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Taming a Beast

Location: Aboard the Abyss over Tattoine
Friends: [member="Caelag Vass"] [member="Bato Golden"] [member="Alkor Centaris"]

Aedan Miles sat on the command bridge of the Abyss grumpily looking down at the planet Tattoine it had sounded like a good idea a week ago when he gathered a rag tag group of friends and allies and told them lets go see about taming a Krayt Dragon. From there they had made a quick stop in Mando Territory to pick up Aedan's old friend Alkor before setting off to Tattoine. Now here they were preparing to set off and already Aedan had a bad feeling he had some of the Red Fang going along just in case they came across Tuskan Raiders or other unsavory types. Sighing he stood and made his way to his quarters grabbing his lightsabers and a pair of pistols strapping them on as he wandered towards the hangars getting on the ships intercom he calmly contacted the group going. "All right everyone going down to the planets surface meet in the hangar this is your last chance to back out than we are in for the long run."

He walked into the hangar and towards the already partially loaded dropship the Red Fang members already sat within it conversing among themselves as they waited for the rest of the group. Aedan sat on a crate nearby leaning back as he sighed running a hand through his hair as he looked around the ship that would be transporting his hopefully tamed by that time battlemount was an Evakmar Mk 3 assault ship. It was manned by only enough men to pilot it and Aedan would spend the journey back in the belly of it with the Krayt Dragon so that he could attempt to bond farther with it through the force.
Alkor slid open his pistol and checked the power cell. Unlike lightsabers, which tended to last forever, blasters had finite energy allotments and were prone to overloading and heating. Despite this, they allowed combat at range and when accompanied by the proper skills, offered more opportunities for engagement.

The Mandalorian lifestyle eschewed reliance on the Force in favor of what you could do with your own two hands. At times, Alkor found it difficult to get out of his own head and look at the world through cerulean eyes. He constantly had to remind himself that new did not mean horrible.

[member="Aedan Miles"] had a tendency to worry. He disliked the idea of entering a situation underprepared, Alkor supposed. More accurately, he preferred to go into any place with the odds stacked heavily in his favor. Not a bad thought, at least, but to Alkor it meant more attention.

When he noted the dispatch of a Red Fang contingent, the Corellian Exile had to sigh. "Unnecessary," he murmured as he slipped his buy'ce overhead. The HUD came to life almost immediately, and glyphs denoting his fireteam sprang overhead of the people he had previously calibrated for this operation. [member="Caelag Vass"] and [member="Bato Golden"] were both names he had never heard. Indeed, more of Aedan's friends almost spurred the survivor of House Verd to discourage the mobilization of the Red Fang at all. Still, he was being paid- he would do his job, and he wouldn't question the man's methods.

The blaster slid closed and he holstered it. "Check," he whispered, and his hand slid to the shotgun slung across his back, mag-locked in place. It responded to his touch and fell comfortably into his grip. Its ammunition and structural integrity blossomed to life in his display. "Check."

He replaced the weapon and looked at his right hand. The servos whirred softly as he closed his hand, then slowly opened it again. He had left his lightsaber back with Asha, intent on growing more accustomed to weapons that did not require him to use the Force.

The more he trained, the less he would need it.

He slipped quietly into the dropship and took his seat. His eyes closed, and Alkor tilted his head back to clear his thoughts. Soon, they would be in the harsh, dry heat of Tattooine.
If [member="Alkor Centaris"] and [member="Aedan Miles"]'s signatures were anything to go by, Caelag was in strange, strange company. The Miraluka, completely untrained in the force save for her natural eyesight, was something of an oddball it seemed. Between these two, surely she could only be of so much use on the planet below, at least when it came to their prize of the day. The sniper sighed, and rested her massive rifle on her shoulder. Since she was off duty, she'd left her official gear, her blaster rifle and armor, in her barracks back home.

What she did have though was her beloved X-52, cleaned to pristine looks, even though it was clearly well used. There was, she felt, some snickering as she made her way onto the dropship, sitting down not far from Alkor in fact. The woman's hood was down for now, letting her mess of brown hair fall over her head, including the bandage like blindfold. She rested her sniper in her lap, and waited for the instructions to go on.

[member="Bato Golden"]
Bato Golden really wasn't all too sure of what he was doing here. Clearly, someone had been spreading rumors about his competence, because Bato himself was finding it difficult to figure out why he was invited. Aside from [member="Caelag Vass"], he didn't know anyone else coming on the trip. He hadn't seen much fighting or danger since he started working in the Iron Empire, and the vast majority of his shooting experience was in front of a camera, not behind a blaster.

Bato adjusted his sunglasses on his face. If he was going to come clean about his lack of expertise, he probably should have done it a week ago, when he received the invitation. No, instead, the actor planned to put his true talents to work. Faking it turned out surprisingly well last time, and maybe his last dangerous adventure into the wilderness imparted some measure of actual experience with him. After all, this wouldn't be his first safari.

No, it would be his second.

[member="Alkor Centaris"] [member="Aedan Miles"]
Aedan grinned as he strode forward and onto the shuttle standing near the boarding hatch as it closed he looked back nodding to everyone as the dropship took off leaving the ship and heading down towards the planet. He had sent some advanced groups ahead to gather intel about where one might find one of the Krayt Dragons and had heard rumors about four of them within a certain area that seemed to be fighting for control at the time. That was a week ago and now they were going to land near where he had heard about them being turning he gestured towards the Red Fang calmly. "They won't be helping with the Krayt Dragon I have heard rumors about a large amount of Tuskan Raiders in the area so they are here to make sure we don't get killed by those. Caelag if the Tuskan show up I want you to take command of the Red Fang and deal with them. Alkor there is the chance of a Hutts minions out looking for a Krayt Dragon as well if they show up I am counting on you to make them regret it alright old friend? Bato see if you can be of assistance with Caelag or Alkor your choice."

[member="Alkor Centaris"] [member="Bato Golden"] [member="Caelag Vass"]
Caelag offered a short, curt nod to [member="Aedan Miles"], and a loud, audible click of her weapon to silence any continued snickering from the Red Fang on board, or anyone else for that matter. She glanced off to the side slightly at [member="Alkor Centaris"] and [member="Bato Golden"] as they were told what Aedan wished them to handle, which certainly made things easier for her. She learned the names of everyone involved, and understood her own mission parameters. Though it did make her wonder, if she was in charge of tending to Tuskens, and the others any hutt minions, then did Aedan really need help with the Krayt dragon? As it seemed, they were more security than assistance.

Not that it mattered, showing up in the Dune Sea almost guaranteed Tuskens anyways, so at least she would be able to do some work.
Aedan crouched a bit as the ship finally hit the ground shuddering a bit before the boarding hatch opened and the young man strode off of it calmly looking around as he jogged a bit away so the ship could take off. The Red Fang silent as ever moved to follow after the one leading them today crouching alongside [member="Caelag Vass"] after a moment Aedan gestured the group forward as he started towards the canyons in the distance one of his men carried a set of high tech binoculars that would allow him to safely measure the chosen Krayt Dragon before forwarding the info to HK-36 who was in charge of constructing a saddle for it. As they neared the canyon Aedan halted holding up a hand to get everyone to slow down as he reached out with the force sensing the presence of various smaller animals a few Banthas. For a moment Aedan feared they were to late before he finally sensed them in the distance a trio of Krayt Dragons were oddly close together and seemed to be getting closer still. Uneasy by this discovery the young man stood and pointed to the east muttering. "I sense them in that direction but there are three of them and they seem to be getting closer to each other with each passing moment." He started in that direction calmly stretching and rolling his shoulders today he wasn't wearing his armor only his Jedi Robes that while padded wouldn't do much to stop anything lethal he wasn't here to fight but to befriend. It wouldn't get him anywhere to accidentally kill what might be in his future as close a friend as [member="Alkor Centaris"] and Solan Charr had become to him.
Caelag didn't crouch like the others, but her footsteps moved with practiced grace. Silent, undetectable. Infiltration had been her specialty in the Galactic Republic, before its inevitable downfall, and it served her well with the Iron Empire, and now with Aedan. She stopped behind [member="Aedan Miles"] as he began to search for what they had come for. Of course, with the time, she too could quickly detect the trio, and frowned. She was certain Aedan, for all his boasting and his reputation, could handle a single Krayt dragon peacefully. Three? That was... more difficult. Not to mention, as she focused entirely on her sensory ability, she thought she could feel several banthas walking in single file. Which was concerning... considering Tusken tactics.

"Divide and conquer. I can sense a few Bantha to the north west of our position, single file. I can't tell if there's riders, but against the dead sensory information of the desert I can see their large signatures if I focus. I could take the Red Fang to investigate and capture the Bantha, use them as fodder to draw away two of them. You want to ride one yes? Nothing tames a pet faster than feeding them."

[member="Alkor Centaris"]
Aedan thought about ti reaching out to sense the bantha slowly shaking his head as he narrowed his eyes a bit. "No those are Tuskan Raiders all right and that is a fair amount of bantha which means a large amount of Tuskan's most likely. Keep your senses on them if they get closer move to engage with the Red Fang if they turn away let them go. I want these Krayt Dragons to fight it out. I will go for the winner of it lets go." Aedan started forward calmly moving into the canyon to supply cover from the sun and some amount of cooler air. Aedan lead the way forward slowly his violet eyes gleaming savagely as he looks over the canyon ahead of them. As they moved a sudden trio of roars pierced the canyon as the Krayt Dragon's reached each other and were in an apparent stand off from the sound. Holding his hand up to halt the movement of everyone else Aedan started forward moving slowly and quietly as his eyes flicked around the canyon. Finally he neared a corner and peeking around it caught sight of what others would be horrified of but he was eager to see the end of the up coming fight.

[member="Caelag Vass"]
"They're dead the moment they hit maximum range." She muttered under her breath, following behind [member="Aedan Miles"] as he approached the area. She did order the Red Fang into different positions, forming a defensive rear end as they entered the canyon. When he went ahead, alone, she turned to head back to the entrance they had taken, and looked for the Tuskens. Approximately 2000 meters out. Just out of range. She flipped out the bipod, and set herself up with a comfortable rock, paying attention to the Tuskens on their approach. 1950... 1900... 1850...

Well and behind Aedan, out of earshot of the Krayt Dragons but just barely in range of Aedan, the distinctive sound of an X-52 tore the air apart, and one dead Tusken fell from his mount. The Red Fang were ready for a fight, and the Tuskens had to travel quite a ways to get to them. The entire while, Caelag would pull off a shot, pacing herself to take a second or two to readjust, before taking yet another shot. By the time the Red Fang could even open fire, Caelag had already reloaded the weapon, and was taking on the next ten targets.
Aedan smirks as he hears the gunfire and leaps up grasping onto a ledge overhead he pulls himself up onto it and peers down into the large circular area of the canyon watching as the trio of Krayt Dragons circled each other heads darting out to snap at each other. Two of them were fairly large but the third smaller one drew Aedan's attention almost immediately his eyes narrowing as he looked it over it was rather curious. Crouching down he reached out with the force hesitantly brushing against the edges of the three creatures consciousness watching as the third one jerks and backs up a bit its head whipping around almost as if it had detected his presence and seemed to be searching for him. Grinning he watched this would be interesting they seemed to be fighting for real now and the small one was moving around at the edge of the fight its tail whipping as its head snapped towards the larger of the other two.

[member="Caelag Vass"]
23.... 24... 25. Half her gas canister empty before the tuskens even realized where her hide always were. As a good sniper, she had been moving after every few shots, once she was within any kind of effective range that was. And now, she was beginning to be put under fire. Tuskens with slugthrowers kept her pinned while some wielding gaffi sticks came for her, she honestly was touched they recognized the danger.

Without her usual equipment though, this was bad. No protection and if they got close the best she could do was try to smack them with the butt of the weapon a few times. Fortunately a Red Fang decided to toss her a weapon she could use, and she smirked as she turned the safety on her rifle and slung it over her back. A pistol with her survival knife, fitting enough. She moved to take a few shots at the tuskens still there before engaging one in melee.

Or more accurately, hooking his weapon with the knife, and shooting him point blank. But melee for a few seconds.

[member="Aedan Miles"]
Finally Aedan let a small grin cross his lips it looked like he had made the right choice in coming here he had just spent the last hour watching the three Krayt Dragons fight and now the larger of the two lay dead while the smallest had won but not completely unscathed it roared its victory. Just as Aedan was about to leap down and go to confront it the worst possible thing happened as a large group of what appeared to be some Hutt's Thugs came streaming out of one of the nearby canyons laughing as the moved towards the wounded victor pushing it back towards a dead end canyon. Narrowing his eyes the young man felt anger course through him as they beings taunted and mocked what he considered to be one of the most majestic beasts he had ever seen. Finally his rage took over and with an almost inhuman bellow the young Dark Jedi Master threw himself from the canyon wall he had been hidden upon and landed in the midst of the thugs some of them freezing others eyes widening. Looking around the young man smirked and whispered a single phrase. "Behold for the devil has come amongst you and now shall feed upon your unworthy souls." With that he ignited his crimson lightsaber and slashed to the left cutting a large Gamorrean in half smirking the young man launched himself into the battle cutting and slashing around him as the beings screamed in horror and some tried to flee. One especially bold trandoshan got behind him and was running to stab him in the back when he was suddenly bit by the Krayt dragon and yanked away. Finally the last of the thugs fled leaving a blood covered and heaving for breath Aedan miles standing before a Krayt Dragon that with a hint of intelligence in its eyes watched him turning around Aedan looked at it slowly walking over as he reached out with the force he placed his hand gently on its blood covered nose and whispered. "Come brother it is time for us to go." The krayt dragon looked at him before it seemed to finally nod his head and start following the young man towards the exit of the canyon where hopefully the Evakmar MK 3 would be landed by now.

[member="Caelag Vass"]

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