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Templates and Usage of the Archives

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The Black Flame
This template is to track the progress of your force-user as he/she progresses through the ranks. When your character first begins his training as an Imperial Knight [assuming that he is starting as a Cadet] you will fill out section I of the template ONLY. If you have joined the Order of Imperial Knights at a rank higher than Knight, we ask that you complete training threads that are marked as “Required Imperial Knight Basics”.​
With each rank you gain in the Imperial Knights, you will have to fill out a new section of the template and attach it to your profile. Section I for Cadets, Section II for Knights etc.​
It is recommended that the training be completed in the order that it appears on the template. It is also highly recommended that each Imperial Knight take some time to read over force abilities on Wookipedia before continuing. Remember to use common sense when progressing your characters, and do not give overpowered abilities to a character with inadequate training. Doing so could result in a postponing of your characters promotion, among other things.​
Be sure to post links to the threads you have completed in the proper spots on the template. You are not required to create threads dedicated to just training in order to complete a required training, but in order for a thread to be eligible as a training thread there must be obvious progression towards the ability in the storyline of the thread. You may be asked to do a dedicated thread if a thread is not seen as sufficient. It is highly recommended that you create a dedicated thread to avoid wasted time.​

For more information on the Imperial Knights in General visit this link: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Imperial_Knight
(NOTICE: Self Trainings are absolutely acceptable and you can complete multiple of the following training threads in one large Self-training thread. I do ask, however, that for any STs that aim to complete multiple trainings in a single thread be three thousands words or more in length).​
Imperial Knight Tracking Template: Section I​

Basic Information



Link to Character Biography:

Dominions Invasions Participated in (1 minimum required for Cadets unless exceptions are made by the Faction Staff) : Post Links and names here

Thread Tracking

Basic Force User Training Threads (Required only for cadets):
(Minimum of 20 posts per training)

Creation of your lightsaber/telekinesis : (The first trial of all cadets is to create their lightsaber, which is seen as a mere tool of the Imperial Knights and not a ceremonial piece as it is in the Jedi. It is also worth noting that lightsabers in the Imperial Order are uniform and diversity in hilts is unheard of due to the militaristic nature of the Imperial Knights. This thread will also count as learning telekinesis powers, so be sure to make good mention of that. Link to information on the Imperial Knight Saber: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Imperial_Knight_lightsaber ) Completed: Y/N Link to thread:

Art of Movement : (For information on this visit this link: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Art_of_Movement) Completed: Y/N Link to thread:

Breath Control : (For more information visit this link: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Breath_control ) Completed: Y/N Link to thread:

Force Speed : (For more information visit this link: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Force_speed ) Completed: Y/N Link to thread:

Imperial Knight Basics (required for everyone)

Lightsaber Combat Training : (Each Cadet is required to learn one of two techniques practiced solely by the Imperial Knight. Praetoria Vanil http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Praetoria_Vonil or Praetoria Ishu http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Praetoria_Ishu . A cadet can learn both but each requires its own thread of 20 posts or more.) Form Learned: Link to thread:

Resist Temptation : (This training is a thread that shows your character has the ability to resist the darkside of the force and the mind tricks played by darksiders to sway individuals to their path. ) Completed: Y/N Link to thread:

Final Test of Loyalty : (This thread is to be the very last of the required training threads completed in Section I. This test of loyalty will be administered once a cadet has been chosen for promotion and not sooner. The test will consist of the Cadet being given orders by the Imperator to their master (or other important member of their life) under the pretense that they have “fallen to the darkside”. The cadet will then use a so called “ceremonial blade” to carry out the execution. The blade will end up being nothing more than a training blade, but by striking their target, they will have proven that they will obey the Imperator to the last word and worthy of joining the ranks of the Order.)
Completed: Y/N Link to thread:

Additional Training Threads Completed as a Cadet: (If you think a thread you have done counts as training towards bettering your force ability, post the links to them here).
The Black Flame
Imperial Knight Template: Section II​

Upon reaching the rank of Imperial Knight, this section should start to be filled out by you. Do NOT fill this out until reaching the rank of Knight.​
Knight Information
Chosen Path:

Specialist : (Choosing the path of the specialist means that your character will pick a certain set of force powers and learning all there is to know about that set, choosing god-like power in a specific set of skills in place of a large selection of powerful skills. If you choose this path, specify what you are specializing in.)

Jack-of-all-Trades : (Choosing the path of the Jack means that your character has decided to train in all aspects of the force. Choosing this path means that your character will know a wide range of skills from all aspects of the force, sacrificing god-like power in one tool for a wide range of powerful tools.)

Notable Force Powers : (This section is to make note of any force powers your character is known for or tends to use more than others).

Known Lightsaber Forms : (This is self-explanatory)

Titles Within the Order : (This is where you let others know what titles you hold in the order, if you have become a Praetorian and guard the Imperator etc. Place that here.)

Required Threads

Forge your armor : (After you have completed your training as a cadet, you are considered a full member of the Order and thus must have a set of the iconic armor of the Imperial Knights. Each member is required to do a 10 post thread about the process leading up to getting their armor. A character can either forge the armor themselves or receive it from an NPC forger. Please note that this armor is canon and does not require a factory submission. For specifications, please see this link: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Imperial_Knight_armor ) Completed: Y/N Link to thread:

Starfighter Piloting : (As a Knight, you are required to do a thread of at least 20 posts that showcases training and/or improvement in starfighter piloting) Completed: Y/N Link to thread:

Hand to Hand Combat : (As a Kinght, you are required to do a thread of at least 20 posts in which you train or improve in hand to hand combat). Completed: Y/N Link to thread:

Additional Trainings: (This is where you will post links to training threads and alike that advance your characters skill in his chosen path)
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