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Tarika Sadow

Tarika Sadow*

Shadow Fleet Commander | Rule Breaker
"Protection comes at a cost to many lives, I choose to use the Dark Side to help protect those that can't fend for themselves; and I ask for nothing in return"
Tarika to an unnamed bystander.

NAME: Tarika Sadow
FACTION: The Horde
RANK:Dark Jedi Knight.
AGE: 21
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: about 145 lbs
EYES: Yellow
HAIR: Brown with Horns
SKIN: Olive with Black tattoos.
FORCE SENSITIVE: highly force sensitive.

ALLIANCE Evil-Neutral

Current: N/A
Previous: N/A

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

Command Minded: She has a sound mind for command and is a solid commander when it comes to capital ships.

Bravery: She is very brave and does not show cowardice, no matter how much the odds are stacked against her she will always try to find a way to win the battle.

Sorcery: She is a strong user of sith sorcery and dark side magics, she has been known to use fire abilities with ease and has set a hutt on fire at one time.

*Fighter/Combatant: Tarika is not much of a fighter or even combatant, she is intelligent but had very little fighting ability unless it's using the magical side of the force.


Z-Wing Interceptor (x12)
T-Wing Interceptor (x24)
Wasp-Class Heavy Cruiser (x6) (Assigned due to the faction she is in)
Animus-Class Assault Carrier


Tarika grew up on the zebrak home world with her brother devastator, she grew up guiding him and making sure he didn't get into too much trouble until he was sen off to train in the sith empire, she was picked up shortly afterward to be trained as well, when this happened she was trained with a light whip and a saberstaff and force pikes, as she trained she proved herself capable of being in a command position, as she was also used as a Sith Assassin, she would soon find out how much she is needed in the command position.

Tarika lead an assault against the world of Rattataka,

(This is coming after the engagement has been fought and won)

(This is short since I have no clue yet how it will go, I'll update it once a month to provide for more information)


Force Push/Pull
Force Throw
Force Spark (Mastered/Specialty)
Force Whisper
Force Leap/Jump
Force Speed


Force listening
Force Deflect (Specialty)
Force Choke
Protection Bubble
Pyrokinesis (Mastered/Specialty)
Droid Disable


Force Fear
Force Stun (Specialty)
Force Catch
Midi-Chlorian Manipulation

Telekinetic Lightsaber Combat

Jedi Ready Stance

-Tarika's SaberStaff-



Current: N/A

Darren Shaw
Morna Imura

Current: N/A

1. Elijah Rowlin/Jak Sandrow

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