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Approved Location Taszzn Station

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Senator of Eclipse
  • Structure Name: Taszzn Station
  • Classification: Fortified Mansion
  • Location: Coruscant
  • Affiliation: Sssar Taszzn , Abiding Precept Constabulary
  • Accessibility: Located on the surface level of Coruscant only a few hours travel from the Senate the location is not secret. Though it and the surrounding grounds of duracrete are restricted to the members of the Abiding Precept Constabulary - a restriction that is actively enforced by those members of the organization on guard duty. The grounds are surrounded by a 10 foot high durasteel security fence.
  • Description: A grey, imposing, building made of reinforced duracrete. Measuring 5 floors and significant in width. Taszzn Station hosts a variety of decorations along the face of the building from statues built into alcoves of great lawmakers of the past Republics, to a large fountain, and the symbol of the Abiding Precept Constabulary above the tall double doors . Completing the fortress like motif of the mansion are functional battlements along the top of crown of the roof.
  • Great Hall: A location for large meetings of the Abiding Precept Constabulary as well as celebrations. It has long tables, high ceilings, and the walls are decorated with banners bearing the symbol of the Senate as well as the organization.
  • Archives: Containing datacrons archiving the actions, members, and regulations of the Abiding Precept Constabulary this is a culturally significant location. It doubles as a repository for evidence of current and past investigations.
  • Memorial to the Fallen: Contained within the Archives is a holoprojector that displays a bust of the organization's members who have died or were slain in the pursuit of the organization's goals.
  • Holding Cells: Located beneath the mansion are dozens of single occupant ray shielded holding cells as well as carbon freeze devices. These are of coursed used to hold individuals who have run afoul of the Abiding Precept Constabulary by either being lawbreakers or bounty targets. Here they are held until they are transferred to a law enforcement agency.
  • Security Office: On the fourth floor of the mansion are several connected rooms which house the myriad of surveillance, security, and shielding controls for the mansion.
  • Power Generation Room: A subterranean room adjacent to the Holding Cells that contain two backup power generators which can supply power to the building, independent of the local power grid, for multiple weeks.

Sssar Taszzn had campus built as a location to organize, train, and deploy members of his project organization the Abiding Precept Constabulary. When meeting with construction firms for the building of the campus he stressed the import of having the exterior reflect the feelings one may have when within an ancient courtroom. The building needed to reflect a steadfast honoring of the law, a principled origin, and appear unassailable. To this end the builders chose to revive architecture from the Old Republic period from more chivalrous cultures hailing from Naboo, Alderaan, and so on.

With construction completed within a matter of months due to the advanced in droid construction abilities the first day of operation for Taszzn Station fell early after the attempted assassination of a Galactic Alliance Senator. With the building towering over many pedestrians but shocking small compared to the sky piercing towers of the surface the oddity of its existence began to circulate quickly among surface regulars near the Senate.
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