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Faith Organa

Queen of Alderaan
Location: Carida

It was impossible to invite Karlie Lynn Destat Karlie Lynn Destat to Alderaan, with her affiliation to the CIS her ship would be a target once it entered Alliance space. Instead she chose another place, Carida with its mountains and just breathable air.

With everything that was happening to the Senators of the Alliance Faith felt to speak to someone who had shown kindness to the people of Alderaan at a time when they needed it could shed some light on the situation. Was there something to know, or understand?

She hoped this meeting would provide some answers. If it did not then she could at least express her gratitude one more time to the Viceroy.

The room where she sat waiting alone felt comfortable, the chairs dated and aged but they were the kind you wanted to sit in for hours listening to old music sipping on a brand or ale. The light was natural filtered from the outside. Outside the door stood Alderaan Knights, and around the building Alderaani Militia and Navy. It was a bit of a show but necessary in case something happened and a quick getaway was needed.

Here she sat alone with her thoughts waiting.

Karlie Lynn Destat

Conspiracy Theorist and Investigator (IBI)
Carida System countdown commencing...

Karlie's AI ship computer announced, displaying the current ship's coordinates as it sped through hyperspace. Karlie had opted to take her own personal ship the LCX-L3 which punched through hyperspace at 0.3
She had been contacted by Queen Faith Organa Faith Organa of system Alderaan. Karlie knew Alderaan. Knew enough of the system to know that the CIS had failed it on several occasions. Her own effort to provide aid from Castagne came a little too late as the CIS had kept the sith invasion from public knowledge.
By the time news of the invasion reached Castagne, there was little her system could do but help with the clean up. In short, the only two representatives from the CIS that had come (and a bit too late) were Karlie and another Viceroy, Maud Dib.
Karlie had been greatly disappointed in the CIS' lack of empathy for Alderaan and of the FWC, which ultimately led to the collapse of the FWC faction itself.
And that had been Karlie's first experience with the CIS as it pertained to Alderaan...and there had been more which later followed.

in her heart, her center, she felt she owed the Queen the risk she were undertaking in meeting with her on Carida...

"...final countdown to emergence in 30-.......4...3..2..1...*
The Castan LCX-L3 emerged out of hyperspace and in system Carida.

Karlie had the coordinates the queen had given her under a secure channel and entered the planet's atmosphere.

Shortly after, she touched down at the given coordinates. There had been no capital ship from the Alliance or it's allies that had tried to intercept her as she made for the planet's surface. It were as the queen had promised....no capital ships. This meeting was to be private between Queen of Alderaan and Karlie...or rather the Viceroy of Castagne.
Only that Karlie had not passed on the request to her father. It were better her father the Viceroy of Castagne had no knowledge of her meeting with the queen of Alderaan The two factions each were under had already engaged in some altercations. There existed much conflict between the twp great factions.
Karlie were in a way committing treason in the eyes of the CIS. She were protecting her home world of Castagne from the CIS's wrath should they discover about this secret meeting with one of an Alliance's Senator.
Karlie had no official permission to from either Castagne, nor the CIS to meet with the queen of Alderaan.

She recognized the the uniforms of the Alderaanii knights and security which as she had expected would have to be present. It were something she knew the queen could not go anywhere without. It were protocol.
Passing through the guards, she were not stopped, nor searched. Karlie bore no weapons.
She were quickly welcomed inside and escorted by a young woman. Karlie recognized her from when she had first met the queen following the sith attack. She politely identified herself as Becca and welcomed Karlie to followed her to the queen.

"Yes..Becca..." Karlie rolled the young woman's name on her tongue again so as not to forget it next time.

"I do recall we've met once before... not under the best of circumstances.." Karlie looked over to the young woman to see if she remembered her. The girl's smile said she did.
"...but good to see that you are still well."

With little time for small talk, she came upon the queen.
"Queen Organa..." Karlie began, bowing her head to the queen in respect.
"It brings me joy to find your highness well." Yes, the queen did appear well...much better centered than when she had last met with her under the billowing clouds of smoke in the distance by which the sith had left most of Alderaan in.

Faith Organa Faith Organa