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Tale of Two Philosophsies

Sitting in his personal chambers, meditating with the Holocron of Darth Malgus, Tersen was taking a note of the contents of it. Wanting to make sure what was in there could be saved if the need arose. It was calming, which was needed for the Sith since he was pushed away from his plans on Onderon, by the Mandalorians. Though they were allies back in Tersen's time, things now had become a bit more complicated, between the two factions. Though with the loss of Onderon, Tersen and his companion were able to find the unknown world, at least to Tersen, of Eadu. From what his companion had told him, Eadu hosted a old research facility, which could hold some old secrets, nothing as old as from Tersen's age but old enough to maybe catch the Sith's eye. It could also be of use to Tersen's puppet company of the Eadu Engineering Corporation, if they found anything they would leave it to the Corporation to reverse engineer it, which could help with some weapons or droids. But alas, Tersen's mind wasn't on that, right now it was focused on the holocron and learning the secrets of the force techniques hidden inside of it.​
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