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Judge, Jury, and Executioner

  • Classification: Freighter / Gunship
  • Length: 47 Meters
  • Width: 22 Meters
  • Height: 18 Meters
  • Armament: High
    "Ground Buzzer" Blaster Cannon (Anti-Infantry)
  • Forward Facing Laser Cannons
  • 2 Quad-Laser Cannon Turret
  • Swivel Mounted Ion Cannon
  • 2 Warhead Launchers
  • 1 Proton Torpedo Bay

[*]Defenses: High
  • Mandalorian Steel Armor Plating
  • Chaff
  • Mon Cal Shield Recharge System
  • Dampner Aerosol Missiles
  • Compartmentalized Design
  • Shroud

[*]Squadron Count: None: 1
[*]Maneuverability Rating: Average
[*]Speed Rating: High
[*]Hyperdrive Class: Very Fast: 0.3
  • Standard Communications Array
  • Standard Deflector Shield Generator
  • Standard Life Support Systems
  • Standard Navigational Systems
  • Standard Repulsorlift Engines
  • Standard Cargo Hold/Restraints
  • Standard Escape Pods
  • Standard Sensor Array
  • Can Enter Atmosphere and Land
  • Advanced and heavily modified hyperdrive
  • Advanced and heavily modified sublight engines (three primary, eight secondary)
  • Compartmentalized Design
  • Mon Cal Shields
  • Animal Cages
  • Force Cages (2)
  • Armory
  • Med Bay
  • Small Snub Fighter Bay
  • Very Fast in Realspace
  • Very Fast in Hyperspace
  • Can Quickly Regenerate Shields
  • Can carry a single small snubfighter
  • Patchwork systems need a good kick and may short out at inopportune times
  • Flying at full speed for too long will burn out engines reducing speed to "Low"
  • Ion Weapons can short out the jerry rigged Mon Calamari shield tech leaving the ship without shields
Description: A heavily modified variant of the much loved Pau City Blockade Runner popular in and around the Utapau System, especially after the Battle of Utapau where these ships and their crews saved thousands of lives shipping in food and supplies while bringing refugees out. Some time after the battle during the relief effort Davin saved a pilot of one such vessel. As payment for saving him and his family the ship was given to the ORC Judge and later modified by his older brother. Armored, armed, and still unpainted the Tal Ka'ra now serves as the bounty hunter and lawbringer's home base.

The vessel was built around several small and medium sized decks, with the largest being the heavily modified cargo bay which could hold a single small snubfighter. This deck also held the small armory of weapons and equipment Davin used on a regular basis. Other decks were used for storage or crew of which there was usually none, but the Tal'kara could easily accommodate 5. There was a fully equipped medbay that while lacking a bacta tank did have two flexpoly bacta suits and a medical droid. A combat room and with several training droids of various types. The various weapon controls and turrets were on the deck directly below the cockpit level.

Built more like a mercenary gunship than a freighter, the Tal Ka'ra took a significant reduction in overall thruster output in exchange for some heavy armor and a weapons compliment that would make some corvettes blush. It didn't handle anything special, but its array of warhead launchers allowed for it to make up for its lack of maneuverability with cheeky tricks to get it out of tight spots. The armor was also also replaced with Mandalorian Steel, a stronger alternative armor to the standard durasteel. Here he lives with his companion Zip and his new Co-Pilot and droid partner Aran.

  • Re-balanced
  • added description because previously was only a sparsely written paragraph.
  • Added Tractor beam shroud
  • Added weapons loadout
  • added image [same image source]

John Locke

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