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Approved Starship Teferi-class Star Defender (Refit)

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Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler

Teferi-class Star Defender

NOTE: This renders the previous article obsolete. That ship no longer exists.

Prototype Stage:
Art by Synlidwirh (board member)
Final Vessel:
Art by Strangelet:

Intent: To create a mobile base of operations for the Jedi, similar to the Chu'unthor.

Development Thread: Dark Harvest - Final Countdown. The ship is a combination of the event prize length and of a major set of event components.

Manufacturer: KDY

Model: Teferi-class Star Defender

Affiliation: Galactic Republic/Jedi Order(Formerly) Confederacy of Independant Systems(Currently)

Modularity: Yes. Within each of the six major peripheral subdivisions of the city ship, modular bays can hold improved medical facilities, cargo storage, or other mission-specific capabilities.

Production: Unique

Material: Durasteel, Turadium (Command Centre and Shield Generators)

Classification: City Ship

Role: Mobile command and training facility

Height: 2200 meters

Width: 5200 meters

Length: 6000 meters

Power Core Generator/Reactor: Solar Ionization Reactor (6)

Hyperdrive Rating: 2

Minimum Crew: 3,000

Optimal Crew: 30,000


  • Quad Laser Battery (200)
  • Flak Battery (200)
  • Heavy Octuple Barbette Ion Cannon Battery (8: 1 dorsal, 1 ventral, 1 on each of the six major sections)


  • Eta-6A Delta-class Starfighter (72)
  • Kerrigan-class Bomber (24)
  • Skyspirit-class Courier (24)
  • Redstar-class Patrol Ship (24)
  • Cilghal-class Medical Ship (6)
  • Personal/incidental craft (up to 20 freighters/couriers/starfighters)

Non-Combative Attachments:

  • Ranger Transceiver
  • Triple-Redundant Shield Generators (recessed, turadium-plated)
  • Long-range Sensors
  • HoloNet Comm/Encryption Package
  • Paired Tractor/Pressor Beam (30)
  • Navicomputer
  • Hyperwave Inertial Momentum Sustainer
  • Crystal Gravfield Trap
  • Hydroponics Bay/Vertical Farming Complex (6)
  • Meditation Chambers
  • Training Rooms, Adjustable Configuration
  • Holographic Simulators
  • Flight Simulators
  • Lightsabre Laboratories
  • AgriCorps Facilities
  • Temple Library & Holocron Storage Facility.
  • Nullification Resin/Artifact Containment Vault
  • Social/Diplomatic Facilities
  • Armories/Weapons Ranges
  • Grav-Ball Arena
  • Gymnasia
  • Chocolate Fountain (Rumored)

Passenger Capacity: 100,000

Cargo Capacity: 450,000 metric tons

Consumables: 10 years

Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 9


The Teferi-class began life as a warship, deep in the Unknown Regions, its creators and purpose unknown. As is so often the case in the Unknown Regions, however, purposes and tales became twisted, and the vessel was passed on from salvager to warlord to syndicate for seven hundred years. Stripped out and redesigned a hundred times, it was nearly useless by the time the Republic recovered it in operations around the newly acquired Unknown Regions world of Ilum. The fundamental structure and materials involved, however, were still moderately intact, and at the personal request of Jedi Master Synlidwirh, the Republic financed a KDY-backed reclamation effort to turn the ancient warship into a mobile praxeum.

The end result was a successor to the Chu’unthor, boasting a hundred turbolaser cannons and a wing of Jedi starfighters (a far cry from what it would eventually carry). Dubbed the Spiro -- the original and untranslatable name of the ancient warship -- the vessel embarked on an extensive and arduous shakedown cruise to test its spaceworthiness and mission viability. It served as a base for the Jedi Shadows under Synlidwirh, and as a major training facility under Asha Seren. With Seren’s death, however, and after the conclusion of the shakedown cruise, the Republic took a hard look at the cost-prohibitive vessel.

Teams of KDY engineers closely monitored the vessel’s structural and technical performance during the shakedown cruise. They compiled extensive data and presented a list of recommendations to the Jedi Council -- and to the Republic. The Teferi project, it transpired, had more potential and a higher budget than the initial prognosis indicated, and with the success of the Spiro, a go-ahead was given for a comprehensive reworking of the vessel.

The vessel’s immense engines and reactors were removed, rearranged and augmented, along with other key components such as the hydroponics bays, structural supports and hangers. A full re-engineering of the Spiro took place as its mass quadrupled, rendering the vessel unrecognizable. The Teferi project received funding and sponsorship from humanitarian organizations and agencies, on top of the Jedi Order and Republic construction funding budgets. The resulting ship is the new incarnation of the Teferi-class.Dubbed the Shepherd, the new city-ship is fully capable of staging medical or diplomatic intervention across interstellar distances, transporting the entirety of the Jedi Order if necessary, and even evacuating small populations. It is emphatically not a warship -- “War does not make one great” is still emblazoned above the hangar doors, and apart from a heavy complement of ion cannons, the Shepherd boasts zero anti-capital weaponry.

It is, however, defensively impregnable. Redundant Mon Calamari-designed shields from Eshan Drive Yards protect the city ship from the combined firepower of entire fleets. They are comparable to a minor set of planetary shield generators. Large numbers of quad laser cannons and flak guns protect the Shepherd from any starfighter, bomber, gunship or warhead assault, and paired tractor/pressor beams defend the city ship against debris or major impacts, even in the event that the shields are breached. The navigation centre, hidden deep within the ship alongside the hyperdrive and HIMS, operates on a large control chair, virtually a throne. A microjump-capable navicomputer and redundant hyperdrive, along with the HIMS, prevent the Shepherd from being trapped in most circumstances -- and if the vessel needs to jump to hyperspace through a fighter cloud, its shields are more than capable of handling the workload.
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