Weapons, Armor, Ships
Rationale: Over decades, Popo slowly bought stock in the Tenloss Corporation. Using false fronts, puppet companies, and bribed officials, Popo slowly gained a majority sharehold in the Corporation and its assets. He did so over roughly five or six decades, a blink in the eye of a Hutt, to minimize scrutiny and prevent the Corporation from spotting the surprise and hostile takeover in the works. Recently, now holding almost eighty percent of Corporation stocks through minor businesses and false names, Popo transferred the ownership of those stocks to himself, again taking his time and using the utmost caution to prevent alerting Tenloss. The final process took roughly three years, but at the end Popo held the majority stock of the company under one name: His. Tenloss quickly found itself outdone and Popo soon found himself in the CEO's chair, figuratively speaking. Now, he uses the company to further his personal goals, under the cover of benefiting the Hutt Cartel as a whole.
Tier: 3

Description: The Tenloss Corporation, also known as the Tenloss Syndicate, is a weapon, armor, and ship manufacturing company based out of the Bajic sector, specifically the Vergesso Asteroid Field. The actual Tenloss Corporation was really only the administrative section of the company, the core of the business being made up of multiple, smaller subsidiary companies. These include Modirin Mining Concern, Bahalian Shipyards, Bengel Shipbuilders, Friij News Services, Galindas Exports, Kendamari Casinos, Lucin Syndicate, Lucross Collections, Malakin Enterprises, Natori Association, Ororo Transportation, and Relekin Confidential. The number of subsidized companies under Tenloss' control was what gave the company its real power and brought in a huge amount of revenue.

The Corporation's primary revenue was through weapon, armor, and ship development, construction, and sales. Tenloss sold to anyone and everyone, though purchasing from the company was always a risk. Most weapons constructed by Tenloss were deemed illegal in many systems and thus carried hefty fines or even jail time. Such illegal weapons included, but were not limited to, the DX-2 Disruptor Pistol and the DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle.

Tenloss also built ships, mostly from licensed designs and mostly for civilian purchase. Materials were often cheaper than the original models and thus less reliable, but for companies or individuals looking to cut costs, the products were more cost effective than the full priced originals. One example of the Tenloss' original ship design was the Hornet-class interceptor. It was designed to compete directly with the TIE/LN Starfighter and performed well enough for it's design. The ship was light, fast, and easily mass produced, though suffered from a weaker hull than other starfighters. The weapons were more powerful than standard and could also be turbocharged, though only at the risk of overheating. Originally used only by the Corporation, the interceptor found usage slowly throughout the black market as they were often sold in shady business deals or given as payment for questionable jobs.

Now, under Popo's rule, the Tenloss Corporation looks to expand and improve. Weapon smiths constantly seek new, innovative designs to build at the cheapest cost possible and then sell them at the highest profit manageable. Shipwrights design fresh ships to sell to the black market, at a premium of course, while armor manufacturers constantly look for the newest and toughest design to copy, manufacture, and sell at a discount to undermine the Corporation's competition.

A new day is dawning for Corporate Warfare.

And Popo's shadow casts over it all...

Company: Tenloss Corporation
Modification Made: Locations
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