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Tanya Thiran

NAME: Tanya Thiran

RANK: none.


AGE: 21.

SEX: female.

HEIGHT: 5'7.

WEIGHT: 43.73 kilos.

EYES: green

HAIR: Black

SKIN: White.

FORCE SENSITIVE: Very force sensitive, but has not received much training, as her master died..


Tanya is skilled in lighsaber combat, hand to hand combat and blaster combat due to her messed up child hood and her master's unorthodox methods of training.
Skilled pilot, thanks to her maste,r Tanya is a skilled pilot, rivaling those with imperial training.
+/- Tanya is extremely loyal to those she opens up to, willing to rush let life for theirs. Tanya is also very hard to get to, due to her past.
+\- Tanya grows distant whenever family is brought up, and will disengage form the conversation.
Tanya can easily tip over the edge and use the dark side when the need arises and her anger or hate is strong enough. This chaos within causes her to be open to both sides of the force, William to train dark and light side, but in a fight her chaos causing harm to freind and foe if she unleashes it.
- Tanya is scarred for life. Not only physically, but mentally. She does not do well in social interactions, and actively stays away from people, talking to them if she has to only.
Tanya is malnourished, due to the abuse her body accepted less food than it got, which was already less an she needs, and thus she gets no where near the amount of nutrients she needs, but she does have doses of various nutrients she can inject directly into her blood.
.under neath the robes, Tanya's voluptuous body is scarred, directly caused by her abusive father, and multiple abusive relationships, and one due to a nasty fall when she was twelve.

Born on Carida, Tanya grew up to a poor family. Her father had a gambling and drinking problem, and had squandered his somewhat vast inheritance. Tanya endured multiple sexual assaults starting from age 11 and abuse from birth. Her only scourge of comfort was her mother, who would heal her after the incidents. Tanya grew attached to her mother, and deeply hated to see her suffer. When Tanya was 14, a Jedi master named Reniti Reesodolar adopted her, and made her his padawan. He recognized her abilities, and trained her in more than just lightsaber and force abilities. He taught her to pilot a ship, and to use her abilities to an extent, as well as training her in blaster, hand to hand and lightsaber combat. However, when Tanya was 19, she met her mother and father again. Her mother was scarred and obviously had been the victim of many violent outbursts. This sight nearly brought Tanya to tears, when she hadn't cried in years. While at this meeting her father and her master got into a scuffle, which resulted in the death of Reniti. After her master's death, Tanya buried him and his belongings at the family grave, where her father was supposed to be when he died. For two years, Tanya endure abuse and multiple rapes, as it kept her mother from feeling her father's wrath. Then, three days after Tanya's 21st birthday, her mother was killed in a violent outburst by her father. This drove Tanya over the edge. Striking out with raw anger and hatred, she crushed her father slowly with the force, killing him with out mercy, and making it as painful as possible. After she simply discarded her father's corpse, Tanya buried her mother. Tanya inherited what little was left to their family, including her father's recently won ship, the Grey slagger, which has since been renamed the Grey Hawk. Tanya left Carida, vowing to return only when all other options were gone, or when she had to.
The Grey Hawk, a small frigate, armed with three anti fighter turrets, on on top of the ship one at the nose and one in the back, is a fast, sleek ship, elegant, but practical. The engines are extra powerful, sacrificing shields for speed and maneuverability. The shields can take up to three direct hits from a tie fighter before collapsing, whorls not survive a capital ship hit. The armor of the ship is low as well, as is cargo space. The inside of the ship is compact, with the kitchen doubling as a dining room and cargo bay. Two separate bedrooms are within the ship. Won by Tanya's father shortly before his murder of his wife, and subsequent death at Tanya's hands, inherited by Tanya,
KILLS none


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