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Approved Tech Taryc's Armor 2.0

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Scale Armorweave


Intent: To update Taryc's armor
Image Source: Helmet is from Hellgate London, Armor, Scale Armor
Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: Initial Armor (Provides initial Beskar dev), Songsteel (I am Nicolas Thorne)
Primary Source: VT-Shark Skin


Manufacturer: Taryc Ap'Irae, Nameless armorers
Model: N/A
Affiliation: Taryc Ap'Irae
Modularity: Limited
Production: Unique
-Scale Armorweave: Microscopic Beskar Scales, Light Kinetic Gel
-Plates: Songsteel, Tanray Heart Crystal
-Helmet: Songsteel, Solarium Glasteel, Kasha Crystal


Classification: Anti-Lightsaber Armor
Weight: 7.5 kg
-Lightsaber: 9
-Blaster: 7
-Slug: 7
-Melee (Non-Lightsaber): 7
Scale Armorweave:
-Lightsaber: 7
-Blaster: 5
-Slug: 4
-Melee (Non-Lightsaber): 4

-Resistant to Lightsabers,
-Wrist bolter (right wrist)
-Wrist charric (left wrist)
-Exemplar shield
-Sky-Strike Mini Jump Pack
-Mental Defense Enhancement
-Fire Manipulation Enhancement

-Resistant to Lightsabers: Both the Beskar Scale Armorweave, and the Songsteel plates are resistant to lightsabers
-Wrist Bolt: The right arm of the armor holds a wrist bolter, giving an inborn projectile ranged attack
-Wrist Charric: The left wrist of the armor holds a wrist charric, giving an energy based ranged attack
-Exemplar Shield: Gifted to her by Draco Vereen, this unit allows for an added protective layer for a limited amount of time.
-Sky-Strike Mini Jump Pack: Another gift from Draco Vereen, this allows for better battlefield maneuverability, with a limited range.
-Mental Defense Enhancement: The Kasha crystal in the forehead of the helmet is imbued to assist in mental protection. The passive protection is limited, and any significant protection requires concentration from the wearer.
-Fire Manipulation Enhancement: The tanray heart crystal in the breasplate of the armor has been imbued with significant fire energies. With it, the wearer has better control over fire, with the degree increasing based on concentration.

+Resistant to Lightsabers
+Flexible Armorweave: allows Taryc to remain mobile
+Mental defense enhancement
+Fire manipulation enhancement

-Training Necessary: The armor is more complex than her previous design, requiring her to maintain training with it.
-EMP Risk: Many of the new attachments are mildly vulnerable to EMP
-The Fire enhancement can be reduced or temporarily nullified with cold based attacks
-The more the wearer focuses on mental defense through the Kasha crystal, the less aware of their physical surroundings they are.

Taryc has been using the same armor since her days as an Inquisitor for the Primeval. In all of that time, in countless battles, her armor has saved her life. However, through the battles she fought, she has come to learn that her armor was wanting in some departments. With her experience on the battlefield, she learned of ways to layer armor to be more protective without sacrificing maneuverability. Along the way, she also gained access to a small amount of Songsteel.

Taryc melted down the plates of armor in a Beskar forge on Alderaan, under the watchful eye of a Clan Vereen smith. She then painstakingly worked with the smith to fashion the microscopic scales for her armor. The Beskar scales are layered like shark skin, running your hand down them it feels smooth, but brushing your hand up cuts like a thousand tiny beskar needles. She worked the scale armor in with her already existing beskar armorweave. The result was a significant increase in protection with only a mild decrease in flexibility of the armor.

Taryc then took the Songsteel and shaped it into plates. These plates are made to cover the most common striking spots in combat. These include boots, greaves, thigh plates, breast and back plates, bracers, gauntlets, pauldrons, and her helmet. While forging this songsteel into her armor, she practiced folding her force presence into the metal as she had with her sword, binding it to herself. In the center of her chest sits firebird emblem with a bright gem of a krayt dragon pearl center in it. This was where she had focused the majority of her time in force imbuing. Here she imbued the pearl and the armor with her pyromancy, focusing it down in two layers. The first layer, joined to the pearl as an anchor, protects Taryc from fire and temperature extremes, using force imbuement in place of an electronic temperature control. The second layer is focused pyromancy on the pearl. This imbuement allows her greater control over her pyromancy, making it able to act as a focus for her. Also within the force imbued plated are a pair of new weapons, specifically a wrist bolter in her right bracer and a wrist charric in her left. The backplate holds a skystrike mini jump pack, integrated in from the ground up with a specially augmented area between it and the backplate for her sword to sheathe. Also worked into the armor is an Armatech Exemplar shield unit.

The helmet was the last piece she constructed. She forged it out of what was left of her songsteel, using solarium glasteel to line the large visual area in front. This acts as protection, and a power supply for the helmets HUD system, which is equiped with the typical viewing formats of thermal, night vision, and various tactical overlays suggested by the Clan Vereen and Firemane armorers she had worked with. The helmet also contains a communications suite capable of connecting automatically to a series of preloaded channels, or manually to new channels with some effort.

When the full armor is assembled, all of the pieces are sealed together with enviromental seals. These, as well as a small internal air supply, allow Taryc to be active in all manner of environments or in space without much worry. The internal air supply is enough to last for a full hour of full combat activity, and much longer in less strenuous times. Aside from this, the helmet also contains a limited filtration system, allowing her to filter out known pollutants and chemicals in type I atmospheres, and some Type II's.

Primary Source:
-Wrist Bolter
-Wrist Charric
-Sky-Strike Mini Jump Pack
-Exemplar Shield
-Solarium Glasteel
-Kasha Crystal
-Tanray Heart Crystal

Travis Caalgen

Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.

Travis Caalgen

Taryc Ap'Irae said:
-Fire Manipulation Enhancement: The tanray heart crystal in the breasplate of the armor is imbued with significant fire energies. With it, the wearer has better control over fire, with the degree increasing based on concentration.

Could you please explain this? According to the Wookiee sub, it doesn't have any natural ability to allow 'better control over fire'.
[member="Travis Caalgen"]

Not inherent, but Taryc has been practicing with force imbuement since she first crafted her sword. Taught by a formerly Primeval Allied PC whose name escapes me at the moment. I just used that specific crystal because it is themey, being from Mustafar and what not.

I altered the syntax to reflect this.
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