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Approved Tech Taradon's Helm

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  • Intent: To submit the canon Taradon's Helm to Chaos
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: Link
  • Primary Source: Flight Computer
  • Name: Taradon's Helm
  • Manufacturer: Jedi Knight Taradon
  • Affiliation: Aryn Teth
  • Modularity: Hot-swappable into most starships.
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Electronics, Alchemized Materials
  • Classification: Jedi Artifact
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Average

Hey, Try Spinning: A combination of innovative technological design and force alchemization, Taradon's Helm, when connected to a ship piloted by someone capable enough with the force, considerably augments that individuals ability as a pilot. The Helm is capable of lifting one of only moderate skill as a pilot to significant capability, and someone already capable even more-so.


Force Users Only: Without someone who can properly activate and attune to the alchemized ingredients which make up the Helm's construction, Taradon's Helm serves as little more than a supplementary flight computer. Only those trained in the force are capable of gaining its benefits.
Surprisingly Moody: There is one particularly odd draw-back of Taradon's Helm, as well as the requirement for the user to be strong with the force, the Helm will only bolster one's abilities if they can infuse it with their determination, courage and confidence. In the instance that doubt or fear enters the pilot's mind, they will lose the effects granted by it.


The Jedi Knight Taradon created this unique starship control board in the earliest years of the ancient Galactic Republic. Imbuing the control board with crystalline technologies which tapped into the force, Taradon utilized his unique skills as a pilot and mechanic to ensure that his helm was capable of being connected to a staggering array of different ship designs. Already a man of considerable piloting skill, the helm managed to push Taradon's skills past their limit, making him one of the best pilots of the Jedi Order.

Taradon utilized the helm well throughout his century-long service to the Jedi Order, and utilized it in his final flight. Flying over Ilum, Taradon utilized the helm to fight the corrupted Jedi Deelguh, ramming the corrupted Jedi's ship and killing both pilots. While the wreckage of Taradon's ship was never recovered, many Jedi theorized that the helm survived the crash.

It wasn't until a great many years after the fall of the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire, after the tight hold on Ilum ceased, that scavengers made their way to Ilum in search of crystals, and eventually found the helm. Assumed by those who could not sense the force flowing through the unique artifact, the helm was picked up and traded from junk merchant to junk merchant, making its way across the galaxy at prices ranging often surprisingly low considering its capabilities, a mere twenty credits here and there.

It was through pure chance that thousands of years after its construction, the helm would be found by [member="Aryn Teth"], for sale on Eriadu at a random junk traders stall. Able to sense the power of the force flowing from the unique artifact, Aryn bartered with the junk trader, and after spending the largest sum that had ever before been spent on the device (fifty credits), secured ownership of it.

Aryn has since connected the ship to his personal starfighter, using it to bolster his already considerable piloting skill.

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