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Approved Starship Tector-X-class Star Destroyer

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A Tector-X as seen from above


A Tector-X underside with its hangar doors closed

  • Manufacturer: Ringovinda StarYards
  • Model: Tector-X-class Star destroyer
  • Affiliation: Open Market
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: Durasteel hull, Quadanium frame
- Tensor field generator
- Inertial compensator
- Castameer tactical display
- CHX 5.0 acoustic theater
- 3 Vanderhing linear ion drives

- Ship-wide neural net
- 10 Sabrina waste heat recovery devices
- Cap drains
- Double redundancy deflector shields
- Electronic warfare suite (ECM and ECCM)
- Medical equipment (hundreds of bacta tanks, thousands of medical droids)
- 40 Jessica variable-geometry landing gears
- Watchtower collision avoidance system
- 5 Marcia repulsorlift generators
- Anti-Concussion field generator

  • Can land on planets: it can thus land a sizeable invasion force for ground assaults
  • Heavy long-range firepower
  • Ventral hangar door can be retracted
  • Slow, ponderous
  • Exposed command tower: unfortunately, the Tector-X shares that weakness with all of its predecessors and cousins such as the Imperator (I, II, IV and X) and the original Tector
  • If opened, the ventral hangar door provides an opening through which stray attack craft can bomb the ship
  • Exposed shield generators: a well-placed proton torpedo can destroy the shield generator domes above the command tower long before the shields fail
  • Command tower neck: a well-placed shot at the command tower neck can expose the reactors, which can then be fired at by stray attack craft

Minimum Crew: 3,000
Optimum Crew: 9,700
Cargo Capacity: 2 million tons
Passenger capacity: 25,000
Consumables: 3 years

The Tector-X was designed in an attempt to provide an escort for elite carriers in the 1500-2000m category; using schematics salvaged from Jabiim years earlier, containing old schematics of the Imperator-I and II classes among others, Ringovinda StarYards set out to design its own variant of the Imperator which would be able to land on planetary surfaces so that it can assist in ground assaults. Also, it has a ventral hangar door, allowing it to protect the exposed hangar in a pinch, and also to disembark troops through it when on the ground. The ventral guns (except for the hypervelocity cannon, which is placed aft of the hangar) line up the border of the hangar door, in a rectangle whose corners and the midpoints of their vertices all house a turbolaser turret, with two point-defense emplacements between each ventral turbolaser turret. With that said, the Tector-X has the ability to carry 25,000 troops to the ground, alongside all their equipment as well as a prefabricated garrison that can act as a headquarters for planetary campaigns.

As a result of the ship's geometry, which is pretty standard for any dagger-style ship, the trench guns, that is, the majority of the guns on the port and starboard arcs, all have 180-degree firing arcs, which means that they can all fire on the forward arc if required. Likewise, the main dorsal battery of the can aim along a 180-degree arc so that the turrets can swing forward or aft to face targets along these directions. Also, it comprises some weapons suites on the aft arc, making it less vulnerable to attacks to the rear compared to the original Tector. However, as with all classical dagger designs, the Tector-X also share the flaw of its command tower, which is exposed: its superstructure makes for a sizeable target if an attacker comes from the broadside, and attackers will be aiming for the command tower and the superstructure. As expected of a ship of that size with that level of armament, the Tector-X is going to be a little slow.
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Couple issues with this sub. You've got 2 extra Squadrons on top of the template and packing 25,000 troops (canon SD's have a total crew somewhat less than that). You dropped defenses to Moderate, but that's not a fair trade for two squadrons.

I'd like to see another clear weakness. The one you've got with the hanger is a strength over an Imperator, given that their hanger is always exposed.

I'm also sort of curious why a Tector follow on has a hanger at all, but that's just me fussing and doesn't effect the sub at all.
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[member="Cathul Thuku"]

Tagging you to let you know that the approval process for this sub is still ongoing. There was a slight admin error, corrected now. Sorry for any confusion.
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