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Approved Tech Takaroa-Class Mining Facility

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Salvage Empire

Intent : To provide a mining headquarters for Sedna Mining Corporation on Ceto, in addition to providing a standardized mining base model to be sold to other corporations.

Manufacturer : Sedna Mining Corporation, third party construction crews

Development Thread : None

Model : Takaroa-Class Mining Facility

Affiliation : None/Open

Modularity : Very,very minor

Production : On Demand

Material : Durasteel, Ferrocrete, Transparisteel,various others in minor amounts.

Description :

Takaroa-Class Mining Facility is specifically built to withstand the pressures and challenges of undersea mining. Unique in its ability bypass taking raw materials to the surface for refinement, the facility also puts environmental concerns in consideration. Filtration systems reduce the amount of unwanted minerals being pushed back into the water, in addition to expelled particles being reduced to near nil.

Materials enter the facility through chambers open to the sea. Once the doors are sealed to the chambers, water is extracted back out into the sea via ports, leaving the vehicle or materials free to enter the facility with minimal tracking in of water. Items also leave in a similar, yet reverse fashion.

Drains and dehumidifiers are placed throughout the facility at strategic points to reduce water build up and prevent condensation. The exterior has been reenforced to withstand oceanic pressures in addition to changing sea conditions caused by external weather forces, such as a typhoon. Weather is monitored closely. While sturdy, caution should be exercised and the facility evacuated in the event of dangerous conditions(rough seas, ice, etc). In the event of a breach the facility would go into a lockdown mode with each subsection of the facility able to be closed to prevent flooding of the entire facility.

Takaroa-Class Mining Facilities are designed to hold a crew of 1,500 sentient species. In this crew would not only include the miners but also kitchen crew,janitorial staff, medical personnel, maintenance crew, amongst others who keep a facility of such a size up and running smoothly. On site facilities allow the crew to run a two week on/one week off schedule without the need to return to their native home at the end of each shift.

Classification : Immobile mining headquarters

Height : 15.24m(tallest point)

Width : 33m(widest building measurement)

Length : 29.8m(longest building measurement)

Facility Footprint : 60702.8 square meters

Location : 30km outside the undersea city of Sobek on the planet Ceto.

Minimum Crew : 650 sentient species , 400 droids

Maximum Crew : 1,500 sentient species , 600 droids

Armaments : None

Hangar : 60 mining vehicles, 10 undersea passenger transports.

Energy Source : Geothermal

Non-Combative Attachments : Droid storage(x4), Mess Hall(x1), Barracks(x2), Maintenance Center(x1),Raw Materials Refining Area(x2), Docking/Loading Bay(x2),Sick Bay(x1),Geothermal Generator(x2),Fabrennix Oxygen Generator(x4)

Consumables : One Standard Year
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