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Tech Thoughts.


Like Lightning
Alright, so on a different faction that I was apart of with a different character had a thread like this. (Faction is now offline so its not there anymore) The thread is about Tech Ideas or theories that could be explained or detailed by others of the faction. So lets say that Jeb wants to make a custom ship for himself but he had never made one before, and he needs alittle bit of help in making the article. This is where he would post "I need help with making a custom ship" post and wait for someone to respond Via PM or directly on the thread itself saying that they would help him.

This could also be a place for where if someone has a really cool idea, like the newest form of using a slugthrower to penetrate heavier armors, then Nick can post on here about it and others of the faction can help him exploit the pros and cons of the item or idea so the RPjudges don't have to answer so many questions in the Tech Talk threads.

Also if you have pictures for something, Swords, guns, ship, whatever, post it here so maybe someone else can use that photo for an idea that they have.

The only rules are that everyone has an opinion, so respect it, and to not bash down ideas because you think it is "stupid". And jsut the golden rule overall. We are here to provide answers to questions that others may have. please don't ruin another person's day by hating on their idea.

Other than that, Imagine, write, and have fun!
(I hope that I am not going across the line in posting this.)