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Talos Riga,

Talos Rygat

Keeper of Souls
Image Credit: http://th09.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2014/039/8/d/elder_scrolls_online___daedric_warlord_cosplay_by_cpcody-d75nh0u.png
NAME: Talos Riga[Rye-guh]/ Darth Legion
FACTION: Primeval/ OS
RANK: Sorcerer Knight
AGE: 20
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'3", 1.92 meters
WEIGHT: 220lbs, 100kg
EYES: Green Aura
HAIR: None
SKIN: Grey


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+Body Contains The Souls Of A Hundred Dead Force-Sensitives, derives power from those willing to share
+Trained Martial Artist
+High Intelligence
+Raised by Aang-Tii
-Sociological Disorder
-Prone to Psychotic Episodes of either Rage, Delusions, or Emotional Emptiness
-No Lightsaber Combat Training
Force Powers:
Force Fear
Force Telepathy
Force Destruction
Force Persuasion
Force Concealment
Force Push/Pull
Force Shield
Mind Meld
Battle Meditation
Fold Space
Force Weapon
Force Slam
Force Blast
Force Choke
Entire body wrapped in black cloth except the eyes. No eye 'color' known, but a green aura is seen in place. Wears a black cloak with red trim, hood, and pants.

Woken, stunned on a slave vessel, Talos was chained, along with a hundred others, in a dark holding tank. The ship was rocking back and forth, like it was being hit. Lights began to flash. The others became worried that the ship was being attacked, some began to panic. Talos remained quiet, calm. He centered himself, relaxed and slipped his chains. He carefully made his way to the door, it was left open, he walked up the stairs into an observation room. Through the portholes, he could see a strangely shaped, white vessel just off the bow, firing at the very ship he was aboard. Yelling echoed down the corridor, orders were being given by a gruff, scratchy voice. Talos crept closer just as a shot from the odd ship rocked the ship, sending him skidding across the deck, into the cockpit. Looking up, the scruff voiced man noticed him at his feet. He reached down, growling, and grabbed Talos by the colar, dragged him to the staircase, and tossed him down. Battered and dizzy, Talos struggled to regain his bearings as another shot completely hammered the hull of the ship. It began to dip violently, as though it had begun to fall into the gravitational pull of a nearby planet. Talos was thrown about as it fell. He managed to get to an escape pod just before the ship crashed on the surface of the planet, but he landed only meters away. The severe head trauma allowed his Force abilities to awaken, but at the same time, it seems as though the hundred others that had been in the holding area died and their combined entities flowed to the nearest open vessel, Talos was such a vessel. The souls, Force-sensitivities, and life-energies surrounded and flowed inside him, taking his body and mind as their home. Talos had crawled out of the pod, but made it only a few feet before collapsing. As he faded into darkness, he witnessed white auras in his vision, surrounding him. Days later, he stirred to a room full of white, tall, boney creatures. One of them began to speak with him, but not vocally, telepathically, words, forming in his head without knowing his language. Talos tried to speak, but his mouth was wrapped heavily. He moved to look at his condition, and discovered his entire body was covered in black wrap. The creature assured him that he was alright and was safe. The creatures identified themselves as the Aing-Tii. A species not known to many, if anyone in the galaxy. They had come across him after they attacked the slave ship, unfortunate for the loss of life, but they took the chance and came out with him. They deduced that he had become something special. But Talos didn't remember anything prior to waking up in the ship. He didn't know his name, but one of the voices in his head gave them one. The creatures agreed to train him as their acolyte. They began as soon as he could stand. He learned all the way of the Aing-Tii, and their martial skills, a form of combat that used a non-lethal weapon known as a Vor'Cha stun stick. It was a simple hardwood stick wrapped in a silver wire, it contained the power to stun any opponent unconscious, regardless of their clothing or armor. He was trained in the broad spectrum of the Force, he knew nothing of light or dark sides, but about seven different spectrum of the Force. He became well versed in telekinesis, and even learned the Aing-Tii form of non-Force telekinesis, the ability to 'will' the Force to act on its own accord.

SHIP: None

Legion of Talos - http://starwarsrp.net/topic/52984-priests-of-the-legion-of-talos/



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Like Lightning
Talos Riga said:
+Body Contains The Souls Of A Hundred Dead Force-Sensitives, Including Their Combined Power +Highly Trained Martial Artist +High Intelligence -No True Control Over Souls -Suffering From Amnesia -Quick To Anger, Chaos From Souls Differing Emotions -Lack Of Mass Social Skills
Alot of these are nice and great, but there is no real balance from strength and weakness. Mainly its the first strength. having ALL of their powers when you have not Rped it out is alittle (more like alot) OPed. So I would sugguest that you create more weakness to even out the scales. because really, he has no TRUE weakness other than an Angry man who can't remember anything.

Daxton Bane

If you are planning to dance with Daxton I should warn you that it will not be a fair fight. Daxton is already a Sith Master with a record of rps to back it up, while you are technically at par with a padawan. The power level tips heavily in my favor.