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Tara Lasood


Mercenary, Artist.
Tara Lasood​

NAME: Tara. Tara Lasood
FACTION: Neutral, though her mailing address is Coruscant.
SPECIES: 90% Human, 10% Robot leg, 100% Phony
AGE: 27
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'6"
EYES: Green
HAIR: Brown
SKIN: White, freckled.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

+ I want my jetpack! : Like her father, Tara is inspired to create and invent things. Why? Because she can. Everything she creates is a work of love and art, a tribute to her vision of how the Galaxy should be.

+ Omnidisciplinary Scientist : Tara's education includes a smattering of mechanical engineering, some chemical work, a handful of weapons design courses and a million other little things that you learn growing up as the only child of a mad scientist, who is willing to fund anything his only child wanted to learn.

- Blue and Orange Morality : Tara's worldview is slightly warped, a combination of years of study and limited interaction with the outside world. She finds it hard to understand the motivations of some folk, and this can lead to her making horrible choices when anticipating someone's reactions. Try as she might, Tara doesn't really understand people as well as she'd like and they tend to not understand her, either.

- Who needs Their Whole Body? : Tara's right leg got blown off in a munitions accident when she was eighteen, and ever since, she's had a robotic prosthetic that gets replaced every couple of years. It's not the best, though, and has been known to fail her.

Tara's home-away-from-home is a beat-up old Washburn-class.


Most of what Tara remembers of her home life was fighting. Lots and lots of fighting between her mother and father. Eventually, she got good enough to block it out. School was her escape - a way of applying herself and being appreciated for her skills, which was something she thrived on in place of being ignored at home. When Tara was old enough to continue her education, her father agreed to send her wherever she'd like to learn whatever she liked, as a way of apologizing for her rough home life. Tara accepted.

Tara was bright. Perhaps a genius in her own right - but her exemplary grades were more a result of study than inherent talent or intelligence. She had little interest in her peers, and less in the worlds around her. Her mind was filled with dreams of gears and pneumatics, hydraulics and weaponry. How boring is reality compared to the infinite majesty of the endless machine of Gods tick-tick-ticking it's never-ending march in the back of your mind?

Eventually, though, all the colleges in the core planets began to lose their shine - she drifted outwards, finding applications for her various engineering skills out in the wild. Repairing the hyperdrives of smugglers, fixing pirate ships, occasionally taking on legitimate work as a ship's mechanic. Eventually, Tara had enough to get her OWN ship, and she's been there ever since... creating. Working. Pouring the ideas that float about her mind onto paper.

At least, that's how Tara remembers it. Near the height of his power, [member="Jacen Cavill"] murdered the engineer Byrec Lasood and stole his patents, then used some sort of Sith Alchemy nonsense to rewrite his mind and force the Shi'do into a form that suited his purposes. The end result was Tara, who believes herself to be fully human.