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Taleed-Class Enforcement Droid

Xhal Taleed


  • Intent: The purpose of this submission is to provide the Confederacy of Independent Systems with a what could essentially be considered a highly advanced droid to be used in multiple capacities- with and without the support of
  • Development Thread: Soon™

  • Designer: Xhal Taleed
  • Manufacturer: Geonosian Industries
  • Model: Fire Support Drone
  • Affiliation: The Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Modularity: Yes; Grenade ammunition type
  • Production: Mass
  • Material: Dura-Armor, Agrinium

  • Classification: Fourth Degree
  • Weight: 89 Kilograms
  • Height: 1.83 Meters
  • Movement: Repulsorlift (maximum altitude of 25 meters)

  • [x1] High Powered Rotary Blaster Cannon (effective range of 375 meters)
  • [x1] Grenade Launcher (10 grenades, effective range of 150 meters)

  • [x1] Shield Generator
  • [x1] Advanced Droid Brain
  • [x1] Binary Vocabulator
  • [x1] NeuroSaav K-64 Targeting System
  • [x1] Full-Spectrum Transceiver
  • [x1] EnhanceScan General-Purpose Scanner


In bullet form for now, just so I have an idea of what I want to include. Mostly weaknesses right now.
  • Shield generator works best only for the front of the droid, when the droid is low to the ground, and immobile.
  • Most effective when commanded by a central computer, but capable of limited independent action.
  • Scanners, sensors, and targeting system allow it to detect and deal with a variety of threats, but make the droid prone to data overload in the event it attempts to do too much simultaneously.
  • Rotary cannon takes a few seconds to open fire and may overheat from prolonged, continuous use.
  • More eventually, I think.
The Taleed-Class Enforcement Droid, named in testament to the humility of its designer, is composed primarily of durasteel. At the urging of his superiors, Xhal also included a protective mesh of arginium underneath to protect it from EMP attacks. Outside of that, the Taleed-Class Enforcement Droid isn't terribly remarkable in terms of material composition. That's why the chief defensive armament of the T-CED is its shield projector. Based on the Droideka's shield projector, the T-CED's shields are strongest in the front of the droid, leaving it vulnerable to attacks from behind. Further, due to energy consumption, the T-CED's shields function best when it is unmoving and the lower it is to the ground. When the conditions are right, the forefront of the T-CED's shields are capable of deflecting most blaster bolts for an extended period of time before overloading and shutting down, leaving the T-CED vulnerable.

The T-CED's primary armament is its rotary blaster cannon. Although powerful and somewhat more accurate than most rotary cannons, the primary drawback of it is the time it takes to warm up before firing. There is a noticeable (and probably exploitable) pause between the time the rotary cannon starts spinning and when it starts flinging blaster bolts like no tomorrow. There is also the inherent risk of the weapon overheating from prolonged use. The secondary, final armament on the T-CED is its grenade launcher. There is nothing innately special about the grenade launcher, seeing as it is just a device that flings grenades over long distances. The ammunition for the grenade launcher is interchangeable, allowing the T-CED to launch a wide variety of explosives. There is an inherent risk in storing explosives in such a small droid. If an individual knowledgeable in droid design schemes and mechanics were to properly identify the part of the droid holding the grenades and hit it with a sufficiently strong laser blast, the results would be... Explosive.

The T-CED operates best when linked to a command and coordination computer. However, that was not part of the original design and added in the later stages of production, when Xhal had already put in an advanced droid brain. Though the droid functions best when in a hive mind with fellow units, it is more than capable of carrying itself and functioning independently. Independent actions would be the scope of its abilities, then, as it no longer always knows what allied units are thinking or doing. This will sometimes lead to scenarios wherein too many T-CEDs spoil the objective, most likely by mistakenly ramming into each other.

In addition to its weapons and shield generator, the T-CED comes equipped with a variety of miscellaneous equipment. The NeuroSaav K-64 Targeting system was highly advanced for its time and continues to be a reliable system to employ. The T-CED has very few problems with missing shots or friendly fire. Like the famous R2 unit, the T-CED also comes equipped with a Full-Spectrum transceiver, a full suite of sensors that allow it to detect a wide variety of phenomena. There is also the EnhanceScan general-purpose scanner that comes built into the droid, allowing it to actively scan for things such as comm signals, lifeforms, and other droids. Despite the advanced nature of the T-CED's droid brain, it is possibly for a droid to overload and shut down due to attempting to take in too much information at once.
Nicely done. I like how this is done and it showes that you put time into the work.
  • For the grenade launcher You may want to add this to be more specific. 150m (point) 350m (area) meaning that it can reach that length in blast to a point where it could possibly cause damage.
  • What ammo does the Grenade launcher have? (smoke, frag, timed, incendiary, etc) (may want to add that above with the Armaments section) I did notice that it was in the Description, but some people may skip over that and go to only the bullet points. Just a precaution.
  • What happens to the Blaster cannon when it overheats? does it just not function or does it melt from the heat?
  • The droids when they "run into each other" how often can that occur?
  • "Movement: Repulsorlift (maximum altitude of 25 meters" I just want to clarify the droid is floating in the air with no other support? And if so what were to happen if lets say someone were to shoot the repulsor lift? Does it have a backup system to keep it going?
Just a few questions my man. sorry if it seems long. I just want to make sure that everything is thought of.
@[member="Xhal Taleed"]

Xhal Taleed

  • I'll do a little more research on it before I specify that.
  • The grenade launcher's ammo is modular and can be loaded with any grenades, both from the factory and canon. It all depends on what kind of combat situation it's going into. More often than anything else, it will probably either be radiation or thermal grenades.
  • If it overheats several times over a short period of time, then yes, the rotary cannon will almost certainly melt. That's only in extreme instances. All other times, a safety system will kick in and shut off the cannon before it gets dangerously hot. Those bullet points were only there to keep my thoughts organized and'll be deleted by the time I submit it.
  • Running into each other was just an example. The more of them there are, the more likely it will occur.
  • If the repulosorlift is shot out, then it'll be stuck wherever it crashes. Depending on how it lands, it could still try to shoot at people, but obviously it wouldn't be very good at it.